Monday, June 16, 2008

What Would You Do For $2M?

There isn't that much I wouldn't do for $2M. I do know that no matter how f**ked up in general I was, I would show up not f**ked up because I wouldn't want to do anything to jeopardize that $2M and the possibilities it would provide for future f**kups.

I also know that I would have more respect for my fans than keeping them waiting for two hours after they had been outside watching performances for 12 hours already.

Over the weekend there were two instances of performers who just think they are better than everyone else and therefore don't give a s**t about their fans or the people who buy their records.

Originally Kanye West had been scheduled to play Bonnaroo at 815p on Saturday night. Then, in the last week he said that he wouldn't play unless he got to go on last. This of course was after the lineup had already been set for everyone else.

Kanye was originally scheduled to go on at around 145am. However, Pearl Jam was having such a good time that they played an extra hour and didn't even get off the stage until 115am. Kanye being Kanye said that he wanted his full stage setup even though it would take three hours to set it up. Three f**king hours when it is already 115am?

Kanye West went on stage at 425am. By that time the only people left to see him were people who had taken so many drugs they were catatonic, people who only wanted to yell Kanye Sucks during the entire set, and those who wanted to throw crap at him. When it is 2am, I think the fans would be okay with just performing. They don't need your entire ego boost to be happy. The thing about festival crowds is they usually like music and not the self gratification that Kanye needs each night.

Now, on to Amy Winehouse. Not actually on her mind you because if you were to get on her, I think that immediately body parts would start to rot. Plus, I bet her breath is something awful. Some Russian dude paid her $2M for twenty minutes in Moscow. No, not for a quickie, but rather to sing and perform. He would have been better off with the quickie. She was late, stoned out of her mind and nearly fell down half a dozen times during her set. No one could understand a word she said or sang, and one wonders how the hell she even got into the country.

Organizers wanted to cancel her, but it seems that Amy wisely had been paid upfront and so they were stuck with her. I hope she enjoyed that payday because she is never going to get another like it. When you don't respect your fans or understand that $2M for 20 minute paydays don't grow on trees, then you deserve whatever you get. If you are so f**ked up in general that you can't even stay somewhat sober for four hours or so then you seriously need to be somewhere else besides a stage. You also better save that money because you are going to need it if all those rumors about your health are true.


Murphy Brown 2020 said...

There are moments when I'm wholly convinced that I'm the only sentient being on this planet who does NOT view Kanye as some hypertalented ubergenius. And that "she'll do anything for a Klondike/and I'll do anything for a blonde dyke" rhyme from that HORRID "Stronger" song makes me want to die. I seriously perish a little bit more each time I hear it. AWFUL.

And Wino is also seriously overrated. Bitch needs to get over herself or just die already, because it's blatant that she just doesn't want any help. I mean, she wrote that annoying song about being an obstinate little alcoholic guttersnipe, so whatever. My sympathy ran out the second I learned she and Pete "I Make Kittens Smoke Crack" Doherty were buddies.

Kim's World said...

Does this mean that Amy is the singer with HIV?

Anonymous said...

Kanye's a narcissist, nuff said.

Amy's just another addict at this point. Just famous. I do hope she can get better, because Back to Black was a fantastic album. And that was probably mostly due to Mark Ronson.

kris said...

ernestine, you are not alone. I think Kanye is by far the most overrated "performer" ever...including Jen Aniston.

As for Amy, I love her voice...or did...don't imagine she'll be around much longer.

i am a princess, yes i am said...

thanks for the conformation about Amy ENT. It's good to know you spill it at other times than only in reveals (or during reveal time). it's a good treat for the ones that read regularly :)

BlahFrickinBlah said...

I never understood the Kanye love period. He's quite the asshole. That goes for Aniston too. She just got a shitload of great press for the divorce and she's still riding on that.

I'm surprised that Amy is still alive. She must have a deal with the devil or something. Her voice is wrecked now from the crack anyway.

ms_wonderland said...

Amy was taken to hospital today after 'fainting' at home. May be kept in overnight for observation.

Anonymous said...

People who are inconsiderate will always think they are too good.

lutefisk said...

I think Amy should use some of her 2 million for a tooth. I'm spending over $6,000 a kid for braces, & nobody gives me 2 million for 20 minutes.

Unknown said...

knm2003, I totally agree that ENT just gave away the biggest hint. I think it is HIV. Why else would he say she needs the money if those rumors are true?

I feel terrible for her parents and family. Watching her in the gossip rags going downhill, watching her demise, literally.

mooshki said...

I can't believe it - here I am thinking this is a random rant story, and there's a reveal!!! What a great way to start the week! said...

thanks ENT

selenakyle said...

I'm with y'all about Kanye being overrated. He's up there with another crappy ass "performer, " Usher. He sucks balls too.

How disgusting that so many guys have apparently slept with Amy.


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