Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Blind Item #11

Another day, another "suicide." This one is a little different though. The disgraced producer is involved, but only in the sense that he gave out the contact information for the group that pulled it off. It was passed along to this foreign born director who is trying to eliminate witnesses. This particular witness had a consensual affair with the director almost a decade ago. Over the years, when she would recruit people to her cause, she would see if they were interested in acting. If they were, she would send the idealistic very young women to see the director. There were no parts. There was simply two hours in his loft apartment where you either cooperated or didn't. Her "suicide" was due to the fact she was talking to reporters about what she knew about the director.


Tricia13 said...

The socialite who just died-Burby?

Tricia13 said...

Lucy Burley?(Bryan Ferry’s ex)...

MDAnderson said...

Luc Besson for the director??

Tricia13 said...

Yes likely him and someone. Lucy’s death isn’t yet ruled a suicide-but strange she was only 58

MDAnderson said...

Weinstein used Black Cube, a private intelligence firm that he used to dig up dirt on his enemies. Hmmmm???

Katty said...

Could this be the co-founder of the Femen movement? The line about recruiting people to her cause in the blind made me think of her, just not sure how she is connected to Hollywood etc


cc423 said...

Could catch Katty... the Director could be Luc Besson. He is french.

Flashy Vic said...

And you thought Ray Donovan was fiction?

Unknown said...

So the founder of a radical feminist group was procuring for a Hollywood director? Sounds about right.

gauloise said...

If it is Oksana that would be interesting because her movement was founded to stop sex trafficking of ukrainian women. In a weird way that works

IanPhlegming said...

This must be the Femen leader. Talk about controlled opposition!

Angela said...

It would be interesting, ... if true.

Tu ne trouves pas bizarre qu'Enty soit subitement devenu un expert en faits divers français, avec les "meilleures sources qui soient" sur la mort d'Anthony Bourdain (il fallait connaître des flics en Alsace...), des affirmations comme quoi plein d'espions avaient trouvé la mort ces derniers mois en France, et maintenant sur tout ce qui concerne Besson ?

Ce qu'il écrit est idiot, si c'est Besson, parce qu'il y a déjà plusieurs femmes qui ont raconté à la justice ce que Besson leur faisait. Ça figure en détail dans un article de Mediapart, dont la presse américaine n'a pas parlé, et dont Enty n'a donc pas eu connaissance. Donc il ignore un point important de l'affaire. De plus, Besson pouvait facilement donner des rôles à des actrices, vu la quantité de trucs qu'il produisait. Et Besson n'a jamais bossé avec Weinstein directement.

Si c'est Polanski, c'est encore plus tordu, parce qu'il a 84 ans et que, bon, tuer pour protéger la réputation d'un mec de cet âge... Et puis, bon, Polanski n'a jamais eu lui non plus des rapports étroits avec Weinstein.

Et pourquoi de toute façon Weinstein qui n'arrive même pas à se sortir de son scandale à lui rendrait-il service à d'autres ?

Ce que le tâcheron qui rédige ici essaye, c'est de sortir un beau numéro de pipeau à destination de gens qui ne connaissent vraiment ni Besson (ou Polanski) ni le système de production français. Mais son truc est sinon sans queue ni tête.

Brayson87 said...

"Mother chants her litany of boredom and frustration
But we know all her suicides are fake"

IanPhlegming said...

"Does no one find it strange how Enty suddenly became an expert in French news, with the "best sources around" on the death of Anthony Bourdain (you had to know some cops in Alsace ...), assertions of how many spies died in recent months in France, now on everything concerning Besson?

"What he writes is stupid, if it is Besson, because there are already several women who have told what Besson did to them. This is detailed in an article in Mediapart, which the American press did not talk about, and which Enty was not aware of. So he ignores an important point of the case. In addition, Besson could easily give roles to actresses, given the amount of stuff he produced. And Besson never worked with Weinstein directly.

"If it's Polanski, it's even more twisted, because he's 84 years old and, well, why kill to protect the reputation of a guy that age ... And Polanski never had any close relations with Weinstein either.

"And why would Weinstein, who can not even get out of his own scandal, serve others?

"Enty is trying to get out a beautiful musical number for people who really do not know Besson (or Polanski) or the French production system. But his tale doesn't know its head from its hindquarters."

Sal Salington said...

Not that I believe half these things, but no. No, I don't find it strange that a Hollywood gossip columnist would have gossip on Hollywood celebs, no matter where in the world they are.

LadySabreX said...
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notthisagain said...


you got it, the Femen woman got suicided in paris

like enty said, DONT GO TO FRANCE


notthisagain said...

luc besson as the director, weinstein giving out the info for Suiciders

Urban Rosebud said...

