Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Random Photos Part One - With Lots More Hats

Just don't know how, if you are going to post a photo of Vanessa Redgrave that you can't put it at the top. The woman just gives and gives.
If I hadn't found the photo of Vanessa Redgrave I was actually going to post Jennifer Lopez on top. I know, I know. But, for once she actually deserves it. This photo was taken by a mother of a student. It wasn't taken by some PR person and Jennifer didn't bring along a bunch of people with her. These students who are all autistic, performed a Jennifer Lopez song for their end of year party. They had been practicing for months and had written Jennifer Lopez about why they liked her and about their song. Jennifer apparently got their letters and decided to show up for their performance. I can't believe I just wrote an entire paragraph about Jennifer Lopez that had no snark.
Andie MacDowell and her daughter. That is a good looking family.
One of the most amazing people I know. Amy Yasbeck.
Carly Simon & Benjamin Simon - New York

Almost any other day and Cloris Leachman would have made the top. No matter. She is still the bomb.
Colin Hanks looking completely different.
I need to stop spiking my coffee because this is about the best I have seen Cameron Diaz look in a very long time.
So go with me on this one. When I look at this photo of Brian McFadden I see Eddie Izzard when he had the blond hair. No?


More hats.
George Michael - San Diego
The UK Gladiators showed up at the UK premiere of Hancock. Just thought you might like to see.
Ginnifer Goodwin and Chris Klein. Do you ever get the feeling that Chris Klein just has a Bee Gees tune that keeps running through his head. He always looks to me like he is about one second away from breaking into Night Fever.
Hey, look. It's a hat.

And another one.
No matter how big the hat, I am distracted by the scar or branding above her breast.
How far forward does that hat come?
Someone wore this one yesterday. Scandal.

You know what is amazing about this photo of Jada Pinkett Smith? She is in LA and let Will Smith be in London all by himself.

Uh oh.
Who wants to volunteer to tie James Franco's shoe?
That will poke an eye out.
I think this is the last one.
Definitely drunk when I think Meg Ryan looks hot.

Well 18 months and it is over. Matt Lucas and Kevin McGee have called it quits. What does Kevin McGee get for his 18 months? Probably around $10M.
You all know I love Kathleen Turner, but I swear to you when I just was running through the photos I thought Sam Kinison had come back from the dead; or it could be Gallagher.
Kate Moss showing off her breasts and va-jay-jay in public is nothing new. However, she chose to do so this time in Turkey and as you may know, Turkey is a Muslim country. To say they were upset is an understatement.
Rosamund Pike has something I have always wanted. No, not breasts. Hell my man boobs are bigger than hers anyway. She has great posture. I've always wanted good posture. It seems dumb doesn't it, but when you actually look at thousands upon thousands of photos and someone sitting up straight sticks out, you know it is rare.

This is kind of unfair to Najwa Nimri because she might have great posture, but this is the typical pose of people. I know our parents always used to bug us about sitting up straight, but take a look around your office or wherever and see how many people do actually sit up straight.
Rachel Bilson looks really good.
So seriously. This whole 70's thing with the fondue and the swingers party look has to stop and stop now. If you think Nicole Richie has taken it to the extreme, you are wrong.
Debra Messing is one sash away from joining in that swingers party.
Sigur Ros - New York

Keira Knightley looks great and Sienna Miller is trashed out of her mind. Trashed. Wasted. Blitzed.
Salma Hayek can pull this outfit off but everyone else would look like they were remaking 9 to 5.
If I see one more magazine tell me how much Rumer Willis looks just like her mom I will scream. To me she looks more like Pete Wentz than Demi Moore.
When is the last time you saw Willem Dafoe smile like this? Ever?

Thalia. Just because I know there are tons of Latin music fans who read this site.
Teri Garr visiting the cast of Young Frankenstein.
Steve Winwood- New York
Sam Waterston just because I don't think he has ever been in the photos.


lutefisk said...

....You know what is amazing about this photo of Jada Pinkett Smith? She is in LA and let Will Smith be in London all by himself.....

LONDON--that's got to mean something.

badchick272002 said...

There have been a few photos of Will Smith and Charlize getting chummy on the red carpet. What's up with that? Is there something to be read into the pictures or is it just extra publicity for the movie? Inquiring minds...

Kevin said...

Sigur Ros have complicated outfits on this tour.

lutefisk said...

"Jennifer didn't bring a bunch of people with her"-- I see she forgot her airbrushing/photoshop team.

Little Miss Smoke and Mirrors said...

"Jennifer didn't bring a bunch of people with her"

This statement lends even more credence ot the theory that she's the subject of yesterday's blind item. The one where they have no employees left except one gardener.

Unknown said...


I'm pretty sure it's Ben Taylor, not Ben Simon, at least Ben Taylor is his professional name. Oh and he rocks.

lyz said...

Nicole Richie looks like Mrs Roper from Three's Company.

Kiera Knightly looks like a pencil. The girl needs to eat a sandwich.

Anonymous said...

That Sam Kinison thing cracked my shit up.

