Friday, June 20, 2008

Want To Lose A Few Million Brain Cells?

I think because Ryan Seacrest had Duffy on his show the other morning, I decided that I would give him another chance. That chance is now over. I'm sure by now you have heard about Brody Jenner's new reality show for MTV. I think it is called Bromance, because to Ryan Seacrest that's funny. Oh yeah, you didn't know? Ryan Seacrest owns a piece of this show as well. Sure. Anything remotely related to whores or their families he is all over. He also enjoys participating in the dumbing down of America. The dumber we all are, the more we will all watch his shows.

I don't really have a problem with Brody Jenner. He's a nice enough guy who I've met a few times and does not take himself or The Hills that seriously at all. The problem is that the viewers do take it seriously. How do I know this? Ryan Seacrest took some calls. They went something like this.

Ryan: Nicole from Burbank go ahead
Caller: Hi Brody. How are you?
Brody: Good. Thanks for asking.
Caller: OMG! Do you remember the episode of The Hills where like Lauren was in Paris and you had found a girlfriend here and she got soooo mad at you?
Brody: I remember it
Caller: OMG! I have seen that episode like ten times so far. Anyway, so Lauren got mad at you but is she still mad at you?
Brody: No
Caller: So, do you guys get along and are like best friends?
Brody:Everything is good.
Caller: So, OMG!, does Lauren like your new girlfriend?
Caller:Oh, that is sooo cool.

Ryan: Let's talk to Gina from Glendale
Caller: OMG! Brody. I'm shaking. Thanks for everything you do.
Brody:Thanks for watching.
Caller: OMG! I'm so nervous. Brody. Do you remember the episode of The Hills where you wore that red shirt?
Brody: Umm
Caller: OMG! You wore this red shirt and it looked so hot on you. I just wanted to go up and rip it off your body and wear it for the rest of my life.
Brody:Umm. Thanks.
Caller:Do you still have that shirt or know where you bought the one you were wearing?

Ryan:So that is Bromance coming to MTV and produced by yours truly. Of course I get to plug all my shows on the radio for free because I'm Ryan Seacrest and I don't pay for commercials like the rest of the world.


Sinjin said...

OMG! Those girls should like, um, have to, um....totally be made to read out loud everything that they say. For reals. LOL. 'tards.

Unknown said...

"Thanks for everything you do"?? What exactly would that involve?!

kris said...

these people are our future?

jax said...

just another dumb girl addicted to the Hills lol...

Anonymous said...

I have never watched the hills, but I will admit that if Brody didn't have that stupid Jenner tattoo, he would be one of those guys I'd jump on in the middle of the street. Too bad he's straight.

But lucky for me he looks like gay porn star Dean Phoenix. Ahh fantasy.

Ayesha said...

Teenage girls are so stupid. I'm trying to remember who I liked enough to call into a radio show for. As much as I liked C. Thomas Howell and Ricky Schroeder...

RagDoll said...

ayesha: teenage girls are even more stupid than you can possibly imagine: I speak from experience as my particular teen-crush was "Top Gun" era Tommy Girl.

Judi said...



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