If traveling to France soon, don't forget your condoms. Chlamydia is on the prowl.

Brayson87 said...

@Ddonna, yeah the shills aren't very subtle are they, oh well everybody's got to make a living.

Brayson87 said...

@not, I've been saying that for years although for different reasons lol

Unknown said...

Fake blind

Angela said...

I'll make my point in English again.

Why the fuck would Harvey Fucking Weinstein help Luc Besson, a guy he has no professional ties with, by having a potential accuser murdered? Weinstein is crushed with issues. His company has gone bankrupt. He's a finished man in the industry. He faces actual prison charges. And in the middle of all of this, Harvey Weinstein finds time to order a group to kill somebody who could have snitched on a French director/producer he hasn't even worked with?

There are two particularly ridiculous claims in the blinds:

- actresses would spend two hours with him, and they wouldn't get any part. That makes no sense. Besson had four or five films in production each year, plus TV. It would have been much easier to use the woman even as an extra or in a very small supporting part. Otherwise, women would talk and share the information about him. That's why Weinstein, for instance, could go on for so long. He could get parts, even some good ones for the ones who wouldn't complain or kill the career of the ones who would refuse to have sex with him.

- the Femen leader was killed because she was talking to reporters. Various women are actually talking to the justice about Besson. Not just the one from a few months ago, a whole bunch of them. Ten days ago, there was an exposé on Besson published by French investigation site Mediapart, which was echoed by all the leading newspapers in France. As Enty didn't get any report of this exposé in the US, he actually shows how clueless he is about the whole story. So, he writes that Besson asked Weinstein for a woman to get murdered because she was blabbing to reporters, while women have already talked to the police and the judges. I let you judge which is the more pressing issue.

There was also a suicide letter found next to the woman, and Femen confirmed that she was suffering from depression. Sometimes a suicide is just a suicide, and a delusional piece of shit is a delusional piece of shit.

plot said...


Thanks for spelling that out so well.

For Enty, it seems, anything associated with France is terribly, awfully, compromised, to hell with the facts.

Bleu said...

Reports said she had been abducted by unknown kidnappers and beaten so badly she was hospitalized. I don't know when this was supposed to have happened.

Charles said...

Shit like this pisses me off. If its fake then its a pretty messed up thing to put out there but if its all true, Enty should contact the authorities. Instead of writing about it for clicks why not do the right thing and help put these people away. He's part of the problem knowing so much but refusing to help.

Angela said...

What reports?

There was an obituary on Libération (a liberal newspaper).


Chatchko was suffering from bouts of depression and had previously attempted suicide several times. She had been a cofounder of Femen, but her take (anarchy and romanticism) had been progressively marginalized in the organization, and by 2014 she no longer had any power there and she left. She spent six years in Paris, mostly as a squatter. She finally got a small apartment near Paris, without any furniture, apart from drapes which she used to hang herself. Not really the picture of somebody providing Eastern Europe women to a pig and benefitting from all the Besson cash.

She was also at odds with the current public image of Femen, as she was a small brunette, not the tall blondes the movement is mostly known for. She focused on her art, and created a series of variations on old Russian icons that she repurposed for current social issues.
Her last two posts on Instagram are drawings, "I think nothing of what I wrote" and "You Are Fake", posted one day apart. In her suicide note, she complained about the hypocrisy of society and men.

And that's it. If you're in the mood for some conspiracy, call me full of shit, consider that this obituary, written by somebody who had met her, is forged, and that some elite black ops group (who can't even get their main target, Asia Argento) is responsible for creating the fake art and removing all references to Besson in her obit or in the investigation.

Otherwise, you're free to acknowledge that Enty totally made up a story that doesn't hold under scrutiny.

Rosie riveter said...


Rosie riveter said...

Fucking idiot

Rosie riveter said...

No, seriously. Your point is stupid in English too

Unknown said...

Why the improbable French content these days?

CDAN holds a grudge against Ms. Vicky, who CDAN suggests is complicit in the death of Chris Cornell. Ms. Vicky used to be a publicist based in Paris. She likely made enemies, or at least people of as low character as herself, who are happy to hook CDAN up with alleged "facts" reflecting French doings.

As usual, ignoring the evidence and pretending that all forensic investigators are either incompetent or can be bought off is the usual CDAN card to be played to make this plausible.

waterlily said...

as a side note: Femen co-founder Oksana was the antithesis of a radical feminist. She was a liberal feminist through and through. Liberal feminism is what you end up with when you've convinced the slaves to love their slavery. She was never going to get liberated with her beliefs. Liberal feminism is the making of the mass media, of people like Hugh Hefner, who suggested that women getting their gear off for men was 'empowerment'. Radical feminists would not condone getting your gear off to protest. Topless protests simply buy into the idea that women exist for the male gaze.

