Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Quit Drugs Or Die

I have to say that I love tabloids. I love the dramatic headline which bellows out that someone just has a few weeks to live, and then when you look inside it qualifies it by saying if they don't stop their current behavior or get better from their tragic illness or if things take a turn for the worse they will die. Sure they will. All of us would.

I was reminded of those great headlines with this one which is referring to Amy Winehouse. "Quit Drugs Or Die."

Ummm yeah. So the headline is there to make people think that Amy is thisclose to death. In reality all it says is that if she doesn't quit abusing drugs at the pace she is currently setting then, she will probably die an early death. Now that is some f**king insight huh?

You could put the headline on just about any activity and make the same case. "Stop Taking The Bus Or Die." What the article doesn't say is that Jane Doe is going to possibly die very soon if she doesn't stop taking the bus because it is possible that the bus driver might get into an accident one day and Jane Doe might die. Sounds ridiculous, but it is the same exact thing as said about Amy Winehouse. The headline above is accurate and here is a quote from the article.

"Doctors have reportedly presented Amy Winehouse with an ultimatum: she must quit abusing drugs now - or risks heading to an early grave."

Doesn't sound so dire now does it. Besides it isn't drugs that are her biggest problem.


Sue Ellen Mishkey said...

So that last sentence pretty much confirms she's the singer with AIDS. Poor Amy Wino. A mess!

Unknown said...

That last sentence immediately made me think about the HIV+ singer, too. But wasn't there some reason we ruled Amy out?
I can't remember the original wording well enough (plus, I'm too lazy right now to go and look it up)

catherine said...

i still think she will die from drug overdose and not hiv

Seachica said...

My first thought was that her biggest problem was her messed up husband. But the HIV thing sure makes sense.

Katja said...

She seems to be partying like there is no tomorrow so the HIV makes sense... sad.

Seachica said...

The previous HIV blog entry:

#1 During a required physical last week this singer indicated she is HIV+. If you follow the partners and they were not safe, this could lead to some incredible revelations during the next year.

califblondy said...

I'm too lazy to look up too, but didn't the blind refer to the singer as "America's sweetheart"? That's why some of us thought it was Brit.

Unknown said...

Califblondy, you're spot on. That's why we thought it couldn't be Amy.
Unless the comment was a red herring, of course.

parisss said...

She may not be the HIV+ singer in the blind, but she may also have it. Seeing her is truly sad. If she was HIV+, and cleaned up her act, and got on the correct meds- she really could live a long normal life. She really is the poster girl for "just say no to drugs".
Think about some of the people she's allegedly slept with... and the remifications. Blake in prison, spreading the disease. Doherety, and all the young (dumb) groupies he probably is with. Would this go back to Kate Moss too one would wonder, and all the people she's been with? Crazy epidemic proportions.

parisss said...

ooops- ramifications

JJ said...

I'm betting she's HIV+ but I don't think she's 'the' HIV+ singer.

Wouldn't the mess on her face be a sign of AIDS?

Maja With a J said...

Isn't the HIV blind supposed to be revealed on july 4th?

what is eight past six? said...

"I'm too lazy to look up too, but didn't the blind refer to the singer as "America's sweetheart"?"

Ent's blind didn't refer to America's sweetheart; the Panache report had a similar blind, and I think a lot of us assumed that it must be the same person. Here is the link to the Panache blind. They even state that it may not be the same person that Ent is referring to, but that the similarities in the stories are definitely there.

Goodness, knowing one person has HIV is bad enough; two HIV singers is...yeesh. but the way celebs get around the likelihood of more than one HIV+ singer shouldn't even be surprising, sadly enough.

And harriet - yes, Ent said a couple of weeks ago that he expected the HIV blind to end up revealing itself before then, but if it didn't the reveal would be here.

lutefisk said...

I agree that I think we decided that there were 2 HIV singers--1 we would be surprised at, 1 we wouldn't.

what is eight past six? said...

the saddest part about the Panache report is that they even narrowed their blind down to a white pop princess and that still doesn't really make it any easier to make a definitive guess.

- Britney was the number suspect, of course
- Jessica Simpson apparently ran/runs through men like water post-Nick; either John Mayer or Johnny Knoxville may have "turned her out"
- Might as well mention her sister Ashlee while we're at it, though I don't think she has nearly the reputation
- Mandy Moore is more lowkey but has been romantically linked to several people
- Lindsay Lohan has a ridiculous rep
- Even Hilary Duff can be linked to a celeb or two (Joel Madden, despite proclaiming to be a virgin at the time, the hockey player she's dating now)

And I'm sure there are some other lesser pop princesses I'm forgetting who would still fit the bill.

But yeah, I'm suspecting Ent's BI answer is Amy. This is the second or third anvil he's dropped in a week.

i am a princess, yes i am said...

yep, she'll die from an overdose because then she doesn't die from AIDS and she won't be go down in history as having died from AIDS.

Unknown said...

I'd be surprised if she doesn't have aids, being that her husband and Peter Doherty are heroin addicts.

Also, hepatits C is a very serious disease that can cause death.

Drug addiction and poor nutrition can excacerbate these conditions.

I'm sure everyone was thankful Amy collapsed. Now they can take a look at her and try to get her some help.

If her stomach is bloated, as some have commented, maybe she has an inflamed liver.


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