Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Blind Item #14

He has not been fully disgraced as of yet, but writers who worked on the set of an animated show of this showrunner said he would frequently show them child porn to give them an idea of scenes he wanted. One specifically talked about an early episode from season one of the show that basically was just a child pornographer's fantasy come to life in television animation. The hopefully soon to never work again showrunner said the episode "turned him on a lot."


sandybrook said...

Dan Harmon?

MDAnderson said...

Dan Harmon??

Sarton Bander said...

Something about the name Harm[o|a]n?

Brayson87 said...

Yeah I never watched this guy's sh!t but everyone is talking this week about him.

andrea said...

I love Rick and Morty but this is fucked up. The episode was probably the jelly bean one.

Unknown said...

And there was an entire episode devoted to ridiculing #pizzagate, as well... Well, do you still believe it is just a red herring? Getting closer to the great purge folks. One by one they out themselves and their elite associates across all walks of wealth and fame... Tick tock...

Ophelia said...

@andrea +1. even the pilot could fit this description

T. W. said...

Disgusting, Disturbing, & Disheartening

Unknown said...

I've never seen the show, but the episode synopsis says #5 has a King Jellybean who tries to rape Morty, and then at the end some villagers find a box of the king's incriminating photos and destroy them to protect his reputation.

How confident in your position do you have to be to show someone you work with some child porn and then talk about how it turns you on? They really have lived in a different world of zero consequences.

just sayin' said...

I'd really like to know if Jim Davis drew the cartoon.

Flashy Vic said...

I hope it shuts those Ricky and Morty random fucktards the fuck up at last.

"Well you have to be intelligent to get it!"

Fuck you, you kiddy fucker worshipping wankstains. He's just Jimmy fucking Savile with paints and a storyboard.

just sayin' said...

I hope that people who were shown child porn by him will now file charges. What the hell that they didn't do it at the time.

Unknown said...


I don't buy it. If my boss showed me child porn he'd be fucked over so fast.

Newbomb said...

Liberals are going all out for this guy to keep his job.

Unknown said...

Pedos have lost their protection since January 2017. In case you haven’t noticed.

JBrook said...

Gross, definitely ep 5 of Rick & Morty. I generally do like the show but that episode was fucked up.

Ophelia said...

I watch the show but with Dan Harmon now I get very queasy thinking about most of the episodes.

This stuff needs to stop being excused - no matter how creative you are it. is. not. ok.

These shows will survive just fine with a halfway decent human running them especially since my optimistic side likes to think the majority of viewers are halfway decent as well.

They could have more episodes like the Ricklantis Mixup - hailed by many as the best episode and shockingly does NOT revolve around a rapist Jelly Bean.

Unknown said...

Which episode? I don't remember that one?

gauloise said...

Nick Kroll's super sleazy animated show on teenage and childhood sexuality Big Mouth / Netflix

andrea said...

The intergalactic cable episodes are my favourite!

K said...

Leave Kroll out of this!!

LuLu said...

Wow they're training us how to accept it... evilfukkers

"So it’s refreshing that Adult Swim seems to be willing to deal with manufactured outrage as it should be dealt with — by letting it die and paying heed to the age-old rule of the internet: Don’t feed the trolls."

Unknown said...

Blah Kroll is horrible, nepotism at it's finest but this isn't about him. Harmon and his buddy should be strung up and castrated on a livestream, you know, as a joke, for the sake of comedy.

Megley said...

And now I'm wondering what was really behind Chevy Chase and the Community meltdown.

Joseph P Blow, Kokomo PD said...

Are there a lot of depictions of child rape on this show? It says he showed it multiple times. Once is obviously one time too many, but why continue? I guess because they let him get away with it for awhile. Yuck.

IanPhlegming said...

I watched every episode of "Community." I have seen every episode of "Rick & Morty." Both shows were very smart and very funny. I like them both a lot. But there have been many episodes of "Rick & Morty" that deal with deeply transgressive subject matter: Child sexual abuse, cannibalism, familicides, incest, cuckolding and so on. There are at least three episodes I could think of from "Rick & Morty" that fit the scenario this blind item suggests, and that's bad.

Why did Dan Harmon get fired from "Community," really, I wonder? How did it come to pass that Subway, Jared's employer, also put so much money into sponsorship of "Community," the season Harmon returned? These are relevant questions, considering all we're seeing happen in Hollywood.

The Vox family of publications has been among the loudest defending the pedophile "jokes" and the "comedians" who made them. Vox, The Verge, Polygon, ReCode. One of the founders of Vox is Markos Moulitsas, the guy who owns Daily Kos.

If it's coming to come tumbling down, let's not wait any longer. Tear it down.

LuLu said...

@DDonna Thanks +10000000

Rosie riveter said...


Rosie riveter said...

Where Angela?
Where's Plot?
We want to hear how this imagined storyline of ours is farfetched and highly unlikely.


Ophelia said...

@rosie I think they're like Beetle Juice you just need to toss out enough phrases about rightful anger and they'll show up to stir up chaos

Phelps said...

The scene is in Season 1 Episode 2, "Lawnmower Dog." Doing an Inception bit, one of the scenes is an orgy where Rick get propositioned by his teenage granddaughter Summer with her dressed in lingerie. (Same episode has Morty in bed with a couple of adult women to be "bred" by his dog owner.)

The King Jellybean scene is more disturbing but doesn't fit so much because Morty gets away.

In M. Night Shaym-Aliens Rick and Morty spend most of the episode naked.

The opening scene of the pilot is Rick dragging Morty out of bed.

In the season finale there are aliens that use a teenager at Rick's party as a sex toy.

And that's just the first season.

Phelps said...

Specifically the clown and mouse in the background. I think we have a winner.

Brayson87 said...

@rosie, I suspect there's only so many firemen and right now there are way too many fires so they're triaging sites.

carriestar said...

Psh, Dan Harmon is a sad, lonely, hetero drunk who airs his dirty laundry almost religiously. My bet's on Roiland if this blind is about R&M.

Unknown said...

When things are moving this fast, it can take a while for a new narrative to coalesce and spread out to all the comrades. The first narrative of "it was just a few jokes, stop being such squares" didn't hold up nearly as well as expected, and it takes longer to settle on a second one and get everyone to switch over to it. The smart ones will wait a bit to see what that is, to make sure they aren't defending a position their buddies have abandoned. Give them time.

Neimo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Phelps said...

King Jellybean is disturbing but doesn't fit the blind. It's certainly not the "fantasy" of a chomo, because it doesn't fit for CP (Morty gets away just as he's getting started) and the kid wins.

I think the dream sequence fits the blind. It's clearly mimicking something that you would see in porn, and it's in the second episode of the show ("early in the first season".) Mr. Jellybean is in the middle of the season.

Poor Mick said...

I feel like a lot of people would be best-served rethinking "mass pedophile takedown" as "mass pedophile turf war" and reassessing the picture starting from there.

Weird how #MeToo cleared out some dead branches but can't seem to sink its teeth into others... something like that maybe.

Himmmm said...

You guys sure are obsessed with pedos.

Unknown said...

The culture in Hollywood prevents anyone from speaking out. If they do they are blacklisted. It doesn't make it right, they should speak out, but they don't. Many feel they are unable to report their rapes, so it's not surprising they feel they can't report being shown child porn.

lynn said...

And all you Himmmm’s as helpful as you are aren’t wanting to take these assholes down one by one?
I don’t think there is an obsession rather than a fucking wrath to take these men out.

Unknown said...

Should we not be looking into this and trying to put a stop to it? It seems to be a pervasive problem...

palmettobug said...

TV Guide defended Harmon as well. TVGuide, that our moms, decades ago, actually read to see what movie of the week was ok for their kids to watch. Back when there were three networks. Now, it reads like a Daily Kos blog.

The James Gunn tweets are a cry for help. He wrote not 'jokes,' but used first person, it was HIM saying 'I did these things,' making 'jokes' about fisting children. His buddy Huston Huddleston who tweeted him foul explicit sexual 'jokes' about children was arrested for child porn, and is now a registered sex offender. Nice company to keep.

They are claiming it is comedy, but they are using "I was just kidding" as a front to publicly describe detailed sexually explicit pedophile acts. The equivalent of verbal flashing their genitalia; you have to wonder if they both don't get off on saying this stuff in public. There is a big difference in characters that are stereotypes of pedos or otherwise degenerate perverts who embody what society has agreed is wrong, inappropriate, illegal. Example: Herbert the Pervert, Buck Henry on SNL in their first season played a dirty old man in a sketch with Gilda and Lorraine, the sleaze in the Morocco episode of AbFab. Humbert Humbert in Lolita is used as the cautionary tale example of a man whose degenerate lusts destroy his life and it is a tragedy for everyone, especially his victim Lolita who is ruined. Those characters are held up for our collective derision, ridicule, to air out our disgust as a society with agreed upon parameters and morals, as the pedo or pervert is shown as being transparently deranged, delusional, and in pursuit of victims. This isn't in either case a lust for underage 'barely legal' girls either, they are talking about babies, infants! We were shocked at the Ren & Stimpy creator having 15 year old girlfriends, when these two were clearly obsessed with babies, kindergarten aged children. As for Patton Oswalt indignantly defending them, he has lost his damn mind.

