Wednesday, June 18, 2008

DNfromMN - Movie Review - Get Smart

Release Date: 6/20/08

The Story: Maxwell Smart (Steve Carell) is promoted to being a secret agent for CONTROL after the evil KAOS breaks in and steals/starts killing agents. Smart and Agent 99 (Anne Hathaway) are tasked with rescuing the world from KAOS’s stolen nuclear weapons.

I’m in the process of moving so we’ll make this quick.

Dwayne Johnson – hot, clothes fit well (VERY well), no shirtlessness, sorry ladies.

Steve Carell – Funny, does a little bit of a Don Adams (original Maxwell Smart) voice at times, but plays it like Steve Carell. The man won’t win an Oscar for his schtick, but he can read his lines funny. (Also, I find him kinda hot.)

Anne Hathaway – The girl is beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Again, no acting awards here, but pulls her weight.

The ending is kinda lame.

What It’s Worth: $7.50. I won’t go full out on a weekend full price ticket on this one. You’ll feel like you were entertained fully, but while I was entertained, I don’t know that I would put it as something I’d watch multiple times.


jw12 said...

DNF- Have a safe move and hope to see you back soon.

p.s. i think i saw all the good parts to this movie in trailer.

Maja With a J said...

I, too, find Steve Carell strangely attractive.

lutefisk said...

Hurry up & move--we don't want to miss your reviews/comments DMfromMN. Will you be DNfrom?

Anonymous said...

DN where do you live that you get to see the movies ahead of time?

Where are u moving to? Miss Busy Buddy here wants to know LOL.

mooshki said...

Aw, DN I was at the "Wanted" screening at Southdale last night, and I wondered if you were there somewhere...

Mini-review: It was a lot funnier than I expected. The first few minutes are straight out of "Office Space." I think this movie is going to move James McAvoy onto many people's hottie list. (I know he was already there for some of you!) Angelina was the usual Angelina - goddess-like but way too thin. Morgan Freeman was also his usual god-like self. The supporting cast was great. (I love Terence Stamp!) Some of the plot turns you could see coming a mile away, but some were surprising. It was very fast-paced - they stuck to the action instead of getting bogged down in motives or backstory. (That's what I want in this kind of movie.) There were parts where you could clearly see the comic book roots, but there were only a couple of hokey moments. Also, a couple of "Star Wars" shout-outs, which were fun. Angelina gets naked, which seemed to really be a plus to the guys in the audience. ;) (Full back nudity.) Warning: it is fairly violent. I'd happily pay $15.00 to see it.

Anonymous said...

Sylvia - I currently live in minneapolis, and advance screenings are usually via radio contests. Hit all the local radio station websites, and as long as you're in a fairly big city, you'll likely see a link for contests. I have had the best luck with the teeny-bopper pop music station here. Also check out

mooshki - I didn't even know there was a Wanted screening this week (forgot it was coming out)! I think darling bf and I are going to hit it this weekend. You should email any preview reviews to Ent. I'm sure he'l post it. You've been here longer than I have! :)

mooshki said...

DN, it's definitely worth it for the eye-candy alone. My friend is really into McAvoy and she just about died. Thanks for the vote of confidence - I did go ahead and forward the review to Ent. I don't have your way with words, so I was a bit too self-conscious to send it to him until you said you thought it'd be okay. :)

Pat R said...

Get Smart looks okay over all... but Steve Carell seems to be veering more and more toward not so funny slapstick humor


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