Friday, June 20, 2008

Random Photos Part One - With A Reader Photo

A few things here. First, there are no hats today. I know, I know. There were more hat photos available, including royal hats, but after awhile they all start to look the same. Except of course for the woman who had the blue cheese on her hat. That was unique. For those of you who think I dislike the Spanish Royal couple, you could not be more wrong. They completely fascinate me with how they work completely in tandem at all things. For those of you who added me to your Facebook, I am adding everyone as quickly as I can. Finally, there are several daytime stars in this week's photos. Some I know, and some I don't. With all of that being said, there are a bunch of photos and a movie review within the photos.

Abigail Breslin gets the top spot because, hey she brought the best looking date to the premiere. Yes, Julia Roberts is a producer on the film, but Abigail was the one smart enough to get her photo taken with Julia and end up in all the tabloids.

Anne Murray was a close second. I don't know what the hell you Canadians drink but this woman hasn't aged in like 30 years.
Speaking of drinking. This is Alfredo Palacias. He is the top film stylist in all of Mexico. To me he kind of looks like a gay Robert Evans with Melanie Griffith lip collagen injections.
The sickening good looking couple of the day award goes to Brandon Beemer and Nadia Bjorlin. Damn I wish I hadn't already used a Zoolander joke today. Damn you Mugatu.
I have always thought of Bernie Williams as a baseball player. I couldn't understand what he was doing at this songwriters award banquet last night.
Now I know.
Boyz II Men - New York
OK, now I posted another photo of the group because I have a rule that says no snark in band photos. Just the facts. However, there are just too many good ones to let this go completely. Shouldn't the band think about changing their name to Men II Seniorz? I think they are singing their new song, "If NKOTB can make some dough we can too."
The Barron Hilton checklist. DUI arrest? Check. Walks likes Paris? Check. Big ass feet like Paris? Check.
This is the cast from the new film Donkey Punch. Supposed to be great.

I thought it was a massage chair, but it looks like Don Diamont is getting ready for a prostate exam.
Danny Aiello. Love him.
Who would have ever guessed in a million years that Cameron Mathison enjoyed beauty products?

Why do I love Jane Krakowski so much?

I do love Joan Jett as well. Love her. You hear that Cari?
Gorden Ramsay was in Australia to do some promotional work. In case you haven't been keeping up there has been a big flap in Australia about Gordon and his swearing. So, in good fun, he was given this swear jar.
Which he promptly dropped. Let the swearing begin.
One daytime star I know is Finola Hughes. I used to have the biggest crush on her.

That's why you get the ladies Jack Wagner.

So another photo of our boy named Goo. Hey Goo Goo Dolls fan club. Not every photo is perfect. I post the ones I got. Hopefully you like this one better.
John Maybury is a hell of a director and has got a great sense of humor.
James McAvoy took about 1,000 photos yesterday doing press for Wanted and the premiere. There are about 20 in the 1,000 where he is smiling. Anyway, here is a mini-review of "Wanted" from our very own Mooshki.
Mini-review: It was a lot funnier than I expected. The first few minutes are straight out of "Office Space." I think this movie is going to move James McAvoy onto many people's hottie list. (I know he was already there for some of you!) Angelina was the usual Angelina - goddess-like but way too thin. Morgan Freeman was also his usual god-like self. The supporting cast was great. (I love Terence Stamp!) Some of the plot turns you could see coming a mile away, but some were surprising. It was very fast-paced - they stuck to the action instead of getting bogged down in motives or backstory. (That's what I want in this kind of movie.) There were parts where you could clearly see the comic book roots, but there were only a couple of hokey moments. Also, a couple of "Star Wars" shout-outs, which were fun. Angelina gets naked, which seemed to really be a plus to the guys in the audience. ;) (Full back nudity.) Warning: it is fairly violent. I'd happily pay$15.00 to see it.
John Legend just always looks cool. Always.
I love Loretta Lynn.