Lilly Valley said...

Seth Green.

Angela said...

The beautiful thing with Dan Harmon being currently a target for alt-right guys is that Rick & Morty, with its cynical discourse over "nothing matters, there will still be another parallel universe anyway", has an extremely toxic fanbase, which people experienced during the "Czechuan Sauce" operation at McDonald's.

Otherwise, as rosie riveter enquired about where I was, I was up her mother's ass. You see, that's the kind of juvenile and stupid humor Rick & Morty is famous for, and that would grant me to be labeled as somebody into gerontophilia or necrophilia.

And this is another fake blind item. I also roam on some other websites, including The AV Club (which is close to death and has little interesting content these days) because of the comments and a few Facebook groups. When James Gunn was fired and there was word about Dan Harmon being now on the hit list, some Rick & Morty fans (the liberal kind, not the Nazi ones) even commented that there were a few episodes that could be interpreted as apologia for pedophilia, even if they were basically a collection of very gross dick jokes.

Five days later, Enty claims that one of these episodes is a manifesto for child pornography. So I guess, he browses similar sites, and basically reverse engineered the comments to build the blind:

There are some episodes that could be interpreted in the wrong hands as supporting child pornography -> I know writers on the show that had to suffer child pornography as they had to write this disgusting episode.

Once again, problem is that Talley Griffith knows shit about the production of Rick & Morty. Credits for individual episodes don't mean much. For better or worse, every episode on the show is primarily written (and rewritten) by show creator Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon. Harmon is the structure addict, Roiland is more responsible for the toilet humor, and a few other writers pitch jokes or ideas, and they get more or less random credits for individual episodes during the season.
Which is why, as any "behind the scenes" footage for the show makes it obvious, there is no such thing as writers having to write a particular scene of the show based on what Harmon or Roiland had in mind. This particular aspect is actually theirs. Other writers suggest lines or gags, for which it's not necessary to watch kiddie porn.

This blind is just validation. It says that the guys, well the proud boys, who are currently campaigning to get Harmon fired are right. It doesn't say that, if these boys succeed (which is unlikely, given Adult Swim's track record over controversies, apart from Million Dollar Extreme), they won't get more GIFs from Rick & Morty to paste on 4Chan over their asinine theories.

Personal disclosure: I love the first two seasons of Community. During season 3, Harmon basically wrote about himself as Abed, and part of the season sucks for this reason (especially the episodes about the Dreamatorium). He was late for delivering scripts (as I said, he spends far too much time doing rewrites at the last minute, and he was drinking quite a bit) which caused delays and additional costs for production, resulting in him getting fired. He also admitted that he had harassed writer Megan Ganz during these early seasons. He came back for season 5, but, outside of a few exceptions, I never felt that he had totally recaptured the early magic.
And I'm not that much into Rick & Morty. I prefer The Venture Brothers. By the way, there's a character in that show, Colonel Gentleman, who looks like Sean Connery and who's into teenage boys. So, if you want to connect me with pedophilia, I'm providing you with the material. But you can still go fuck yourselves.

Unknown said...

Angela almost let some truth slip there at the beginning: Rick and Morty is quite popular among the "basement-dwelling toxic fanboy" crowd they'd like to blame this on. Gonna be harder to sell that this time, so she pretends it's "beautiful."

By the way, you guys know how easy it is to create a Google/Blogger account and call yourself anything you want, right?

Angela said...

The guys know. We definitely have a bunch of "It's the Jews/the Masons/the gays/the darkies who won't allow to make America great again" who pose as innocent and unbiased citizens.
We have a bunch of ordinary people revulsed by child pornography and who will campaign on the Internet asking for any public figure associated by Enty with child pornography to be fired, provided that the guy accused is a liberal blabbermouth. Well, it's easier than actually doing something for the victims or asking for Roy Moore to drop a race.

Congratulations, Talley! Paul Thomas Anderson and Robert Downey Jr have now reached the audiences they had always craved for.

Sadie Slays said...

The very first episode is about Morty carrying Rick's seed in his ass. Says it all really.

I watched the first two seasons when it aired before I gave up TV entirely out of disgust. I enjoyed the show at the time. Older and wiser me realizes now how many pedo layers there were to it, and I'm ashamed I ever found that garbage entertaining.

Sarton Bander said...

The MSM employs far-left "journal-lists" who are re-attempting to normalize pedophilia.

Itttt said...

Awwww, new shill Angela rears its ugly head. These pedo defenders are being brought to heel...the NXIVM arrests are signaling the beginning of the end - dismantling & gutting of the criminal cabal from top to bottom. War of rivals? BWAHAHAHA, nope there will be NO DEALS, NO ESCAPE, and NO SURVIVORS as far as these scumbags go. No more business as usual.

Enjoy Gitmo and hopefully public/PPV executions.

GoldenObserver said...

It’s John Kerfluzski (to however you spell to). The dude that made Red and Stimpy.

Unknown said...

Angela dear, would you let Harmon or Gunn watch your little ones for a weekend? An afternoon? Do share...

Itttt said...

"...multiple pedo layers..." to Rick & Morty - BINGO. The entire premise is the grooming and utter corruption, over time, of young grandson Rick by his utterly amoral, unscrupulous, thoroughly corrupted grandfather. And, if anything should happen to the lad, no worries because the multiverse is ripe with infinite innocent young Morties to replace him with.

Hey, from the horse's mouth:

Justin Roiland's twitter: "in many realities, Morty and Rick ARE in a passionate healthy romantic relationship. Maybe we'll do an episode about it"

Premise of Rick and Mharti:

Roiland was getting cease and desist letters from Bill Cosby's lawyers for his House of Cosbys series. As a humorous protest, he created a vulgar Back to the Future parody that featured Doc Brown forcing Marty to give him fellatio.

The short begins with Mharti McDonhalds upset due to his kite getting stuck in a tree. Mharti's friend Doc Smith arrives and decides to take Mharti back in time to before the kite got stuck, much to Mharti's happiness.

Later, Mharti is ready to go back in time, but Doc's 'time travel car' (as Doc calls it) won't start, and the only way to get it working is for Mharti to lick Doc's dry testicles (according to Doc, the saliva has to be warm and fresh). Mharti is very confused and tries to protest, but Doc insists. Eventually, Mharti is convinced and starts to lick Doc's balls (which is shown in graphic detail). Doc is very happy, and tells Mharti that his efforts are (somehow) working.

One hour later, Doc and Mharti have gone back in time to the day the tree was planted in 1955. Doc tells Mharti that the only way to stop the tree being planted is for Mharti to once again lick his balls promising that something magical and scientific will happen when the man who plants the tree seeds sees him performing oral sex. Mharti doesn't understand since licking Doc's testicles was supposed to fix the time travel car, but does it anyway. The man with the tree seeds sees them, runs away in panic and somehow disappears. Doc tells Mharti they can now go and fly the kite.

Returning to the present, Mharti is enjoying his kite but cannot help but wonder about the man in 1955 they killed. Suddenly Mharti starts to disappear, and Doc guesses that the 1955 man was Mharti's ancestor. Desperate to keep existing, Mharti suggests that he suck on Doc's testicles. Doc agrees, but tells Mharti to jerk him off while he does it. Once again, this mysteriously works, and Mharti is overjoyed and thanks Doc for saving him. Doc insists that Mharti saved himself.

Next time on: The Real Animated Adventures of Doc and Mharti

Mharti is distraught and tells Doc that he wasted so much time flying kites that summer he forgot about a big test that is the very next day. Doc tells Mharti to start licking his balls.

LuLu said...

who is this new Himmmm? Someone has taken it over. strange.

Unknown said...

Wow, who has time to read such a novel from a kook?

Unknown said...

I don't think Angela is fit to care for children!

palmettobug said...

Sadie, that plotline in the very first show was certainly an announcement of what the show's content would be, I recall that now that you've reminded us, it seems pulled straight from the tumblr mpreg section (don't look it up if you are unfamiliar, tumblr is triple x-rated fetish porn and there is nothing off limits, I do not recommend browsing, however there are youtube videos covering what goes on there, in a safer manner). But amazingly the show itself is not the problem, it grew a dedicated audience, and was a hit among several demographics. Maybe the sicker 'jokes' went right over most people's heads, and they only heard the sort of engineering bits, the sci-fi themes. But that is precisely how subversion and normalization occurs.

