Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Lots And Lots Of Non-Denial Denials

Yesterday I wrote about Jennifer Aniston and her fear of being photographed next to someone who can actually act. The fact that her ex-husband thought the actress in question was a hottie just added to the drama.

This honestly wasn't that big of a deal, and now it has become such because Jennifer's publicist answered the phone. This whole thing would have been over quicker than Paris Hilton opens her legs for a video camera, but now it is going to get dragged out until the world hears from two people. Jennifer Connelly and someone from Marie Claire.

Here is what Jennifer's publicist (who is usually very good) had to say:

"Marie Claire wanted Jennifer alone. It was our idea to make it a group cover."

"The magazine only wanted to put three [actresses] on the cover, and definitely wanted Drew Barrymore. We recommended Ginnifer Goodwin because she is basically the lead role in the film... Jennifer got along great with Jennifer Connelly."

So how did the magazine go from only wanting Jennifer A to also definitely wanting Drew Barrymore? A group of three huh? I'm not buying it. Are you honestly going to sit there with a straight face and tell me that if Marie Claire also had the chance to put Jennifer Connelly on the same cover they would have said no? First of all she looks better than any of the other three. Second of all, if it had been a women of the film theme, maybe Scarlett Johansson would have wanted to get in on it as well. You think Marie Claire would go for a group of five if they could get them or would they settle for what Jennifer Aniston's people offered?

Come on.

Now, last night, Ginnifer Goodwin was interviewed by Kneepads magazine and she didn't deny that it happened. The only thing she said was that "it's absurd." It is absurd that I have spent all this time talking about something that I don't really care about except that I want someone to have the huevos and come out and admit they were jealous and wanted to be the best looking person on the cover. Well that didn't work. She is still third even in this group.

How hard would it have been for Marie Claire or Jennifer Connelly's publicist to make a statement yesterday? Crickets.


califblondy said...

If you're referring to Jen A., shouldn't that be juevAs?

lutefisk said...

How'd they keep all those Jennifers/Ginnefers straight?

Anonymous said...

Aniston sounds like an attention Ho. Instead of being smart and keeping their mouth shut someone had to make a statement. Now their other excuse will be that it has blown out of porportion. That's their excuse when they say something stupid. Plus Aniston will put her puppy face so she isn't blame for anything. Really can't stand this idiot.

Little Miss Smoke and Mirrors said...

I'd bang Paul Bettany over Brad Pitt any day.

merrick said...

is anyone else as sick of poor little misunderstood, unloved, unpopular, jilted jennifer anniston as I am .. I almost just passed over this post but I thought jennifer connelly had made a statement ..

Dead Angel said...

Yet another horrible movie that Jenny A is in. I wait til I am forced to see the movies she "acts" in on HBO, late at night when insomnia kicks in. Not a moment before, Jennifer Aniston can't act.

Sinjin said...

So.....there's a movie with three actresses named J(G)ennifer? OR am I confused? Who's bright idea was that?

I'm in the Won't Watch Anything With Aniston in It Club.

Carte Blanche said...

I just cannot stand Jennifer Aniston and her fraud-smile.

Kinda O/T
Anyone notice how Reese Witherspoon did everything she could to NOT take the 'victim' route when her marriage ended. Unlike Aniston.

Reese is probably having fun making yoga dates with her best 'mo Jake (paps included of course). Let everyone think she's moved on to a better relationship.

Anonymous said...

lisa can I join the club. Hope their is no membership fee LOL.

Judi said...

Lil Miss Smoke, I'm with you!! Bettany's infinitely sexier than Pitt. More the grab onto.

RagDoll said...

Lisa and Sylvia, count me in, too. I had really rather hoped she'd slink away quietly, such luck.

PollyPureBred said...

Guys and Gals, I am with you. So JA is famous for a haircut. JC is a fab actress, wife and mother and YES, Paul B is pretty hot and is funny as hell... perfect!
Jen A. - please marry well and retire.

Production Girl said...

donna said...
is anyone else as sick of poor little misunderstood, unloved, unpopular, jilted jennifer anniston as I am .. I almost just passed over this post but I thought jennifer connelly had made a statement ..

ITA! word for word

libby said...

i agree too, Donna. Sad life indeed when all you're known for is who you were married to.
Paul Bettany is the hottest thing ever! I totally fell in love with him in "A Beautiful Mind."

Also, the photo features one of our best living actors--Jim Broadbent. He won that oscar for "Iris"--and if you haven't seen it, RENT IT! He will break your heart in every scene. (Also stars Judi Dench and Kate Winslet.)

And who can forget Jim's version of "Like a Virgin" from "Moulin Rouge?"

mooshki said...

Did you guys know that Paul B. was the voice of Jarvis in Iron Man? Yum, yum!

Stacey said...

Mooshki - I LOVE your icon! Better Off Dead FTW! Where did you get that icon???

Also, Jennifer Aniston is a jealous cow and I totally believe this story. They clearly stated that they did suggest the third person! Ginnifer Goodwin makes no sense, she's a nobody. Aniston was too afraid of looking like a dog next to the gorgeous Connelly.

Stacey said...

Also ENT can you elaborate on this Brad Pitt/Jennifer Connelly thing?


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