So, here is Lindsay Lohan on the set of her new film. I can imagine the conversation she had with producers, the director and the wardrobe person that in fact her character would wear leggings. And, oh, guess what, the production can buy them from this great place for just $5000 a pair.
Another daytimer I am familiar with. Kirsten Storms which is like the greatest name ever. Besides soaps she has done Kim Possible.
I don't think Kristin Hager has been in the photos before. The reason I put her in today though was I think this is just an amazing photo of the red carpet.
Looks like Kristen Bell just got a big whiff of Dax's pit.
I know it's a Jameson party and all, but that isn't Morgan Spurlock's wife.

Matt Morris - New York
I have no idea who Michael Easton is or if he is gay. Didn't read his IMDB. He could have a wife and four kids, but if he isn't gay, then he needs to make a change.
I have to say that if Minnie Driver wanted to be wife #7, I would probably go for it.
When is the last time you saw Lori Petty? Well here she is.
Rihanna - New York

Ooops. There was one hat photo. I couldn't resist. There are about ten photos of this kid playing with the hat at Ascot. That kind of smile doesn't last long.
Want a good drinking game? Go back to the first years of SNL and take a drink whenever Paul comes on the screen.
Happy 65th birthday Paula.
Natasha Bedingfield looking fabulous.
First timer Thomas Kretschmann. Brought his A game though. Nice sock.

Teri Garr doing something very familiar. Heading into Dave's show.
Where the hell have you been Siouxsie Sioux?
This is a really good photo of Sherri Shepherd.
Our lovely reader photo of the day. That is Bonnaroo. Notice the I hate Kanye posters everywhere. Oh, maybe I'm the only one who sees them.

Wallace Shawn always cracks me up.

The best name of the day goes to Van Hansis.
Where the hell have you been Twiggy?
Would you believe these are Will Smith's kids? They are.
One of the best. Terrence Stamp.


mooshki said...

You forgot to mention that Kirsten Storms is Zenon. I guess that means those movies are not one of your tween blinds. KS and Kristin Bell - how awesome to get my two absolute favorite teeny blonds in the same post!

Anonymous said...

Wallace Shawn in the gossip blogs. wow. Only you, Ent!

Lori Petty - <3 Tank Girl

Michael Easton is married. I used to have a crush on him on VR.5 and that syndicated show he did where he was good/evil twins (IMDb... "Two", oh.) He's not looking so good there.

Jane Krakowski - my favorite reason for watching Ally McBeal. Always has cracked me up.

Don Diamont - another one of my late 90s crushes. darling boyfriend thought I looked like him. and that's why he's darling. :)

blossom6673 said...

i love siouxsie. she looks pretty damn good!

and terrance stamp is fantastic.

MontanaMarriott said...

WOW, Anne Murray looks exactly the same as when I first saw her 30 years ago, what is she half vampire?!?!

Yeah I saw the whole gay Robert Evans thing going on withn overly plastic surgeried Mexian stylist.

Ray Charles could see how gay Barron Hilton looks, DUH, how can anyone not tell???

Is Joan Jett a "friend of Ellen's"?

Hmmm James Macavoy, could he the answer to Ted's blind item???

Michael Easton is on One Life To Live and I hate his character, wished they kill him off or something

Natasha Beddingfeld looks as if she is doing the Pee Pee dance lol

Siousie Soux still looks the same, wow

Terrance Stamp, since General Zod to Priscilla, gotta love ya!

lutefisk said...

montanamarriot--I believe Joan Jett doesn't like to discuss "her friends", but she is know to be an equal opportunist.

and that was Johnny Rzeznik the other day? What happened to him--he was so cute!

Jesse D said...

That was the best Random Photos evah.

**InconCEIVable** God I love that movie!

Anonymous said...

montana - McAvoy is married, I think Ted C would've commented on that.

A Pimp Named DaveR said...

I had no idea that Motown Philly was back again.