It is the video of 'Daryl,' with Harmon acting out the rape of an infant that is the problem. The video of that is what has ended his career.

We've been waiting impatiently for years for these days to finally arrive, for #metoo to finally address the issue that was being utterly overlooked even as everyone knew that if the pedophilia was pulled out at the root, the general filth element would be severely impeded (schneiderisnext is who I would love to hear from!).
Marty Weiss, Brian Peck, Dan Schneider, Steve Marshall, Bob Villard, Cyma Zarghami, Brian Singer, Victor Salva, John Kricfalusi, Mark Salling, Garth Ancier, Jason James Murphy, Gary Goddard, Kevin Spacey, Roland Emmerich, John Grissom, Alphy Hoffman, Dominick Brascia, David Nicksay, Jason Michael Handy, Cameron Thor, Ezel Ethan Channel, Jeffrey Jones, John Heely,David Neuman.
Have I forgotten anyone? Please add to the list. these names are in production. Celebs/performers themselves (ex: R.Kelly) have not been included. Actually Jeffrey Jones should be moved to the actor column.

Rosenthal said...

It's all coming crashing down

palmettobug said...

By the way, in case someone is confused as to why Dan Harmon has destroyed himself, it isn't Rick & Morty, it isn't the proud boys, it isn't the chans, it isn't enty, it is Harmon, no one else. This is much bigger than those narrow corners of the internet. This is all of society saying enough already, we've had it with the degeneracy and filth, this is the culture war and audiences have had it. Long ago they were done with Hollywood and wished 90% of it burned to the ground, but this is why people cancel the cable tv, have stopped going to movies, buying music, are canceling season tickets, turning off awards shows in disgust. Just when we think things can't go any lower than rock bottom, there is another depth of hell to reach, every time. By insisting this is a left/right partisan issue with no there there, #walkaway is expanding to encompass more than political party. Again, huge error in judgement to brush this off as nothing, just chans, which most people have never heard of or could even find.
Patton Oswalt, Michael Ian Black, Sarah Silverman, the others defending this shit trying to make it into a partisan issue are making a huge mistake. They seem incapable of grasping how they are perceived by the rest of society.

andrea said...

Thank you for this Cail. The Himmmm commenting is a troll and people fall into it.

Rosie riveter said...

We've already connected you to ped0philia you sick apologetic fuck.

SteveD said...

People are consuming more hours of media content than ever before. It's just spread out among more and more channels and methods of distribution, so what used to be the big "shared experiences" are not as big as when there were few choices. The vast majority of people know and care nothing about the theories being espoused here.

Rosie riveter said...

And Fuck you too, fake Himmmm.

The Himmmm's are no longer here you guys. And if they were, it would be intelligent not this slobbering fool.
But they're not. They're gone for good unfortunately.
You can Thank those sick fucks Angela and plot the men for that too. Ped0 apologist fucks.


GoogleSleuth said...

Kricfalusi. And that’s a brilliant guess! +1

BRAD PITT said...

sick people

Unknown said...

Angela, I will be forced to refer to you from now on as Cringela... Your silence to my simple query says more than you ever could. Back to the skullery with you, old maid.

andrea said...

LOL. Cringela, I sincerely hope that sticks. Her posts are a chore to read

Schneiderisnext said...

I think it's Krifaclusi too.

Former artists/girlfriends(young fans he groomed) describe seeing what appeared to be child porn on his computer.

Observant One said...

Angela - Your diatribe was very similar to a Nancy Pelosi press statement - word salad and nonsensical.

palmettobug said...

Schneiderisnext Glad to see you. Shaping up to be a good summer.
Since the chans have come up, nice lead couple of leads there:
Sean Gunn
Brett Schulte/Brett Arthur

Paul Saint John said...

Wanna see non-stop disgusting pedo innuendos? Just watch any episode of "Family Guy" or American Dad" by Seth MacFarlane.

Fozzy Bear said...

I loved Community, I enjoyed Rick & Morty. No more. Never again. People have to decide, right here; right now. Is breaching the pedo taboo the hill you want to die on? Because I can tell you: the anti-pedo hill is worth dying on. No more jokes, no more snide comments, no more hints and innuendos - no pedos, full stop, or the villagers will righteously take up their pitchforks and BURN IT ALL DOWN!

BMBT said...

It started years before last year. One bust leads to another, etc.

Unknown said...

Yeah I think this is John K.

Himmmm said...

I am indeed the one onc only, well four and only, or is it five now.....
I think maybe you are a pedo.

Himmmm said...

Not true st all. Entry has verified my identity.

defhermit said...

animated shows have sets?

andrea said...

Is that you I see under the bridge of bullshit?

Predilecto said...

I don't think people like Angela get that even if the blind is bullshit, people just aren't finding this crap funny anymore. That this type of garbage humor isn't funny or so intelligent that it goes over the heads of us plebs. Joking about pedophilia is not funny.

It's a cultural battle more than anything. There doesn't have to be an actual conspiracy ring. It's the debased utterly gutter trash humor that has taken over most of TV and movies that people are rebelling against. Sure there is a sizable portion of people devoid of any dignity that like crap like Sausage Party or Sarah Silvermann, but most sane, decent people would rather not watch that.

Hollywood is just sick. It's a sick minded place with a lot of insecure, mentally and emotionally disturbed people who think their "edgy" humor will translate well in Middle America. They think they're just "pushing boundaries" but they're not. They're just peddling filth.

So I hope the push to out these weirdos keeps going. Tell Sarah Silvermann, Dan Harmon, Michael Ian Black, Patton Oswalt to go fuck themselves for defending this shit. It's not high minded. Others are tired of these people hiding behind the guise of being "edgy", and that somehow WE are the backward ones for calling them out on their weirdness.

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plot said...


"And Fuck you too, fake Himmmm."

Fake or not, he is the very distillation of Hmmm's point of view. He is definitely a short version of exactly how Hmmmm views the world.

"The Himmmm's are no longer here you guys. And if they were, it would be intelligent not this slobbering fool"

Slobbering fools is exactly what Hmmm always was. Reread his stories and comments. They weren't intelligent. They were degrading shit-fests, the obvious product of a envious and loathing mind set.

plot said...


" people just aren't finding this crap funny anymore."

Okay sure. That may be the case but why attack individuals? Why not change the shows themselves or try to help victims in the process? Too hard?

For instance, Family Guy has the most outrageous and open pedo jokes of nearly any cartoon show on TV. Maybe more so than Rick and Morty (I really don't know since cartoons don't interest me much), but yet the cabal here that controls the Outrage! hasn't decided to attack Seth McFarlane yet, has it? Too powerful? Is Family Guy too close to their own cynical ethos that everything sucks, fuck them all, so they simply won't?

If you are saying that audiences are "sick of it" then please do play fair, how about it. Or is that fat knob Peter Griffin simply too endearing so a blind eye is turned?

I don't think people are sick of anything. I think people are being entertained by the chan intrigue into this pedoverse they've invented. And trust me when I say that if you were to visit the chans you'd see it's a ruse they find hilarious, since every last one of them is addicted to incest porn and rape porn as their form of entertainment.

Choose more wisely.

Sabal said...

Yep I'd say youre on to something here...
This sick fuck is a 1000 x worse than Danno

Sabal said...

Where are Moore's accusers now? Oh right they're being sued for libel and slander where the discovery/deposition phases will blow the lid off their lies. Nice try, nonce.

MDAnderson said...

Dear Angela and plot. I am a centrist with liberal leanings. Please stop this crap. There is no excuse for Gunn or Harmon’s behavior at all. No right wing conspiracy. These are their words and voices and there is no excuse for it at all.

Sabal said...

I think its important to note that multiple executives greenlit this crude "pilot" into becoming a show that that was reddited into a cultural phenomenon and instead of removing the pedophilic theme they funded the refining and expansion of the theme. Was this intentional televison "programming" to plant a seed of pedo acceptance?

Itttt said...

We the people are rejecting the programming.

As to this horseshit from good old latecomer plottard:

"I think people are being entertained by the chan intrigue into this pedoverse they've invented."

Was the Family serial pedo sex murder group of elites in Australia invented? Yet another group of high profile/elite Aussies committing kidnapping, sex crimes and murder that have been effectively covered up.

Was Jimmy Savile's BBC & royal family protected rampant child abuse, sexual assault, rape etc. invented?

"Pedogate isn't real, pizzagate is BS"...yet the rate of child disappearances in Virginia, the state that for all intents and purposes holds D.C., is triple the state with the next highest rate. Its rate of child disappearances is over ten times the national average based on population. Why is that exactly?

