Sunday, April 15, 2018

Blind Item #6

This one year wonder doesn't even have the lock on a reality show for herself any longer that caused the split of her long term relationship. Apparently the producer found a different person to sleep with who looks more likely to get her own show.


bonestructure said...

Olivia culpo

sandybrook said...

She's usually the one year wonder here

Unknown said...

She works too hard for attention and not enough for real work

Adrian Zmed said...

She is all over the desert and DM. Very thirsty. She better find another athlete or some geeky billionaire (like Miranda Kerr) or she'll end up too old and irrelevant.

sandybrook said...

Danny Amendola just dumped the bitch and he dumped Bill Belicheck at the same time.

mercyprosperity said...

who cares what is happening in the desert?
just a gathering of desperate people.

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