Saturday, July 28, 2018

Blind Items Revealed #4

July 15, 2018

This foreign born B+ list mostly movie actress has been putting the squeeze on her A- list mostly movie actor boyfriend to make things serious. She wants public love and engagement and marriage. Our actor doesn't really want anything serious and backs off when she mentions it. This causes her to unfollow him and stop talking to him. Then, surprise surprise he misses hooking up with her and sweet talks her back and says he is willing to be serious. She takes him back and after a few weeks when she is expecting something serious again, the whole scenario plays out all over again.

Eiza Gonzalez/Josh Duhamel (and then right after this, they permanently split)


Sara, Making It Work said...

Oh good. They don't need to be together.

NordeastB said...

Good for him. He needs to chill for a few years while his son is young.

CJ said...

ET and DM are saying Josh is suffering from the breakup of his marriage and still misses Fergie.

No word who ended it but what has been written suggests Josh did.

Miss Demeanor said...

She graduated from the Hilaria Baldwin School of Famewhoring.

JustHereForTheComments said...

Glad this is over. Such an odd incompatible pairing. Josh and his crew wasted no time in making him look like the dumper. I think they saw Enty's blind that Eiza was tired of his games and wanted to change the narrative.

That whole he misses Fergie stuff sounds like crap just like the work schedules for him & Eiza. So he's not ready for a serious relationship but he misses his ex-WIFE?? Huh?

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised he just told the paparazzi like that. "We're done". Then he thanked for her company via a source. What an asshole. I hope Eiza is the one who dumped him.

I still remember when he got kicked off a plane after making it turn around for not wanting turning his phone off.

OKay said...

Don't bother believing the "still misses Fergie" storyline. Josh (or his people) will be trotting that one out right up until he decides he wants to get married again.

sandybrook said...

I figured Josh would would figger out who was calling the paps when he was out with this whore

Unknown said...

I do not feel sorry for Eiza or Josh .. neither is a victim . Both of them were using each other and lying

Eiza didn’t care how Josh’s ex would feel when she planted her “head over heels” or “he never met anyone like her before” BS planted stories . She has a history of not caring how any of the famous ex’s of her rebound boyfriends feel as she calls paparazzi and grins while the guys are obviously hiding or trying to escape the cameras . And she has been insulting and childish about the women for cameras , like she did with Miley . She’s only in love with the publicity she gets by being seen with the ex’s of women who are way more famous than she is . She had no care of the fact that Josh’s son can soon google his last name and see her “accidental “ undressing video , or the high school level PDA’s.

Josh cheated and publicly humiliated Fergie less than a year into their marriage, and he repeatedly cheated. He also strung Eiza along for sex until he looked ridiculous because of the paparazzi and press, then he suddenly misses Fergie ?

So, Fergie was so Into her career and on drugs that home body Josh had to leave her and get his bachelor pad, but he hooks up with a woman who is 18 year younger, and totally career obsessed ? He didn’t like Fergie calling paparazzi, but he stood how much longer wirh Eiza when he know she was calling the paparazzi?

So, now Josh using Fergie so he looks like a good guy who can not get over his ex wife , when in fact he was kyung yo his girlfriend and pretending to want something serious , so that he could continue to have sex with her?

Will it now be Fergie’s fault of he moves onto other women because she wouldn’t take him back ?

Fergie did an interview recently and said that their son’s birthday party which is coming up soon. will be at Josh’s house. Sounds like he’s having the families over . That’s very nice , but it makes me wonder if this is also major damage control .

At Easter time he didn’t mind that Fergie was spending time with their sone with her family when he was flying to Barcelona to be with his girlfriend. He also didn’t even bother liking s post where Fergie posted a picture of Axl and wished him a Happy Father’s Day . Suddenly he’s not over Fergie when he spent weeks taking vacations and hanging with his girlfriend while Fergie was with their son ?

I’m not saying he’s s bad father, but suddenly when he got sick of Eiza we she picture and a video of him and his son. But when he was into his fling, it was obvious that he wasn’t spending much time with him .

JayMee Segal said...

This relationship was a ticking time bomb. Thank god it finally exploded.

Josh is real dirty dog using Fergie as a fake reason for a break-up. Like let that woman live. He can't stop using her or attaching himself to her for some press. I hope she doesn't let him charm her cause he's no good for her or anyone for that matter.

I'm interested to see who Eiza is going to be with next. Whoever it is I'm sure they'll be an upgrade from Josh. Hopefully whoever it is won't be fresh out of a serious relationship.

It's noticeable how when he was really with Eiza a lot how little he seemed to be with Axl but now they're over he's back to posting about him and being spotted with him. He has such a PR strategy built in place.

Michelleher said...

So, Fergie was wirh Axl again at s party this weekend , and Josh went home to Minnesota and North Dakota.

Why does it seem like before the divorce he was always with his son, and now he’s rarely seen with him.

Josh reminds me of the guys who are bored easily and move on from woman to woman . I’m sure he cares about his son , but it sure seems like he now wants to be the single guy who has very little responsibility.
It also looks like he suddenly had a photo op and video with his son when he and Eiza were done and he looked bad after all the paparazzi and video posts making out and undressing.

The more I see of Josh the more I see a person who uses women and others to make himself look good . Fergie is no way perfect, but the fact that he used the excuse that he’s not over her when it’s obvious he just wanted to be a single guy playing around is so low .

Hopefully Fergie doesn’t let him use her anymore, and hopefully Eiza grows up and stops using guys for fame and finds someone decent . Both women have their issues but I think Josh was way more of a user and manipulator than both of them .

CJ said...

I imagine Josh has retreated to ND and Minnesota because he needs downtime after all this. Time for self-reflection and contemplating where to go from here.

After the new year, I remember Josh moved into a new home and said he just wanted to feel happy again. He sounded lost. Soon after everything with Eiza started and we know how that turned out.

Divorces are life altering and painful. I wish him peace and I hope he becomes a stronger and wiser person from this.

goldenpuppy said...

I just do not think this divorce was as painful for Josh as it was for Fergie. He was cheating on her throughout the marriage, and it took a toll on her.

It annoys me that Josh said he "just wanted to feel happy again". after the divorce, when it's obvious he just wanted to be happy by playing around with women and not have any consequences.

I just have a hard time seeing Josh as any kind of victim here. He obviously kept stringing a woman who was much younger than he is along for sex, and he lied to her.

I don't see Josh as lost, I see him as a player who gets easily tired of woman and says what he has to say to get his way at the moment.

I hope his little boy doesn't learn to treat women the way Josh treats women. He was also horrible to his first fiancee, he cheated on her, and then stopped talking to her a month before their wedding, and she finally left LA and had a breakdown. Josh played around dating younger women at the time, until he met Fergie.

It annoys me that a man can be good looking and manipulative and get away with cheating and lying all the time. I do think that now that Josh is older his little games are not as acceptable as they were in the past, and women are not going to just be used and keep quiet. So, maybe he will be forced to grow up a bit.

JustHereForTheComments said...

@goldenpuppy I agree. For his career to be going the way it is, he needs to start putting out some better karma.


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