The Franklin child prostitution scandal was fake news?

WhatSayYou said...

This stuff really makes me sick. The lengths people go to defend these perverts is disheartening.

Cadmium77 said...

I only come here so I can watch Hollywood and everybody in it burn to the ground.

plot said...


"There is no excuse for Gunn or Harmon’s behavior at all."

Excuses or no, they are not pedophiles like a very right-wing cabal would have you believe to control your

What people say in private, as inside jokes or sick humor (raised around brothers I can assure you their humor was less that PC), is not evidence of pedophilia. Can we agree on that?

If you are seeing pedo themes in one cartoon, why not another?

plot said...


"We the people are rejecting the programming"

Um, yeah, sure, you are The People.

So when you "People" going to take down Family Guy, probably the worse offender as far as pedo jokes are concerned?

plot said...


"I only come here so I can watch Hollywood and everybody in it burn to the ground."

So you spend your time engrossed in a misplaced hatred that gives you joy.

Who is the sick puppy again?

plot said...


Thought of another one!

If your Rick and Morty plots are so important to you as far as finding those pedo clues (lying in a fantasy basement) how about South Park?

What you guys think is the real meaning of all the stuff that gets stuck in Cartman's ass???? Come on!!!! I mean PEDO, right????

Parker and Stone are obviously very concerned with little boy's asses, no?

And Butters, OMFG!, what a groomed little victim, am I wrong????? Kenny's constant death???? Has to be child sacrifice!!!!! Look beneath the surface!!!! It's all sick pedo shit!!!

Oh wait. Parker and Stone are cynical Republicans who think caring about anything is "uncool, man", the worst sin of all is to try making the world a better place. They are saints to the chans, aren't they.

So naturally, lay off those South Park guys. Their abuse of children is holy. right?


You got even better, Rosie
You got plot to start adding wood to the pyre

Cadmium77 said...


The hatred is not misplaced. It's richly deserved.

And there's a webm of Harmon having his erect penis touched through his blue jeans in a car, by a real baby posted over at 4chan.

It's post No.180124344

This is war. The left has chosen to fight to the death on the wrong hill. They're about to suffer a crushing defeat.

Looks good.

Joseph P Blow, Kokomo PD said...

@Cadmium F*ck that. I'm not looking at that shit. Why would I want to see that?


Nobody should but there's so much nuh-uhing that if that's in the public domain like that you can be sure THE AUTHORITIES have more.

So yeah. Dan Harmon, ladies and gentlemen. We can also discuss South Park and Family guy being pro pedo, I nominate plot to submit the evidence.

Cadmium77 said...

@Joseph P Blow, Kokomo PD

I don't blame you. It's rotten garbage from an evil worm.
But the pedophile minions are all over social media and even the Guardian newspaper are fighting a frantic rear guard action right now, saying "it's nothing", "not a big deal", "don't believe your lying eyes", and the ultimate in lameness; "He was only johkeeng! Tee hee! Loosen up squares".

The CNN, MSNBC etc are all saying this is just an alt.right lynch mob persecuting a nice guy while burying all his posts about the pleasure of child rape etc.

For those who doubt, go and see what these fuckers were up to, bragging about on Twitter etc.

Cadmium77 said...

Jesus what is it with these guys?

Joseph P Blow, Kokomo PD said...

@Cadmium Point taken. It's just awful in that the evidence sort of perpetuates the exploitation in the internet age. Time was it was basically only the authorities and the degenerate criminals who had to suffer viewing such atrocities. Now it seems like so many people need to see it for themselves. Sure I get that you can't always take someone else's word for it, but it the inverse is not true either, ie, we don't all need to see it in order to rest assured that, yes, it was child porn.


Yeah, what is really going on here? This is a conspiracy theory and you're targeting the innocent. That tattoo could mean anything.



palmettobug said...

If it were the Roiland guy, would this surprise anyone?
Don't throw up.

Predilecto said...

Plot, I think you're being obtuse on purpose. I said that no conspiracy ring is needed to say that Dan Harmon is one sick S.O.B. It wasn't Rick and Morty that started this whole thing, it was a disgusting 2009 video he made involving a baby doll. This caused people to look into his background and then from there see the trail of questionable material found in his work. It's a constant stream of over the top disgusting, down in the gutter toilet humor that dwarfs anything the South Park guys or Seth MacFarlane have ever done. And for the record I am not a fan of either of those two either. All of that is dumb, childish immature humor. But at least the creators of those shows say so.

Rick and Morty fans are obnoxious, both the liberal and Alt-Right kind. This new cynical, edgy, morbid and nihilistic humor coming from supposed high minded people "pushing boundaries" is turning people completely off.

I also include the Seth Rogan, Sarah Silvermann, Franco crew in it too.

It's about the fact that they're shaping the culture, using their influence in media to attack people who hate their humor and filth peddling as backwards bumpkins who just don't get the joke. It's tiresome. The constant barrage of virtue signaling about their smut peddling get's irksome.

I get that you're liberal. You clearly wear it on your sleeve and it shows. You want people to be mad at the South Park crew too. Well I hate libertarians too. They can be just as disgusting and smug as liberals only they hide behind the veneer of being fiscally conservative while still being degenerates.

That is what's going on here. People would care less about this stuff if these people in Hollywood weren't helping to craft the culture by normalizing this ridiculous humor and behavior.

This isn't just about 4Chan or internet trolls. It's about people just having enough of the toilet humor and being called prigs when we don't laugh. We are tired of emotionally and mentally unstable people who admit to being on meds telling us that we're crazy for not buying to XYZ outrageously liberal pet cause of the year.

You have to know this, plot. You cannot be this indoctrinated into liberal orthodoxy to just see this as a left/right issue. You cannot be so far gone that you don't at some point stop yourself from laughing at the sickest demented crap coming from people such as Harmon and Gunn.

When is enough for you? I am not attacking you. I've actually been one of the nicest and fairest people to you. I too don't get too worked about the Chan stuff like the rest in here do. I don't believe in the conspiracy ring stuff as much. I think aspects of it exist but for the most part I just dislike and have a total disdain for the culture and lifestyle of Hollywood types. And how they project their insecurities out on the rest of America by telling people that if they don't laugh at the pedo joke then they're bumpkins who should join Westboro Baptist Church.

Joseph P Blow, Kokomo PD said...

@Predilicto Well said. The pedaling and edifying of the worse kind of cynicism is what I see when we are told to think that if we don't think pedo jokes are funny then we're dumb. I'd venture that most of these assholes don't have kids. I think a lot of it is that simple. If you think it's funny to imagine the rape an innocent child who has no ill will toward anyone because, hey! free speech and edginess you're basically admitting you are out of material and you should go find something else to do with your life.

Bill Beard said...


plot said...


It sure sounds like you are attacking me, or trying to with your ebil Librul label being thrown around willy nilly.

My stance is that the chans, and folks like you, are doing NOTHING, ZERO, ZILCH, to end the sexual exploitation of children or anyone else. All you are doing is indulging in these investigations (by the sickest group around, the chans) as a form of entertainment for yourselves. That I find disgusting, yeah.

You trust the fellows who indulge, quite openly, in rape fantasies of teenagers to do your investigating for you? How smart is that? Oh no, they would never fake anything for your Outrage!, no sir, like they have done so often before.

I'm not defending pedos. I'm attacking this weaponized group of really fuckt up people that is using you, others like you, to pretend they are having an effect on the world. They aren't, at least not the one you imagine.

If you want to be a part of the chan army, that is your business I suppose. Just don't pretend you are doing a DAMN thing for victims of sexual abuse, NOT ONE DAMN THING. All you are doing is playing a video game, more or less, which is delivering the same kind of thrills.


Predilecto said...

Lord, your reading comprehension is abysmal. I told you I could care less about the Chans or the next level conspiracy theories about pedo rings. That to me is secondary nonsense that people on the internet will spread. The point I was trying to make is that we have people in entertainment that are seriously deranged and on meds who find pedo jokes hilarious writing and directing movies intended for the youth. From James Gunn to Dan Schneider to Dan Harmon, etc. I could care less if they're liberal, GOP, or libertarian.

Quit strawmanning what I am saying by referring to the Chans. I wouldn't have cared if the National Enquirer dug up that horrible sketch that Harmon did in 09. The point was that Harmon did it. It was sickening, And from there people started to dig up the trail of disgusting jokes from other comedians.

Most people could care less about the Chans, they just want to know what the hell is going on over there in Hollywood, and why are we told that we're the prigs who need to "loosen up"?

