Thursday, June 19, 2008

Random Photos Part One - With A Reader Photo - And One More Hat

I think it's fitting that the very last hat of the season should also belong to someone who I think did it the best. Dame Helen Mirren is just about perfect here.

Ben Barnes was a really big hit last week so why not being him back for more. I do aim to please here.
While every other site posted those Gisele Bundchen GQ photos, I am firmly in the Team Bridget Moynahan camp here and would much rather post Bridget's photo.
You would almost think this is the very first time Matthew Broderick has seen a pair of breasts up close. Apparently he finds Brittany Snow's fascinating. Please take note for later how Matthew has his tie firmly place in place, hair to perfection and appears to be sober.
"Ladies and gentleman of San Francisco. I bring you my d**k."

"Wait for it. Just got it caught. Happens sometimes."
"There you go. A five story d**k*."
Chloe Sevigny. I actually have nothing bad to say about her today. She looks great.

Let the Hilary Duff pregnancy rumors begin.

Guy Forget looks great.
Fergie on the other hand looks awful. It isn't even that she is standing next to Eva Mendes.
Ethan Hawke on the set of his new film.

Unlike when Lindsay Lohan tried to duplicate Marilyn Monroe, Kelly Brook does actually look like Rita Hayworth.

Hugh Jackman with his hand way down in that pocket.
Now that I don't see Haylie Duff out and about everyday, she is starting to grow on me.

From left to right - Funny as s**t, drunk off his ass, and funny as s**t.

The drunkneness was yesterday. Today it is the hangover.
Kirsten Dunst has done a very good job since getting out of rehab. Keeping to herself, and keeping quiet. Proud of her.
I think this is the first time I got a really good look at John Mayer's tattoo.
Yes, yes, she had the baby. There has been more coverage of her having the baby than with the Cedar Rapids flood. Speaking of which. If you go back to yesterday's Kindness Plug, Brooke's uncle who is taking care of the animals wrote a comment late last night describing what he has been doing to take care of all the animals. You may want to check that out.
I think this is the first time Natasha Richardson has been in the photos. I'm glad that oversight has now been corrected.

For the premiere of Narnia over in the UK, they obviously were expecting lots and lots of people.
Another first timer is Monica Seles.
Merle Haggard - Austin
I really like Liam Neeson. I don't think he gets enough credit for his acting.
The gorgeous Rosario Dawson with some huge bling.

Huge bling. Sorry Kanye, but really bling is the best word here. Ginormous would also work.
You can tell it has been a week or so since my favorite royal couple have been out in public. The Princess and her timing are just not quite in sync with the Prince. She was flogged when they got home.
Once again, the clap just not quite there. Seriously. Do these two practice this crap at home all day? I have never seen people who do everything completely in unison like this pair. When they have sex it must be like watching a metronome.
Much better Nicole.
Terry Serpico has some of the coolest eyes I have seen.

I am actually going to use the word People here because they have an interview with Tim Russert's wife. To me, this is much more important than baby photos of Jamie Lynn Spears and I am going to be sure to actually go to a bookstore and read the whole interview. Buy it? I don't think so. I might consider giving them money if someone can convince me that if Jamie Lynn Spears' baby had been born on the same date as Tim Russert's death that People would have still gone with Tim on the cover.
Tom Petty - Newark
Our lovely reader photo of the day.


Mother Campfire said...

Damnit you guys, I can't stop thinking about 'yenshee baby' now.

Speaking of disgusting things - what the hell has happened to Ethan Hawke? Remember Reality Bites? Yes, he was a tad gross then, but it was like nasty-sexy, not just nasty like above.

jw12 said...

I saw Rosario on Sesame Street today. She was a cute kid.

MontanaMarriott said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MontanaMarriott said...

If they ever did a movie of the Porn industry during the 80's Rosario Dawson would make a great Vanessa Del Rio. She could past for her daughter.

Ent, why the hate for the Spanish Royal family? I love them and find them to be one of the few hot Royals, excluding the UBER sexy Swedish Royal family, now those 3 kids are SMOKIN by Hollywood standards, especially Princess Madeline.

selenakyle said...

