Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I Thought The Guy Was Supposed To Romance The Woman

I know I am very old fashioned in my thinking, but I always just thought that the guy should do the pursuing and the woman should be the pursued. Sure, I like to know there is some interest, but I don't know if she should take it as far as Naomi Campbell.

According to Naomi Campbell she has been romancing a Brazilian businessman named Marcus Elias. She met Marcus back in February when she had that d**k removal or whatever she did to have babies. Since that initial meeting, apparently Ms. Campbell has become enamored and has focused her death ray eyes on capturing Marcus. Either that or she is going to steal his soul so she can live forever.

Whatever it may be, it seems that when Marcus takes a little trip and shows up in another country, Naomi isn't far behind. She apparently calls Marcus frequently and if he says, "I'm going to Cannes," the next thing you know Naomi comes. This week he is in Capri and like a witch on a broom, here comes Naomi.

I'm sure the guy is flattered that Naomi is spending her own money to come see him, but it must also be a little disconcerting, especially when he sees all the voodoo dolls with needles and cellphones poked into their heads.


Sinjin said...

Naomi the stalker? Scary!

califblondy said...

Hmmm, he's um, interesting looking?

Unless he's packing (sexually and financially), I wouldn't consider him stalk-worthy.

weezy said...

Does she understand that he almost certainly has a Catholic wife, a mistress and an extended family that he's not likely to dissolve for someone like her? Or anyone? Life's too good for him, why would he?

mooshki said...

You know I love you, Ent, but that is awfully 20th century thinking. :)

Jokerista said...

mookshi, you are being charitable to him :-)

Newsflash Ent: Women also enjoy the trill of the chase.

But Naomi was stalking, not chasing. There is a difference...

Anonymous said...

Does the Brazillian know Naomi's history with phones LOL???


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