Dead Angel said...

I was going to mention the Ben Simon as well,he does use Taylor professionally. He's good too!

Thanks for the Teri Garr photo, it's good to see she's well enough to get out, and her MS is under control. Love her, love Young Frankenstein.

Great pics today.

MontanaMarriott said...

Rumer Willis has the worst looking face/jaw thing going on. Just goes to show you, two hot parents do not a good looking child make.

Do you hear that Shiloh?????

captivagrl said...

that does not look like Jada.

schneefloeckli said...

The Sienna Miller comment sounds like a BI reveal to me. Wasn't there a BI lately with a foreign actress who does coke?

MontanaMarriott said...

I too, thought that was Sam Kinnison back from the dead, lol.

Chris Klein is always dating some IN starlet, I smell a homo hook up, lol

Wow Meg Ryan's lip collagen finally reversed itself, she pretty much looks like her old self.

Debra Messing does not have the breast for that dress.

Uhm Enty,
Keira don't look to sober her damn self.

Reese said...

Ben Taylor's singing voice sounds just like his dad's.

I think Pete Wentz would be highly insulted to be compared physically with Rumor, especially since it was not specified that he is by far the better looking of the two (and Pete does nothing for me). Rumor needs to give up and go away; far, far away.

Nice to see Sam Waterston.

Murphy Brown 2020 said...

I, uh...*ducks head in shame and averts gaze*...sort of like Nicole's ensemble. She looks like a really tiny wizard! She should have a scepter or a wand or something as an accessory. And then a bunch of douchey hipsters will think it's cool, and they'll copy her, and they'll begin selling *magical* accessories or whatever at Urban Outfitters.

Cameron Diaz might be sort of cranky in real life, but I basically love every single thing that chick wears. I LOVE this whole entire outfit. She looks amazing. And so does Rachel Bilson. Those bangs are going bye-bye now, right?

I love Salma! That outfit is pretty rad. That lady knows exactly how to dress herself.

I also LOVE the queen's hat! It's my favorite of the whole bunch. That whore can afford whatever she wants, I guess.

I totally think that Sam Waterston has been the subject of a recent blind. And just a side note, and sorry if bringing in other bloggers bothers you, Ent, but does anyone else read Lainey's site? I think the married dude she referred to in her most recent blind might be Liam Neeson. The picture of Vanessa Redgrave made me think of him, and since you can't leave comments on her site (so goddamn annoying, if you ask me), I was wondering whatcha'll thought.

Good FUCK, Sienna is druuuuunk! Ha ha! Oh my God. I've got a LOT of pictures just like that from college.

merrick said...

love that you have cloris leachman and teri garr in the photos today .. two of the funniest ladies evah .. young frankenstein ROCKS!

love james franco

i think i may be out of the loop a wee bit . who are matt lucas and kevin mcgee? Should I know them?

lisap515 said...

OMG! People really do wear FUG hats like Carrie in SATC!!

califblondy said...

EL, it's DA bomb, not THE bomb.

Cameron's red and white ensemble is da bomb.

HRHKMiddz said...

Sigh. I love Jack McCoy. Not as much as I love Lennie Briscoe, but I do love Jack. I won't even deign to watch the ones with that craptacular Ben Stone. Feh.

Oh, and I love the Queen.

Cameron Diaz's entire ensemble is amazing. Love.

Rachel Bilson looks very uncomforable. I think she forgot the safe word.

BlahFrickinBlah said...

All the hats= suckage.

Kathleen Turner looks horrible!!! She looks like she has those shoulder pads on that football players wear! She should have at least tried to dress like she cared. That outfit didn't help her cause that's for sure.

Meg Ryan must have had that shit taken out of her lips, thank God.

Cameron looks great. Nuff said.

Andie MacDowell's kid is beautiful. She still looks great too.

Amy Yasbeck always looks great. She gives red heads a good name. ;)

Will Smith molesting Charlize Theron? Ewww. She looks like she's gonna jack him one. Too bad she didn't.

Rumor Willis doesn't look like her mom. If she had some work done on that nose and chin, then maybe. Another site did a photoshop on her and she actually looked a lot better with those two things altered.

Nicole Richie's dress should just be burned.

jax said...

oooh i bet Kevin McGee will be the only $10M gay in the village!

cameron little red riding hood called...

george! see ya july 4th!

chris klein is dating Katie 2.0 and if i were Ginnifer i'd run.

james franco...notorious pothead.

Herve Leger must hate women,that dress is awful on Bilson. she looks trashy.

nicole richie..i hear you're pregnant again,or did you just eat something?

totally Pete Wentz! love it.

Carte Blanche said...

Wow. Cameron looks ladylike and beautiful in that picture. Good job Cam!

I love the upper-crust Lady Brits and their creative game day hats.

Sure Will. Play it straight. Everyone will ignore the hot, young thugs coming out of your trailer on set.

Best word I can think of to describe Rachel is TIGHT.

Sienna is too much. I thought she was doing better. Maybe she's been celebrating her breakup with Rhys.