Angela said...

The weird thing is that Himmmm called Chris Cornell's wife a "psychotic douche nozzle" who deserved to be "gang-raped repeatedly by the whole Nazi regeme fo eternity" (sic). I mean the first Mrs. Cornell, Susan Silver, in a comment from January 2010, that has been deleted over the last few months but that you can easily find through Google, as Cornell and Soundgarden fans have focused a lot over the site's take on his death. Now, it's the second wife who takes all the blame, and he is all praise for Susan.

Himmmm seems to have an unhealthy obsession for Chris Cornell who was most likely one of his favorite musicians. The guy who's most definitely the "main" Himmmm (and an overall influence for the current incarnation of CDAN, if not the current Enty himself) was for a while a professional musician who opened for bigger acts and had a picture of Cornell and himself on his MySpace page from 2007. As it is the case for Kurt Cobain, another likely idol, he can't admit that the guy could kill himself and blames the wife, who happens to be the quite insufferable Courtney Love.
It is ridiculous for Cobain, as he had a documented death wish, due to his diaries, his chronic back pains, his heroin addiction and his overdose attempt while on tour in Rome.
It has a little more traction for Cornell, as Vicky Karyiannis is most likely a shady figure who's trying to benefit from the tragedy and may have contributed to his suicide by her attitude. But there's not an ounce of evidence that she actually got him killed, with the death then arranged as a suicide.

That's just wishful thinking from somebody who can't literally imagine that somebody, especially somebody that he admires, could actually be depressed and commit suicide, and who blames the women in the person's life (like Beatles fans blame Yoko for everything wrong that Lennon did). This conception has actually spread to the entire site now, as there's not a single death legally qualified as a suicide that is a suicide according to Enty (and most likely Himmmm).

If I were a shrink, I'd say it must be connected to some traumatic event in his life, involving someone close to him, an inability to conceive death by suicide, and some degree of projection on every death that matters to him, resulting in his need to write fiction over it.
But if I just stick to the facts in this particular "blind item", it's obvious that it's made up from info he got from vague tabloid reports about Oksana Chatchko, and a lot of time and imagination.
Some people can take a ludicrous piece of news or even headline, or even a totally mundane story, and turn it into a modern day tragedy that manages to describe our times.
Some people can take an interesting story (as was Chatchko's life) and turn it into the background story for a modern day Steven Seagal thriller/conspiracy theory tribune shot in Bulgaria and released straight to video. Talley Griffith appears to be in the second category.

plot said...

@Water Lily

The point of Oksana's brand of feminism is that the female body will ALWAYS solicit the male gaze, no matter how much it is covered or uncovered, so why not use it to make a statement - the bigger the better.


Since Angela took the time to translate and encapsulate French articles for us, what exactly do you claim is stupid? The French media are the primary sources on Oksana's death. Why are they not relevant?


Again, many thanks. Yes, this group has been weaponized against certain figures. For a while it was Harv but now it's Rose McGowan and anyone else who speaks out against sexual harassment. There are some regular posters who simply can't see the contradiction between the stances Enty (et al) take which is largely anti-victim, anti-woman and anti-child, and the stated claims of Hmmm and Enty that they are privately fighting against sexual exploitation. There are others who feel very clever for being on the inside of the joke. And there are others that I suspect come from one source, a very bored, very depressed source with many axes to grind.

BTW, this is Plot, the one and only, even if this screwy foreign wifi won't wed all my devices. Maybe this time will be the charm.

Kerry said...

I come back every now and then to see if this ridiculous shut stopped, and behold. More BS. It’s no wonder I see very few old regulars, aside from the one whose life revolves around being first to comment, daily.


The General Directorate for External Security(French: Direction générale de la sécurité extérieure, DGSE) is France's external intelligence agency. The French equivalent to the United Kingdom's MI6 and the United States' CIA, the DGSE operates under the direction of the French Ministry of Defence and works alongside its domestic counterpart, the DGSI(General Directorate for Internal Security), in providing intelligence and safeguarding national security, notably by performing paramilitary and counterintelligence operations abroad. As with most other intelligence agencies, details of its operations and organization are not made public.

Every day, the bucket a go a well
One day, the bottom a go drop out


Angela's posts are interesting but not for the pedo apologia

More so for the questions like "Why?" and "Why now, why not earlier?"

Angela said...

