Thursday, June 19, 2008

Darren Day Is The Scott Baio And Wilmer Valderrama Of The UK

I had no idea who Darren Day was. Sorry. Didn't know. I do now though.

Darren Day was arrested on suspicion of DUI in Cardiff yesterday and although it was interesting, it was hardly sponge worthy. But, as I read it again, I realized that this guy has lived with or been engaged to or had sex or dated just about every actress on the planet. How about lots?

OK, well a few though. For a guy I had never heard of, he sure does get around with actresses that everyone has heard of.

The list below only consists of those he has lived with or been engaged to. These are not just dates. I should have made the connection between Darren and my new found love Suzanne Shaw but I didn't. I'm shamed. I will go back to my room now. This guy is classy. The list comes courtesy of wiki.

Andrea Boardman - lived with the children's TV presenter daughter of comedian Stan Boardman for three years, until they split up in January 1994.

Debbie Gibson - American singer/actress (I think the word actress is being kind of generous here. Remember, I'm a Tiffany guy so every chance I can, Deborah gets it. )

Malandra Burrows - actress

Anna Friel - actress when she was 18 in 1994. Day ended the engagement in 1997, saying he was too old for her.

Tracy Shaw - actress. Day started the relationship before ending his relationship with Friel, and supposedly used the same engagement ring for both announcements. Shaw fell into a deep and depressive state, including a high level of cocaine consumption, as a result of her relationship with Day.

Isla Fisher - actress. Met while both were starring in a production of "Summer Holiday."

Tara Newley - actress, Joan Collins daughter

Sophia Thierens - musical theatre actress

Adele Vellacott - dancer who he met while both were performing in a pantomime.

Suzanne Shaw - singer, formerly of pop band Hear'Say. They met while both were appearing in Summer Holiday (play), eight months after Day got engaged to Vellacott. Day allegedly cheated on a then eight months pregnant Shaw with dancer Cecilia Carneby.

The couple vowed to struggle on and son Corey Mackenzie Day was born in the December 2004. Day however walked out in March 2005, uttering the now immortal words "I don't do family."

Stephanie Dooley - actress, she has one son, Jordan aged 7 and they have a daughter Madison, aged 1. Like his two previous fiancees, he too met her while appearing on stage. They married in May 2007 at a castle in Scotland.


lutefisk said...

I don't see Affleck on that list.

jax said...

...and divorced later in July 2008.

what a tool.

MnGddess said...

He looks like a male Ellen DeGeneres. said...



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