Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Random Photos Part One - With Reader Photos

I can't believe this. The day after I give the award to Tracy Morgan for shiniest jacket of the year, Ashlee Simpson does this to me. Does she know how difficult it will be to pry the award from Tracy's hands? Damn you Ashlee Simpson.

Yeah. Like the world needed more Clay Aiken.
Does anyone know who the woman with Christina Ricci is? All I know is they have synchronization skills like my favorite Spanish royals.
Well it is the holidays, so I am going to be nice to Denise Richards. Merry Christmas Denise. Oh, and to you too Irv.
Lil Wayne - Oakland
The thing is that they think they look good.
The Griffith family. That is one house I would love to go to for Christmas dinner. That or the O'Neals. Hell put them together and invite me and I would die a happy man.
Another Christmas miracle. Mickey Rourke is actually dressed normally.
Is that wrapping paper or are you just happy to see me?
Who thinks those are real presents under the tree?
Rachel Bilson is on the right and her little sister is in the middle. I have no idea who the woman is on the left.
I almost didn't recognize Robert Downey Jr when I first saw this photo.
Reader Photo #1
And Reader Photo #2
Rob Thomas & John Mayer - New York
This is how you know you are horribly addicted to cigarettes.
A snow leopard at the Bronx Zoo.
A Stephanie Seymour at the Caribbean.
You know what is priceless about this picture? Both of the bags came from the same store. I guarantee you that Will did all of his shopping at one place.


jax said...

how drunkare you?? that's a scarve around ashlee's neck not reflection!

merry drunkmas enty.

Anonymous said...

Reader #2 - WOW! Both of you in that photo are gorgeous.

Reader 1 - caught mid-smile?

Ent - I don't care if it's Christmas. you can rip Denise Richards 24/7/365.

Will Ferrell could have done worse than shop at Williams-Sonoma for xmas.

bionic bunny! said...

loving the snow leopard!

Majik said...

Anyone else notice that Simon Cowell is riding a Mason jet ski? Hmmmm.

GladysKravitz said...

What in the hell is on Mariah's feet? Emu pom poms?

LesbianCherryPie said...

I found Ashlee Simpson looked a bit like Kate Hudson.

Now! said...

Nick appears to have convinced Mariah to put on some actual winter clothes. Remember her previous bikini-under-parka outfits?

white lorelei said...

That's not a shiny jacket ... and isn't that Drew Barrymore?

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