@ plot
Weinstein wasn't the main target either in the old blinds. They were ALWAYS about an ambitious actress willing to get a career push up by having sex with him. It was "the director's wife" who cheated on her husband before being replaced by a younger model, it was never about Mira Sorvino who Weinstein tried to blacklist. It was about Ashley Judd being a psycho drunken mess, not Ashley Judd struggling to find parts after she wouldn't have sex with Harvey. Not the rapes, not the set-ups, not the humiliations.
If Weinstein hadn't been brought down by The New York Times or The New Yorker (liberal media...), he would still be treated here as some established Hollywood tradition in the line of Zanuck, Cohn or Howard Hughes.

@ Kerry
Glad that I wasn't the only one from the early years who had noticed it. I landed here just weeks after the blog started, because of some link posted by DListed, if I remember well, and it was an interesting place when it was just one or two blinds a day, along with the "four for Friday" (just after the full frontal Friday pictures, for those interested).
The turning point may have been the time he started to use the Daily Mail as an obvious source for most of the stories, and when he started to post five or eight BIs every day. And there was much traffic driven by the speculation about Himmmm being the actual Robert Downey Jr. Then the site switched to a different host, with a terrible layout, and I gave up on reading on this new platform, even if I got most of the BIs through various digests.
When I returned, I noticed the emphasis on yachting and child molesting. Now, Enty is also an expert on third world corrupted countries such as France, and he has a not so well hidden agenda which allows him to connect the death of a struggling Ukrainian artist to Weinstein. And it sucks.

Angela said...

The DGSE is just a joke, moron.
Their last involvement in a major operation was 1985. They put a bomb on a boat belonging to Greenpeace, which was about to campaign from New Zealand about French nuclear tests in the Pacific. A photographer was killed and the entire operation was dismantled, exposing some amateurish methods.


A limited hangout or partial hangout is, according to former special assistant to the Deputy Director of the Central Intelligence Agency Victor Marchetti, "spy jargon for a favorite and frequently used gimmick of the clandestine professionals. When their veil of secrecy is shredded and they can no longer rely on a phony cover story to misinform the public, they resort to admitting—sometimes even volunteering—some of the truth while still managing to withhold the key and damaging facts in the case. The public, however, is usually so intrigued by the new information that it never thinks to pursue the matter further."

Bad Lieutenant said...

who can't even get their main target, Asia Argento

Asia Argento ... Anthony Bourdain... A swing and a miss?

Unknown said...

Oksana Shachka? Weinstein for disgraced director... And her movement was Femen -- something. Don't remember

Itttt said...

Ode to 3rd world shithole France in general and Paris in particular (to the tune of Riders on the Storm):

France is a third world shithole.
France is full of no go zones.

Chlamydia on the prowl.
Gonna make your privates howl.
A thousand burned out cars
Jim OD'd in a dumpy bar
France is a 3rd world shithole.

[Verse 1]
There's a killer in Pareeeeeee
Many suicides by hanging
Take a French holiday
Pack a shitload of Bengay
If you give this man a ride
Anthony Bourdain will surely die
Killer in Pareeeeee

[Verse 2]
Girl you gotta love Besson
Girl you gotta love Besson
Better pack your brown pants
& get ready to do the dance
Bring an extra case of Depends
You will need them in the end
Fuck you Luc Besson

Angela said...

@Bad Lieutenant

That's the totally laughable thing in Enty's story, because he was so much in a hurry to publish a BI about Bourdain's death before the body was cold that he painted a trained professional commando with a contract as a bunch of dumbasses.

He claimed that Asia Argento and Anthony Bourdain were supposed be murdered and that the commando would cover the two deaths as a murder/suicide (I presume that Bourdain would have been the apparent murderer, which would have sounded totally fishy, by the way). But Asia was the real target, as Weinstein had no beef with Bourdain.
When Asia Argento didn't join Bourdain at the planned place, the commando decided (apparently with Weinstein's approval) to kill Bourdain alone, as a warning sign for Argento. Well, it's not as if Asia Argento was impossible to track. She posts regularly on Instagram, complete with her location. Colmar to Rome would be a 600 miles trip by car, and there are airports and trains (if you don't want to go through the customs) nearby.

The whole thing just makes no sense. And now, we have the same guys who screwed it up royally the first time who are hired, once again by Weinstein in the middle of his own ruin, to execute a woman he has no connection with, just to pay a favor to Luc Besson, a director he had never produced or distributed. Even the Katzenjammer Kids could come up with a poorer plot.


It makes all the sense
To kill all the witnesses

Unknown said...

C'est vrai. Je te remercie.

chopp said...

Where's the crime? They were either interested in having sex with him or not. There were no rapes.

Mike said...

Sounds like someone here is a feminism victim. "The male gaze", LOL. Hello, straight men look at attractive women and are horny. There's nothing sinister and no plot to enslave or put into rape cages. Some men are predatory and that's why we have laws.

BRAD PITT said...

Bryan Ferry played a rapist in Breakfast On Pluto and he was a little too convincing

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