Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Random Photos Part One - With A Reader Photo And A Ton Of F**king Hats

The Arkin's, both Adam and Alan start us off today. There are very few things that either one of them have been in that I didn't really enjoy, and some things which are just unfrikking believable. As good as they are, and as much as they have contributed to film and television, I would really be surprised if either one of them were in any tabloid, magazine or other blog today. Of course there will be 20 of Audrina Patridge though because she has contributed ummm.
Maybe it is because I have seen Anne Hathaway everywhere today and grown tired of the dress, but I have to admit that she has never really done it for me.
Ashley Olsen comes in third today because I've decided that the reason she has looked halfway decent of late is that she has managed to keep the same boyfriend for awhile and he probably told her that if he wanted to date a homeless person he would go out with her sister.

Carlos Santana - New York
Coldplay - London
Look at those guys behind Carla Gugino just checking her out. I understand guys. I also understand that each of us has about a 0% chance with her.
Brooke Burke and David Charvet. They look good. Too good. Let's hate them from afar.
Probably my favorite hat of the day.

This one freaks me out a little. It's like snakes coming out of it.
Creativity is a plus. Betting slips in the hat give it a nice touch.
That is just a whole mess of color.
One of my favorites, Chow Yun-Fat.

Heidi Klum definitely has a way of guys doing almost anything.

Would you even recognize Christian Siriano on the street without his glasses?

Dwayne "I'll kick the crap out of you if you mention the Rock " Johnson
You remember last year about this time when DJ A.M. was everywhere? Ask yourself when is the last time you saw him before today.

Has Jon Hamm been in the photos before? I think he has. If so, he knows he doesn't need to sweat. All of you will be nice to him.

Just like I will be very nice to Jenna Fischer.
Obviously Gong Li finds John Cusack's learning to be short lessons humorous. Now you know the secret to Katie Holmes' life.
I'm glad to see Joan Allen find someone. She's great.
Another hat.
Mandy Moore is two for two the past week.

I get requests for Kevin Sorbo, but honestly, not sure why.
I must have gone to the wrong damn summer camp.
Another John. Not as in a trick John, but another John as in we just had a Jon which I guess isn't really a John, but more of a Jonathon. Anyway, this is John Slattery.
And a Josh Lucas who looks like he is losing weight very quickly.
Royal hats.

You think Queen Elizabeth still gives Prince Andrew crap? Do you think he has ever said the words awww mom. Do I have to?
Didn't Nina Garcia just have a baby?
I will give all of you Nick Cohn, and that will leave me Julia Stiles all to myself.
She's back. It's Muffie.
Stephen Colbert

Robbie Williams doing his 70's porn star look.
Our lovely reader photo of the day.
Rilo Kiley - Austin
Princess hats. By the way, I think people should stop giving Princess Eugenie a hard time about streaking the quad. Let her do what every other kid did. Just because you are sixth in line to the throne doesn't mean you can't streak.
This is Zara Phillips and her hat.

Zara also brought as her date the dude from Monopoly.
Victoria Hervey belongs up with Robbie Williams and some shag carpeting.
Tina Fey looking great.
The Bachelor and the llama. Actually that would make a good reality show wouldn't it?


Unknown said...

Carla Gugino, yum!

I thought it was supposed to be a secret that Mike Myers likes to dress up?

Snork on the Monopoly guy.

I really feel like I need to be wearing a hat today.

califblondy said...

Damn, how many peacocks lost their lives to those hats? Nobody rocked the hats like Princess Di.

Did Shayne Lamas forget to take the price tag off her purse?

Muffie = scarey.

Reader = keeeyooot.

captivagrl said...

cannot wait for MAD MEN!! one of the smartest written shows in a long time. the acting is top notch and they've nailed 1960 to the last detail. if you didn't see the first season, see it!

lutefisk said...

Did Mike Myers just come out?
Josh Lucas--a sad answer to any blinds?

merrick said...

great pics today ent! I love the arkins .. can you imagine growing up in that household .. had to be a laugh a minute ..

reader pic is too cute!

mooshki said...

I think Gong Li is the most beautiful woman in the world.

Love, love, love Chow Yun-Fat.

Last time I heard about DJ Am was when he was "dating" Mandy Moore, and here they are together again! :)

So which blind is Josh Lucas the answer to?

jax said...

im sure it was no feat getting Mike Myers to do drag...

Shayne Lamas looks like a young Connie Stevens.

reader- cute..check!

robbie..my sweet robbie wtf?

chrsi martin needs a new jacket. he wears it in everything fromt he video to perfomances to interviews.

charlize tres hot.

Carte Blanche said...

I love Stephen Colbert and Tina Fey!

Love, love, love!

Is Josh a fan of the "happy"?
Where HAS DJ AM been? Hmm...

littlemanwhatnow said...

is carla g gay?

lutefisk said...