Rumer's chin is just unfortunate for her. I can't NOT notice it.

Which blind fits Sam Waterston? He looks like he'd be a vanilla-nice man. Who knows? He probably has some wild kink or something.

Sinjin said...

Enty darling your hat obsession is hilarious. That chick with the blue and pink flowered hat looks like she went 3 rounds with Naomi Campbell.

Loved the Jada & Will captions.

Please please let Kat Moss have been thrown in a Turkish prison.

Uber*nought said...

I think Pete Wentz would be highly insulted to be compared physically with Rumor, especially since it was not specified that he is by far the better looking of the two (and Pete does nothing for me). Rumor needs to give up and go away; far, far away.

This does not surprise me as, reading his comments almost daily, I don't think the Ent Lawyer likes men, and is typically rude and fratboy at every opportunity about the majority of them. Which just gets tiresome.

Btw, to me it does look like Rumer has had her chin shaved down some. It might just be the distance and angle but I think she might have had subtle work done on it.

Unknown said...

I can see the Sam Kinison thing, but the funny this is when I saw the pic of Brian McFadden, at first glance I thought it was Ellen DeGeneres.

Anonymous said...

Weird thing to say but doesn't Prince Charles look so happy these days? Even though he was a total shit to Diana I kind of feel bad for him that he wasn't allowed to just marry the woman he loved in the first place, because she wasn't appropriate. said...

I wonder who spray painted Rachel Bilson's dress on for her?

Eeyore said...

EL, the worst part about Kate Moss's outing in the dress wasn't that she was in Turkey, but that she was out with her DAUGHTER wearing that almost getup!!! Screw the Turks, save the kid!!

Anonymous said...

Meg Ryan looks like Meg Ryan again. Hooray. There's hope for Joan Van Aark.

Willem DaFoe looks GREAT! He looks really, REALLY great - love him =)

Another blogger who shall remain nameless, but his initials are Perezhilton, calls Rumor Willis "Potatohead". It's mean. It's immature. It's accurate. Chick has a SKEERY SKULL!

Winston Ono said...

Rumor has lost tons of weight and I never hear anyone mention it. I suppose it could have been from diet and exercise...

moira said...

Is it just me or is Ginnifer Goodwin just way too gorgeous for Chris Klein?

Also, Kate Moss is ick.

Moonmaid said...

Meg Ryan looks great! Maybe the face finally settled in. Stevie Winwood still looks hot, at how old? Gotta be about 60 by now. Yep, looked it up, he just turned 60 last month.

MadLyb said...

I am not ashamed to admit I like the Nicole Ritchie fondue/swinger look.

Meg Ryan looks fabulous, and so does Jada. I think Sienna looks a lot better than Keira. That girl is thin as a rail.

Rumor can't help the way she looks, and the fug comments about her, and her having the gall not to look like her mother are rather cruel. Is she evil or something? I don't get it. She looks great for Rumor in this pic.

MadLyb said...

Re: Rumor. It's not ENT's comments, per say that I'm referring to. I read horrible things about this poor girl all over the web. If she has an atrocious personality, that is one thing, but if she were my daughter, I'd go postal on some blogger's/gossip whore's arses.

watcher said...

I miss the photos of the Spanish Royal Family.

libby said...

LOVE Amy Yasbeck, from before and when she was on "Wings." Really great comedic actress. When I originally heard she had hooked up with John Ritter, I thought they were such a great couple.
So sad she and their little daughter had to lose him so young.
(Come back to T.V. Amy! You are so awesomely talented---and super pretty! It would take 1000 Debra Messings to match your timing, delivery and talent!)

Teri Garr is a national treasure... Anybody remember her first 'big break'--that old Star Trek episode? She had a Twiggy 'do!

maybe I'm in the minority, but I wholeheartedly believe that Keira Knightly is genetically that skinny. I knew a whole family of kids like that--couldn't gain a pound if they tried.

Sam Waterston is a hottie-bedottie! 100%!!!

Production Girl said...

OMG!!! ENT your too much.

I busted out laughing with the Jada and Will comment........oh DAMN am I jealous of CT right now.

Can I PLEASE shove some burgers down KN's throat. Pretty Please.

RB looks HOTT in that dress.

AY, my heart breaks for her daughter losing her father John Ritter on her 5th birthday. So sad!! Sept 11 has triple meaning for her.

mooshki said...

To all women in Hollyweird, take note of Vanessa - that is the right way to age gracefully.

Thanks for the Sam Waterston pic - I love him so much I'll rewind the Ameritrade commercials.

weezy said...

Ent, I just want to thank you for the wonderful Ascot hat pictures --I think they're just beautiful, and they really make my day!

And it's a thrill to see Teri Garr looking so well -- and with the "Young Frankenstein" cast, yet!

Chadboulet said...

It's worth noting that Carly Simon's son, identified here as Benjamin Simon, is also the son of James Taylor and was christened Benjamin Simon Taylor. As far as I know, he has always been known professionally as Ben Taylor - not sure that he's ever used "Simon" as his last name. Correct me if I'm wrong, anyone.


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