This isn't about being an "evil librul". You have this caricature of me as some MAGA hat wearing boomer that thinks in this left/right dichotomy. I am not that guy. I only see if you engage in degenerate behavior, and then peddle that shit to the rest of the country using shame as a mechanism to deter detractors.

And I am doing something as a lone individual. I don't consume and won't consume any of the content that supporters of Gunn and Harmon create. It's that simple. I don't need to dedicate my life to this crusade. I am just airing out my opinion, which I am sure is shared by a huge swathe of the country that is tired of this BS.

You're purposefully being obtuse and ignoring what I am saying. I said that I DO NOT believe in the major conspiracy rings and the stuff the Chans put out regarding it. I am engaging this from a purely cultural perspective. It has to do with Hollywood's culture and behavior and how they project their insecurities out on the viewing public by jamming their lifestyles down our throats.

Are you capable of understanding what it is that I am saying? OR will you continue to resort to strawmanning?

Angela said...

I hope that all the saint and pure people that we have here have never laughed to a pedophilia joke present in mainstream films. I distinctly remember a disgusting scene played for laughs where a man in his fifties is making a lot of pedophilia allusions to a toddler. The scene goes on for minutes. They even recycled the scene for a similar gross scene that promoted pedophilia in the sequel. The guys who wrote this should be in jail, given what they did.
The kicker? The film, which also features gratuitous nudity, is rated PG. PG! What were these monsters thinking?

By the way, the film is called "Airplane!". And it's written and directed by guys named (((Zucker))) (two of "them") and (((Abrahams))).

I'm praying that none of you has ever laughed to this scene, or it would make you hypocrites of the vilest form. Or morons with a 45 IQ. Or both.

Predilecto said...

I cannot believe that you want to compare Airplane to Rick and Morty. Sure, there were probably off color jokes in mainstream movies. I admit that. And most people just didn't pay enough attention to it because it wasn't as gratuitous as the crap you see now. No one assumed that those off color jokes people might have nervously chuckled at would turn into the nightmare clownworld we have to endure now.

The edginess these comedians want to tread has just edged them into the mouth of madness. There just don't seem to be any boundaries anymore. And it wouldn't be so bad if they just kept their sick perversions in Hollywood, but they're backing every little pet cause to bring their world out into the mainstream.

And of course you have people such as Angela who chime in with the "saints" and "pure people" canards as if having any sense of decorum or dignity means you're part of the Westboro Baptist Church.

Look, if you like that shit and defend it out of some high minded quest for ultimate edge, go for it, but don't project your insecurities out on the rest of us when we tell you, "it's FUCKING WEIRD".

Unknown said...

It's good to see so many standing up to the self righteous bully known as plot! I think PLOP would be more fitting since that's the universal sound of shit!

Angela said...

Well, if all the comedians who have ever made crass jokes involving taboo sexuality were fired and put into jail, it would include everybody who's ever riffed on "The Aristocrats".

Then, maybe then (emphasis on "maybe"), Remie Ross has a shot at doing some stand up in a club with funny stuff like "plot" and "plop". Because there won't be anybody there apart from all the failed comedians who then had a change of career to become conservative pundits (and there's indeed a lot of them), as the threshold for what's considered funny there is actually quite low.

It's as if a failed writer and musician had decided to spread a lot of invented gossip in the middle of more innocuous stuff as a way to settle scores with people he regards as responsible for his failed career in the showbiz, finding in the process moderate success among a community of avid followers who want to charge every liberal with pedophilia claims.

By the way, what have you ever succeeded in with this crusade? Have any of your reports contributed to an actual pedophile being unmasked and accused?

Joseph P Blow, Kokomo PD said...

False dilemma going on here: if you're opposed you think you're a saint who is, in fact, hypocritical because Gotcha! you watched Airplane 1 and 2 and picked the wrong week to quit methamphetamines or you are a degenerate, social engineer who wants to slowly raise the temperature of the pedo kettle so that we all think it's okay to bugger children.

Predilecto said...

Another person with an abysmal reading comprehension level. If this is directed at me, I never called for people to be jailed for their offensive tweets. Although, in some liberal left circles there are calls for people to be jailed under ambiguous hate speech measures, but that's another story.

This is about taste and having boundaries and at least some decency. I remember watching a special on Netflix that involved Seth Rogen and his wife raising money for Alzheimer's. It was half way decent until the animated by Dan Harmon. It featured a cartoon character bending over, spreading his butt cheeks and taking defecating all over the floor. I don't know what that had to with a disease that inflicts thousands of people but it was included. Ruined what was otherwise a half way decent charity event.

I am asking where do YOU draw the line, and say ok this shit is sick, some demented fool off his meds wrote this.

That is my point, and you're just creating a ridiculous strawman of everything in order to deter people from looking at the degradation of the culture. People are smart enough to tell the difference between risque jokes, off color jokes, etc, and just plain out right detached lunacy. That and outright moving the Overton window.

So Angela adds more cheap shots about "failed writers", or other BS not realizing that people find Hollywood weird and disgusting. It's THAT simple. And if it were as easy as "changing the channel" these days, people wouldn't be so huffy about the Hollywood bringing their lunacy out into the mainstream.

At the lower level of all this, for the people not consumed by 4Chan or CDAN conspiracy theories, for the average person out there in middle America all this is is a cultural thing. It's a clash of two cultures. It's not about unmasking secret pedo rings and accusing everyone in Hollywood, it's about tackling the degeneracy and the accusations that one is XYZ or whatever else Angela and other defenders like to call us.

Angela maybe you do belong in Hollywood because your inability to reason is shot.

Angela said...

What a great speech, mein Führer!

La-Juice said...

Who are these writers? who - really, who the fuck would watch the child porn, then reproduce it and keep going?

you do all the actual victims a disservice by posting these absurdities. Enty, Its honestly like you want to dull the readers senses to the issue, and make it seem so prevalent that there is no hope it could ever end. and that seems to be what you want. its getting gross.

Cadmium77 said...

Right now it's the Chans that have picked this up. There's a lot of different kinds of people that post on the Chans and a lot of specific chans within them. /pol/ for example where porn is kept out.
I've got an idea. let's get this out to the public so they don't just scurry around deleting years of their own incriminating posts, then let's get the mothers of America involved.

It was the mothers of America that brought in roadside sobriety checks which are unconstitutional but they forced the issue by sheer mass will.

They're not close news followers as a rule but if they get this then they're sure to get angry.
Then we can finally organize a boycott of Hollywood and the advertisers associated with the corporations that peddle this garbage.

Oh no, we can do that. That would make us just as bad as them.

Wait a it wouldn't.

Angela said...


This must be the kind of writers who would be weak enough to partake in such activities, then would do nothing about the situation apart from babbling about what they had to endure across town (which makes them look as weak minds), without reporting any of this to the police or the network.

The first season of Rick & Morty aired around the first half of 2014, the one featuring the episode allegedly apologetic of pedophilia, according to our Sherlock Holmeses here.
But the production cycle for animation is quite long (apart from South Park), which is why it would have been written five years ago.
So, for five years, Enty wouldn't have heard anything about Harmon being a pedo, as he never wrote anything about Harmon (to my knowledge), then suddenly, just days after the alt-right campaign to get Harmon fired starts, he magically comes up with this gross story about Harmon having a collection of child porn, just as he had nothing to write about James Gunn until he was fired, then he shares that there is actual incriminating evidence. What do you think? Enty magically managed to hear about stuff that heavy within hours or days after the accusations started or he writes this kind of stuff to support and validate the campaign and benefit himself from the publicity?

You're totally right about the actual victims. They don't care for them. They just want to feed the fear that there are famous comedians who could do something to our own kids (while real rings would rather use poor and undocumented children, like illegal immigrants).
Pedophilia is now being rightfully regarded as one of the worst crimes, while it was judged casually for a long time (old joke books were full of choir boy stuff, until we realized the actual extent of child molestation within the Catholic Church). But this statute of supreme horror also means that people are now trying to use accusations or even mere suspicion to get their enemies fired and publicly shamed. There is a deliberate strategy being developed by the alt-right and the forums related to 4Chan to scrutinize old entries in a Twitter feed to check for offensive material. They're trying basically to make pedophilia jokes the equivalent for liberals of the N-word. And Enty has joined the movement, along with most of the current readership of this site.
I'm glad to see that there are still people who are not that easily fooled and who still have their senses.

Cadmium77 said...

Remember Paula Deen?

She said the "n" word to describe a black man that burst into a bank she was working at and put a gun to her head. WHAT A HORRIBLE WOMAN!


I didn't hear these voices from the left calling for leniency, understanding and for the SJW's to "come to their senses" then. They destroyed her career with immense pleasure.

But now, some Hollywood director waxes ecstatic about raping little boys and that same relentless pack of hounds falls silent and urges us not to succumb to the lyncch mob mentality.