OK, anyone else see Michael K's pix of Nicole yesterday wearing the caftan? Specifically, her tiny pinprick pupils? Well go look. Could someone have gotten into the brown again?

Maja With a J said...

I love that reader photo...she looks like someone famous but I can't think of who!

The Swedish royal children are pretty, but they're all f'in weird.

d said...

Liam Neeson doesn't get enough credit for his acting - is this a hint for a previous blind?

mags said...

Another lovely reader photo.

harriet, the reader photo reminds me of Sally Phillips from Bridget Jones.

Paul Bettany & Terry Serpico look like brothers.

I like Monica Seles dress.

Love Liam.

Eva, Rosario & Bridget Moynahan always look gorgeous.

I think Matthew B. was looking at the and deciding if he could make a shirt out of the same pattern. Very good actor.

Helen Mirren is absolute class. Great hat.

Denis Leary is funny as sh*t. I read his wife wrote the new book that's out called Outtakes from a Marriage. It's received praise and D & A said it is not based on theirs.

mags said...

My eyesight could be off since there are thongs attacking.

jax said...

El doesn't hate them he's taking the piss for them being so damn robotic..i love it.

love rosario.

mayer is still a douche.

Unknown said...

What an unfortunate fashion choice for BM. It's eaten her boobs and they've now traveled south to her bowel...

I don't think Hillary's preggers, I think she's just put on a few pounds, and is looking rather normal, as opposed to skeletal. Looks good on her.

mmmmm, I remember when Ethan Hawke was HAWT!

Thank you for the JM shot. Luvs him to bits (No Jax! No! Don't hit me!!!!) ;)

reader: Is she into the Ren. Faires? Or was she at an Indian wedding? Too cute!

MnGddess said...


Ok who is the American wifr of that...Queen Noor!!! Reader photo reminds of Queen Noor.

My reader photo whould resemble a whale in a wig after being hit by a large wave. Thank God any cute genes I had were passed to my children.

Mother Campfire said...

Selenakyle - you might be right. :(

lutefisk said...

Fergie looks like an Olson.

Murphy Brown 2020 said...

I want people to lay off Hilary, because I'm just WAITING for the pregnancy rumors to start. She gained, like, eight pounds, and I think she looks boobalicious and great. I am SO TIRED of horribly
skinny celebrities. GAWD.

That said, I love Nicole Richie's outfit -- again. I'd rather see her in something long and flowing than short and skanky. The end.

Haylie Duff = Summer Wheatley 4EVR.

Helen Mirren is a goddess. She MIGHT be the only woman I'd ever go gay for.

Vanessa Redgrave is so, so, so lovely. I think she's such a swan, and she and Liam are a gorgeous couple. I hope he's good to her!

Today's reader has a wonderful smile! Wow!

trashtalker said...

d- I thought the same thing about Liam. What if it's this one?

#2 - How do I describe this guy? B list actor with a name that seems to cause some confusion. Very little television. Nope this guy is all about films. Big films, Top grossing films, independent films. Great actor but also underrated. Award winning but nothing big. On the set of his newest film he had a little thing going with a co-star. Nothing too blind-itemish about that. The co-star is married so that adds a little spice, but what really makes it blind worthy is the fact that this married B+ list co-star with A name recognition is a guy.

(The Other Man, with Antonio Banderas?)

Jen said...

What a stunning hat...thank you enty for sharing with us the glory of headgear!
luv, Jen

Unknown said...

Yay Ben Barnes again :) - hawt!

Kelly Brook look amazing.

I don't like the Spanish royal couple - too wooden and weird. The Swedish prince is a dish! Looks a lil bit like Orlando Bloom.

RagDoll said...

I agree that our Reader totally looks like Queen Noor...young Queen Halaby, pre-kids!

Kelly Brook is such a beauty.

And adrain, yeah Fergie looks like the Lost Olsen Triplet.

mooshki said...

Ben Barnes was a really big hit last week so why not being him back for more. I do aim to please here.

Ah, Ent, it's good to know you own your own set of kneepads. ;)

Duh, Matthew Broderick is clearly checking out her shoes, not her breasts.

Heard on the radio yesterday: "Coming up, John Mayer, with Jennifer Aniston on the organ."


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