Also, I also had a huuuuge crush on Finola Hughes. Especially after Staying Alive....

You never should have let her go, Robert Scorpio!!!!!

(Shockingly, I'm not gay.... not that there's anything wrong with that....)

Kat said...

Siouxsie Sioux, I heart you.

A good friend of mine is off to the Emmy's tonight. A friend of hers is having an affair with a soap star and he sent the tickets. Should there be good scoop, I'll pay it forward.

Mistik said...

Yep. Will Smith's kids have "a lifetime of therapy and entitlement" stamped all over 'em.

boobsu said...

Will Smith's kids look like mini Will and Jada.. weird! Hey Mooshki... did you post on Jezebel? I tohught I saw your name there. I don't go there much these days...

mooshki said...

OMG, DN, you were a VR-5 watcher? I think I've found my soulmate!!!!!

Oh, and I forgot that SMG has a spot-for-life in my "favorite teeny blonds" club because of Buffy.

Sinjin said...

Don't know who Kristin Hager is, but she looks damn awesome in that photo. The only thing marring it is the possibility that Star Jones is in the background, and totally underdressed for such an event.

mooshki said...

DN, I belong to a neat sci-fi listserve that started as a VR-5 fan list. If you'd like to check it out, email me at mooshki at yahoo dot com and I'll send you the name.

Maja With a J said...

Aha! Spurlock'd!!

Emobacca said...

Within the past week we had Bernie Williams and Paul O'Neil on Random Photos. Never thought I would see those two on a gossip site. Their former teammate Derek Jeter definitely but not those two.

Suzy said...

Anne Murray, the Canadian, is drinking facelifts. If you're going to dish Hollywood, you'd better learn how to spot one. Do you even live here?

Anonymous said...

moosh - too bad your soul mate is gay. :) And I was probably on that VR.5 listserv back in the day when we were petitioning it to get back on the air. I'm trying to disengage from mailing lists these days, not get on more. :)

On topic:
And does anyone else think this whole Kristin Bell / Dax Shepard thing seems really really odd.

Ms. said...

Suzy... come on, man. Chill.

Anne's had work done; excellent work, in fact. However, that doesn't negate good genes, good bone structure and healthy Canadian living ;-)

Oh, Ent - she's drinking Molson's EX.

Unknown said...

Wow, um, I hope Lori Petty is ok or something, add a lil color darlin.

Palacias totally looks like Evans + Griffith, good call.

mooshki said...

DN, you must not watch Sex & the City - soul mates are no longer necessarily romantic partners. :) said...

Twiggy is more branch-like these days.

surfer said...

Wallace Shawn - Jordan's psychiatrist. Thanks Ent - I knew you knew who I meant.

And to the Anne Murray fans - have you ever seen this woman walk??? Like a gorilla. Legs wide apart, arms swinging. Very fem.

Alfredo = Robert Evans. That's hilarious. They look like twins.

The little kid is gorgeous - you can almost hear him giggling.

Bad Ass Momma said...

Awesome random photos...must comment
Anne Murray = wow
Alfredo scares the shit out of me
Barron's legs are a close second
i just read what a donkey punch is so will delay a comment until i see the movie
Danny Aiello always been a fav
Jane is fantastic always
Have always loved Finola, beautiful
Yeah ok liked Jack Wagner way back when
Lindsay, absolutely loved her in Mean Girls and Freaky Friday, would realy love to see her back
I have no words for Dax's pits
Michael Easton embracing his inner gay
Love love Lori Petty
Riri with the f'ing hats lately...what, no mirror?
That child is absolutely adorable
Paula looks good for 65...
Wallace Shawn, I have no words in a good way
Smith's kids are gorgeous and seem to have talent
:holding banner: Terrence Stamp for president

Jerry said...

A snarky comment about massage? Thanks, pal. That's the last time I send you naked pictures of Lainie Kazan.

Ayesha said...

I know he's supposed to be straight, but Jack Wagner sets off my gaydar.


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