Predilecto said...

Angela, just stop now, you are seriously incapable of addressing this in a balanced manner. I don't believe this blind to be legit, I do think Enty just jumps on bandwagons for the clicks. This is more than just about the alt-right or some 4Chan conspiracy to get the "libruls".

It's about the weirdness in Hollywood and how these people are so hypocritical to wag their righteous fingers at us when we call their "edgy" humor or the pet causes they push weird.

You don't need CDAN, conspiracy rings, 4Chan and whatnot to tell you the Dan Harmon 2009 skit is not edgy but just plain gross. Or that what James Gunn talked about in his tweets was just gross.

These people aren't afraid of the hammer coming down on them, cus it won't. It's free speech. They're afraid of losing viewers, or advertisers. They're afraid of losing revenue because people might tune out. That's it.

What part of this are you against? Why is someone Hitler for tuning out and telling others to tune out? I agree with you that the readership in here is conspiracy obsessed but they consider it the fun of online gossip.

When it comes the regular, sane people of America, they will consider the Dan Harmons, and James Gunns in Hollywood too much. And their employers will react to that reaction.

Cadmium77 said...


What I worry about, Predilecto is that their employers are worse, much worse than their creative content people and that they've got so much money that they no longer care about making money and are more intent on using their media for social engineering on a populace that they obviously regard with the utmost contempt and even overt hatred.

Predilecto said...

Cadmium, I try to not get wrapped up in conspiracy stuff. But the stuff that is emanating from corporate America seems to be beyond the profit motive. It has moved into a sort of social engineering of sorts.

Yet, instead of fully going with that angle, since I've worked in corporate America, it's more or less about a shared mindset. Social justice, corporate responsibility, etc, is part of the bottom line now. Companies consider championing these causes as part of their corporate strategy. It's a way to break into new markets. In essence, corporate America has co-opted and capitalized on the social justice warrior stuff.

These companies believe that they're on the "right side of history", and so have invested a lot in these causes. Despite the backlash they will continue to push it, thinking that in the end they'll be vindicated later in the future.

Predilecto said...

Cadmium, a perfect example of what I am talking about can be found by watching the Youtube Channels of certain comedian/activists such as Franchesca Ramsey of MTV's DeCoded. All of these types of shows are owned by bigger major corporations such as Viacom or Univision. The online Youtube SJW stuff is a small market and everyone knows each other. Watch all the videos and you'll notice many of the same actors and writers all collaborating in NYC and LA on these shows from DeCoded, the Root, .Mic, to Buzzfeed.

Then some of them move on to bigger shows. Ramsey for instance went from writing for Larry Wilmore to DeCoded to getting the greenlight for one on her own shows. I don't know what happened to it but it was greenlit. There was a big push for her to get her own big show.

Point is, her show was lambasted by people on Youtube. A lot of these channels have thousands of dislikes. People just hate the irritating virtue signaling. But these people keep getting work. Big companies keep funding this stuff.

I guess they think that the people who dislike their material are just "trolls" or the "Alt-Right". They cannot fathom that people might reject their stuff.

So it's not so much a conspiracy, it's just an echo chamber and a shared mindset that in the end they will be vindicated.

Itttt said...

a plan made in secret by a group of people to do something illegal or harmful.
"there's a plot to overthrow the government"
synonyms: conspiracy, intrigue, secret plan; machinations
"a plot to overthrow him"

secretly make plans to carry out (an illegal or harmful action).
"the two men are serving sentences for plotting a bomb campaign"
synonyms: plan, scheme, arrange, organize, hatch, concoct, devise, dream up

Angela said...

Predilecto, let's word it differently.

You're one of the many, many people who build a reputation out of thin air. Repeat something enough times, pretend you're an authority on some issues and you'll think people will believe it. While I would bet a few quids you're most likely just a troll sitting in front of a PC in a basement, waiting for your "skills" to be finally recognized.

Your narrative is indeed weak. Most of the writers and actors in Hollywood are creeps and child molestors, because anonymous people at 4Chan and the writer for this site say so.
How come none of the deep sources for Enty's stories about child molestation ever transmit any evidence to some website, to put these guys in jail, where they would belong? It just becomes blind item fodder, just innuendo, nothing that would actually help the situation if it were true.

Alex Jones, a man who is unafraid to call Sandy Hook a fabrication and the survivors actors in spite of the trials for libel it got him, would publish such material on InfoWars in a heartbeat. If there was any evidence in the first place of course. And there are dozens of sites that would risk everything for a smoking gun. Why isn't there anything on Wikileaks? A hero such as Assange wouldn't be afraid to publish stuff like that...

It just shows that you're only a bunch of trolls trying to push a story, regardless of its authenticity, because it serves your cause. You try to intimidate dissenters and to take control of the narrative for your own cause. But more and more people will see through your shtick. You're not that smart, you're one-note, and you can't hold much scrutiny before your stories fall into pieces. Well, maybe it's not worse than stalking women or whatever you were doing before you became a pedo justice warrior, but it doesn't do anything good either.

Cadmium77 said...

plot said...


'we have people in entertainment that are seriously deranged"

We have people in the White House who are seriously deranged, too. Let me introduce you to Stephan Miller, perhaps?

If you don't want Hollywood having so much power, and living under so much pressure to produce, then shut off the TV and don't go to movies. Read a book instead. We give a hell of a lot of power to those who produce a thing labeled "entertainment".

" It featured a cartoon character bending over, spreading his butt cheeks and taking defecating all over the floor."

There is something similar, if not exactly like that, on South Park and Family Guy every week. Why limit your hate to Harmon?

"I am asking where do YOU draw the line"

I don't watch stupid or offensive TV. I don't buy into the humor of people like Stone and Parker, Judd Apatow or Seth McFarlane.

Why are you if it upsets you so much?

"not realizing that people find Hollywood weird and disgusting. It's THAT simple."

No, it's NOT that simple. Not all of Hollywood is weird and disgusting, first. Second, the viewing public seems to love weird and disgusting if they are watching South Park and Family Guy. You (and I it seems) are in the minority.

"if you like that shit and defend it out of some high minded quest"

Oh no, you aren't making this personal AT ALL!

If you are hurt, I'm sorry. I haven't written anything you should take personally. But misguidedly calling me a defender of pedos and bad TV shows only how far down this pedo fantasy path you've travelled and how little you know about yourself.

plot said...


"I cannot believe that you want to compare Airplane to Rick and Morty."


Is not Airplane peppered with pedophile jokes? Doesn't that make the writers secret pedophiles???? Isn't that your logic????

Isn't this your "sick shit" that audiences are rejecting?

IanPhlegming said...

A day later, off the main page and still this battle is raging.

You can tell the pedo-defenders are going all in. They've had to invest in new voices, like this dude "Angela," who isn't just a jerk like Plot-TWISTED but also boring. I don't even read his stuff any more, though I liked it better in French.

What's going on now are merely skirmishes as the pedo-defenders and actual pedos try desperately to maintain some level of public loyalty. When the arrests begin they will scream that Trump is rounding up his enemies like a Nazi. They will try to spin the country into some psycho civil war. I don't think it will work.

Fast arrests, quick trials, speedy death penalties. Let's get this party started.

plot said...


"in some liberal left circles"

I thought you didn't care about political POV? Which is it? Do you or don't you?

Predilecto said...

Angela, you're so incapable of understanding what it is that I am trying to say that I feel as though it's a total waste of time to keep engaging with you. I am not endorsing the Chans, I am not endorsing conspiracy mongering or unsubstantiated allegations and I have made that crystal clear.

The point isn't that I believe people are engaged in pedo rings. It's the content these people put out. It's the gross skit Harmon made in 2009. It's the James Gunn tweets and other's crass over the top and demented jokes. That this supposed edgy humor is just comedians running out of material and going into the gutter for the lulz.

I am coming at this from the cultural perspective. That people are getting tired of the filth and then tired of being called "Nazis, Christofascists, or backwards bumpkins" for not liking their weird humor, tuning out and telling others to tune out too.

You keep creating strawmen. You keep bringing up 4Chan and CDAN. I don't know how many times I have to tell you that this isn't about them. The info they put out regarding the Tweets and skits Harmon, Gunn, etc put out could've come from whoever. It doesn't matter.

The point is that the edginess is getting so crass, so bottom of the barrel, that people just want to call it weird and dumb, and tune out. That's it. And that many of us think the pet causes they champion are also weird. Yet, we're called every name under the sun if we don't promote them too.

The Tweets are out there, the skit in 2009 is out there. They aren't a 4Chan creation. People will just make a moral judgement based on the stuff that's out there and decide to tune in or out. It's that simple.
And that is the extent that I will go. I am not a "crusader". I don't care about pursuing this more than tuning out and giving my opinion on a gossip site.