Littlemanwhatnow--if they are not gay, then they are Ben Affleck. That is all I can figure out--gay/affleck fits everything here.

OG Gossipmonger said...

ooohkay here goes:
anne hathaway - did she really break up with her boyfriend?
ashley olsen- whats with all the smiling lately?? PRUUUNE!!! haha, but seriously, they are both all smiley lately
charlize theron- the closest you can get to a modern day marilyn monroe
coldplay- have you guys seen that youtube video about coldplay "plagarizing"?
carla gugino loveloveLOVE that color!!!!!!!!!!!!
ent's fave hat - who IS that???
medusa hat nononoooooooooooo!!!!! how scary!!!
mike myers don't know why he's trying to steal heidi's shoes, i'm sure he already owns those in his size
What is with heidi wanting to put on everybody elses clothes?
dj am i see him ALL the time. i live in(near) las vegas & his pic or an ad about him playing can be seen every week in the las vegas weekly
john hamm so very nice to meet yoU!!
hahah i love john cusack, that's how he would have to stand next to me too. wouldn't we all love to see katie standing next to tom like that?!
joan allens dress is suuuper cute!
reader photo - veddy lovely dahling!!!!
LOLLOLLOL monopoly guy whats his name????

ugh, i'm done

Murphy Brown 2020 said...

Charlize ALWAYS looks like she's stepped off a Hitchcock set. I LOVE her.

Robbie Williams is revolting -- so revolting that it almost surprises me how America hasn't fully embraced him yet.

Hats! Hats! I love hats!

And I'll always love Carla Gugino for appearing in the Pauly Shore masterpiece "Son in Law."

"Grab your woman by the cones!"

It's amazing (and kinda sad) what my mind retains, and what it doesn't.

OG Gossipmonger said...

ernestine: i'm right there with you!! i STILL say 'munch on some grindage' when it's time to eat!!!

gillian said...

FAT-boy!!! Love CYF. And Ascot hats.
(Almost rhymes)

Mother Campfire said...

Hmmm, actually Charlize looks dirty. Too much spray tan. And Ashley O still looks like a troll, no matter how much credit you give her for not looking like a cokehead.

Little Miss Smoke and Mirrors said...

Good lord, I do love me some Jon Hamm.

Mad Men season 1 comes out on DVD 7/1, and I highly recommend it.

Winston Ono said...

_if they are not gay, then they are Ben Affleck_

- hands down, the funniest line I have ever read here.


lutefisk said...

Eileen I think I will try to squeeze that into an avatar!

Emobacca said...

What happened Ent? Jenna Fischer used to be an automatic top spot but you have been dogging her lately in the midcard.

brendalove@gmail.com said...

I don't know if I would have figured out that was Robbie Williams without the caption.

selenakyle said...

Anyone ever heard why Tina Fey has that scar? Yes, it's a far too personal, rude question that the answer to does not really matter...just being nosy anyway.

Josh Lucas is so freaking hot.

Camilla PB actually looks pretty here. And Zara'a hat is gorgeous.

But none of these bitches will ever hold a candle to Princess Di (sorry for the lame song reference).

And Andrew is QE's favorite kid. I'll bet he got away with murder.

trashtalker said...

Victoria Hervey is 31? Damn, she looks old. A sandwich or 30 ought to help some.

Ent, why do you like Julia Stiles? She is such a terrible actress.

RagDoll said...

Josh Lucas never looks the same twice. Confounds me. He's the dude from one of my favorite movies ever "Session 9" but, jeez, I can barely recognize him out n about.

What **IS** with the hats? Is it a holiday or a tradition or....? I'm ignorant to this cultural phenomenon...

Reader: I'm printing out your pic for my hairstylist to use as a reference and I'm not even kidding. That is what I want done.

I agree that "Muffie" is "Scarie" Some closed-toe shoes would help the Muff-ster greatly, I think...

I have no idea why Carla Gugino isn't more famous.

DJ AM and "the last time you've seen him" thing....is he the BI too phobic to leave the house?

~ dustin ~ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
~ dustin ~ said...

Thanks Ragdoll I am flattered :)

Anonymous said...

More Mad Men pics, please!! Love, love, love that show!

Unknown said...

My God I love Stephen Colbert! And I love the hats!

lutefisk said...

Our reader has a great smile!

Jillian S. said...

That was a really bizarre comment about Josh Lucas. Seriously hope he's not the answer to some horrible blind.

I heard Tina Fey refuses to ever talk about the scar, which makes me all the more curious.

Unknown said...

I loves me some John Hamm. He makes me all woozy - the way Robbie Williams used to. Sad to see he's not doing zilch for me these days...

I've loved Carla Gugino ever since - and I'm not afraid to say it! - Troop Beverly Hills. There, I've said it and feel better now.


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