Are you following this?

Is this making sense to you?

Are there any other strawmen you want to drudge up to back up the point you never had in the first place?

plot said...


"in some liberal left circles"

I thought you didn't care about political POV? Which is it? Do you or don't you?

"for the average person out there in middle America all this is is a cultural thing. It's a clash of two cultures."

Unless it's Airplane or South Park, then pedo jokes are okay.

Harmon - baaaaaad! Stone and Parker - gooooood.

Joseph P Blow, Kokomo PD said...

I don't find jokes about pedophilia and child rape funny, but my guess is that MOST people who make jokes about pedophilia and child rape probably only feel comfortable doing so because they would never condone or do such a thing. That or they have some sort of mental illness. The idea that people committing severely transgressive and degenerate criminal acts would risk drawing extra attention to that behavior is absurd. TO ME. I don't buy the mass media social engineering argument. You're telling me that if pieces of shit in Hollywood wanted to make it cool to, I don't know, rape mentally challenged people, that they could do that? Just by throwing jokes about it in fucking cartoons? C'mon!

plot said...


"When it comes the regular, sane people of America, they will consider the Dan Harmons, and James Gunns in Hollywood too much. "

Those regular sane people of America have made South Park and Family Guy hit TV shows that use the same joke styles as Dan Harmon and James Gunn.

Predilecto said...

"We have people in the White House who are seriously deranged, too. Let me introduce you to Stephan Miller, perhaps?"

Stephen Miller? Because he's tough on immigration? What are you referring to?

"If you don't want Hollywood having so much power, and living under so much pressure to produce, then shut off the TV and don't go to movies. Read a book instead. We give a hell of a lot of power to those who produce a thing labeled "entertainment". "

I think that is my point, to just tell people to tune out. That's it. I was called a Nazi for that by Angela.

"There is something similar, if not exactly like that, on South Park and Family Guy every week. Why limit your hate to Harmon?"

No there is not and you know it. There is a lot of toilet humor and risque joking but it's not on the level of Rick and Morty, nor is it's controversial humor considered to high minded for plebs by it's fans. Either way, the bigger issue is how the creators joke about stuff outside of the office. It's the skit Harmon did in 2009. I am sure there would be the same outrage had Seth MacFarlane or Trey Parker did the same.

"I don't watch stupid or offensive TV. I don't buy into the humor of people like Stone and Parker, Judd Apatow or Seth McFarlane.

Why are you if it upsets you so much?"

Why what? I said I don't watch that stuff either.

"No, it's NOT that simple. Not all of Hollywood is weird and disgusting, first. Second, the viewing public seems to love weird and disgusting if they are watching South Park and Family Guy. You (and I it seems) are in the minority."

YES, it is that simple. Many of them live in a different world and share different values than the rest of the country. People wouldn't care so much if they didn't have this hypocritical self righteous tone when they try to tell the rest of us that we're backwards.

"If you are hurt, I'm sorry. I haven't written anything you should take personally. But misguidedly calling me a defender of pedos and bad TV shows only how far down this pedo fantasy path you've travelled and how little you know about yourself."

This isn't about pedos. This isn't about me believing that these people are what CDAN or 4Chan say they are. It's the continuous pushing of the boundaries and the lack of care these people seem to have. When people bite back and say that's sick and consider tuning out, then all the partisan hackery comes in and the name calling.

plot said...


"They destroyed her career with immense pleasure."

Are her restaurants still open? Why yes, they are, and her career and book sales are still pretty good. WTF are you talking about?

"There's a lot of different kinds of people that post on the Chans and a lot of specific chans within them."

Okay then why aren't your good little channies outing the bad channies (you know, the ones who dream of raping children right there in public) on their own website then? If they were truly good channies fighting pedos and sexual abusers, should they not start at home?

Cuz they are the same fucking people perhaps?

Predilecto said...

"in some liberal left circles"

"I thought you didn't care about political POV? Which is it? Do you or don't you?"

Just because I don't care about political POV it doesn't mean I cannot call out a group for doing something I think is hypocritical. It's liberal left people that consider hate speech measures a good thing.

"Unless it's Airplane or South Park, then pedo jokes are okay."

I don't consider Stone and Parker good, but c'mon, you're gaslighting me. Harmon takes the toilet humor to an edgier level. That is what makes the show what it is. It's known for it's absolutely nihilistic humor that is considered high minded by it's fanbase. It attracts both liberals and the Alt Right because they love that post-modern, nihilistic and morbid humor that Harmon and Co. engage in.

When the other material surfaced people were just turned off to Harmon in general.

And to compare it to the risque humor in Airplane? I know for a fact you have to be smarter than this.

Paul Saint John said...

@ Joseph P Blow
Well, people in Hollywood have made gayness, gay marriage and transexuals cool. What makes you think they'll stop right there? Of course, they're trying to normalize pedophilia. It's self-evident. In your face. They'll keep pushing and pushing the boundaries of acceptable civilized mores untill people just give up and accept pedophilia. Just like they just did with transexuals.

plot said...


"Stephan Miller"

No because he is a sick, disgusting POS. Have you ever watched his interviews and press conferences? Have you seen the speeches he gave at Duke? No?

"That's it. I was called a Nazi for that by Angela."

Angela never called you a Nazi but way to overreact and make yourself feel important.

"Why what? I said I don't watch that stuff either."

A whole lot of people do and seem to love it. What I'm saying is that if you attack Harmon, you better be prepared to attack the much more popular South Park and Family Guy, too!

"Many of them live in a different world and share different values than the rest of the country"

So might you and I. So do you and your next door neighbors more than likely. Some people in H'wood have really screwed up values, some don't. To paint them all with one brush is simply laziness.

"It's the continuous pushing of the boundaries and the lack of care these people seem to have"

For the most part, they are delivering exactly what the US public wants. You and I are different because there is no humor in it for us but most people can't get enough of it...and that isn't the writers' or creators' fault.

"then all the partisan hackery comes in "

Who is getting political again? Make up your fucking mind dude!

Predilecto said...

For the record, Plot, I don't think anyone is engaged in illicit behavior. I take these blinds with a grain of salt. I am mostly talking about this next stage level meta-humor that is dark and nihilistic. I find it weird, that is just my opinion. And if people react to the stuff put out by Harmon and Gunn through the Tweets by choosing to tune out or telling other to tune out, what does it matter to you?

That's all I am saying.

plot said...

" It's liberal left people that consider hate speech measures a good thing. "

And the right who thinks standing or burning a flag is some sort of symbolic treason...

"Harmon takes the toilet humor to an edgier level"

And people love it. I mean, if you start with Mr. Hanky on South Park, where is that going to go exactly?

"It's known for it's absolutely nihilistic humor that is considered high minded by it's fanbase. It attracts both liberals and the Alt Right because they love that post-modern, nihilistic and morbid humor that Harmon and Co. engage in. "

If you would cut the political smearing, that you seem compelled to engage in (though claiming not to), I might agree with you. I despise the cynicism of South Park and the Apatow projects more than anything else - the basic idea that caring about anything, doing good in the world, is totally pointless and so very UNCOOOOOL.

The jokes, I really don't care. The attitude reviles me more.

But do you see Angela's point at all? That there are far right forces on the chans trying to work the Outrage of people, the endless need for intrigue and hate, for their own ends of making themselves masters of their virtual universe? I'm not really sure why they do it, since it won't end with them having any power at all, but still stuck at the computer, unloved and angry. There is no revolution there, only a terrible envy of anyone who might have a girlfriend or a nice car or a reason to live that offers hope which the chans simply cannot abide.

Joseph P Blow, Kokomo PD said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Joseph P Blow, Kokomo PD said...

What makes me think they'll stop right there? Well I assume they won't. I'd imagine they'd start pumping the brakes right around cartoon depictions of it, and come to a full stop before the actual production and dissemination of child pornography. Meaning they will probably stay within the confines of the law.

As far as the other things you mentioned that Hollywood makes cool, is being a marginalized, second-class citizen ever really cool or something one aspires to become? I don't think so.

And I can't tell if you're comparing pedophilia to gay marriage or child rape to gay marriage. Since people don't seem to be huge on definitions of words lately I'll just cut to the chase. First of all, neither pedophilia nor child rape are comparable to "gayness", which...I think it's homosexuality but whatever. Two dudes having sex or being afforded the same rights as other married people bothers you that much? Not me. But fine. I'll bear this one out, too: pedophilia isn't even a crime, what we are all getting so worked up about here should probably be correctly called pedoerotica, but that's neither here nor there because we all know what everyone means. Acting on pedophilia is child rape, which is a criminal act and will always be considered such. So whether or not Hollywood succeeds in depicting how fucking awful it must be to be sexually attracted to children is one thing, portraying the acting out of that impulse in a positive or sympathetic light is another thing entirely and that will also never happen. Whatever you think about the morality of homosexuality or trans-stuff, and I think I can already tell we probably disagree on that lol, you have to be a complete knob to think that having sexual contact with a child is the same thing. It's not dude. I am talking about children, for god's sake.

Schneiderisnext said...

Dan Harmon GIF: baby grabs his penis through his shorts.

This isn't a joke! This is actual recorded pedophilia.

He is sexualizing a minor even though there isn't nudity.

This is literally a cri.ibal offense he posted on the internet

Schneiderisnext said...


Rosie riveter said...

You're slipping plot.
Your reading comprehension is at an all time low,
and you're regressing to baby talk, which is what you do whenever you've come to the very end of any argument.
I had such hopes for you.
One thing for sure, I'm grateful you're not a mother.
Please never change your mind on that, we do not need any more of your kind around children.


Rosie riveter said...

Look the GIF Schneiderisnext posted, Plot.
Tell us how this outrage is imagined. And by us, yes, I mean the collective We. ALL of us, besides you and angela the man.
ALL of us.
Check it out. What do you see?

palmettobug said...

These comments read as if Angela and Plot and then everyone else aren't even talking about the same subject. It seems like they are only referring to the tweets.

Rosie, maybe Angela didn't watch the Daryl segment of Dan raping the infant, or the Roiland (partner of Harmon)animation Unbelievable Tales, with the jelly bean rapist thing that shows up in Rick & Morty. There is also a rape scene with an adult female by Harmon also on youtube, not aiming for comedy at all. The videos are in Harmon's case at least the cause of so much outrage, the tweets are what has upset people about James Gunn, and that his job was at Disney.

Angela said...

"Dan raping the kid"?

Are you high? Or stupid? Or both?

I've seen the GIF in all its 128 x 128 definition glory.

Unless you're blind, you can notice that the camera switches angles at least seven times. There are edits, as the scene isn't shot live. If you're implying multiple cameras simultaneously, it would be impossible to put at least three cameras, and three cameramen, in a crammed space such as a car. So, they shot the different angles in succession, which means the footage is staged and fictional. I can't detect any erection, I can't see any baby being raped, I just can spot an idiot here doing some bad, bad gaslighting with no notion about filmmaking.

I could put together better evidence. If I take a dump on the ground, film it and claim it's actually palmettobug's brains, it would be more convincing.

Anyway, now that you have your pedo hall of fame, starring James Gunn and Dan Harmon, may I remind you of another pedo "positively" outed here less than a week ago through a blind item, Jean-Claude Juncker?

Two days ago, Juncker was shaking hands with a smiling Donald Trump, as they had just signed a deal between the EU and the US at Washington. I'm not making that up, you can find hundreds of sources for that.
So, the Donald, the champion of the fight against pedophilia, doesn't know about something Enty claimed?
Or maybe he knows, and he took advantage of it to negotiate a better deal for the US? And if so, this would be a guy who would put business interests over basic ethics, that you claim to put above everything else.
Why don't you pass the news about Juncker to him, rather than putting together messages against me?
Make yourself useful, do actually something against pedophilia, ban Juncker from the US soil and ask for the deal to be repealed.
Or admit you're full of shit.

Rosie riveter said...

And maybe Angela the man is a pederast piece of shit, Palmettobug.
Looking rather like it huh?


Angela said...

And for the record, I indeed called Pedolecto "Mein Führer". But I don't know why he's that pissed off. If somebody compared me to my heroes, I would be positively delighted.

Good thing that nobody here watches "Mr. Pickles" on the same network as "Rick & Morty", with the family dog who's actually Satan. R&M looks PG13 in comparison. Bestiality, satanism, a lot of nipple action, various anal rapes, jokes about handicapped people, jokes about inbreds and hicks. Based on that content, the writers appear to be at least ten times as pedophiliac as Dan Harmon. I couldn't stand more than two episodes, as there was nothing apart from the shock value.

Angela said...

@rosie and all

I know for sure that I'm not a pederast or a pedophile. The fact that you're constantly accusing me of such crimes just shows that it's just your fucking modus operandi against any opponent.

Anyway, what is your opinion on Orange Jesus being all touchy with Juncker? Just pick one alias to answer me, you don't even need to switch to the others.

Paul Saint John said...

@Joseph P Blow, Kokomo PD

Can we agree that:

1) Homosexuality was shunned or banned until recently, and that Hollywood had a lot to do with its acceptance. Can you imagine Brokeback Mountain played by John Wayne and Gary Cooper? HWD films grew more and more sympathetic towards homosexuality. Then came,"Modern Family", a despicable piece of propaganda if there ever was one.

2) Until about 20 years ago, nobody, not even the most raging and flaming homos were contemplating gay marriage. How did it come about that society folded in and stopped fighting the ridiculous and inmoral proposition of marriage between two men or two women? It beggars belief. Well, it happened because of a militant judiciary and a supporting media, HWD included.

3) Sexual disphoria is still considered a mental disorder by psychiatrists. Therapy used to be the recommended solution, because it's easier to make your mind accept its body than trying to make a man look like a woman, using hormones and surgery. Nobody can change a man into a woman, or viceversa. We do not have the technology to change a person's chromosomes.
Transvestites used to be more common than transexuals, because it's easier to change your clothres and putting make up that undergoing hormone therepy and numerous grisly surgical operations. About ten years ago, these disturbed creatures started becoming more vocal, and, assisted by the left and its media, Hollywood included, transexual acceptance was a done deal. Bruce Jenner's show and lionization in all the media, including Vogue, was a big part of the victory of insanity over sanity.

In the last few years, we've been submitted to a concerted effort to paint pedophiles as virtuous MAPs, bold men who fight daily against the urge to rape children, in the MSM, in conferences, in films. That's why pedophilia is next and you know it. Please stop lying.
I've shown you how the left moves the Overton window step by step. We won't be fooled again.

Cadmium77 said...

Cadmium77 said...

Youtoo said...

I’m surprised this video hasn’t been dug up yet. Parody of Back to the Future where Marty gives Doc a blowjob. The origin of Rick and Morty.

Paul Saint John said...

Because it's literal child porn and as such, illegal to reproduce pr link to, I suppose. And to think they got the gig for Rick and Morty with this crap! There's a lot of sickos in higher places down at Adult Swim.
Has anybody watched the pro-satanic cartoon "Mr Pickles". There's also some pedo stuff there.

Joseph P Blow, Kokomo PD said...

@ Paul Saint John,

I'm not exactly sure what lies you are accusing me of spreading since my entire post was pure opinion, but fine, I'll stop lying. As soon as you help me out with this one:

"In the last few years, we've been submitted to a concerted effort to paint pedophiles as virtuous MAPs, bold men who fight daily against the urge to rape children, in the MSM, in conferences, in films."

Ok, what? All I said was, you know what it would be pretty goddamn awful to be sexually attracted to children, which I believe is what pedophilia is. Maybe I'm wrong. In order for me to be lying with that statement than something like the inverse of it would have to be true. Would that be pretty goddamn sweet to be that way? I don't think so.

I honestly have no idea where this concerted effort like you describe is manifest. In a couple of tweets and cartoons from some morons in Hollywood who make entertainment? You know what, if I don't like something, I do what most sensible people do: I turn it off. It's pretty simple: you don't believe in horoscopes, you don't read the horoscope, right? Conferences about pedophiles? I would have no idea. Who would except other pedophiles and those who study them? The noble friendly neighborhood pedophile? Again, not following. Are you suggesting we lock up people for thought crimes? I really don't get what's going on here, maybe you'll have to break it down for me in terms I can comprehend. You know, for people who are maybe a little slower than you? I can make it pretty simple: if you suspect someone of being a pedophile, maybe don't let your kids go around them unsupervised. Is that tough?

Schneiderisnext said...

I had a chance to give creative feedback, but the only thing I was really pushy about was a point where Jeff Davis is improvising tongue twisters like "Dermot Mulroney." I start laughing and add, "Pedophilia's an option if you have the gumption!" Neil took it out, and I'm like, "Fuck you! You try improvising an alliterative tongue twister that is socially unacceptable! I'm gonna die proud of five things and that's one of them! Put it back!" He was laughing last night, because he can't wait to tell people that my one big sticking point was to put the pedophile joke back in.

The man loves pedophile jokes. If Roseanne is fired for racism, his firing is the natural next step.

Sam Hyde was wayyy less edgy huh.

Cadmium77 said...

Even if you accept that little year old boys can decide to become transgender, why is it they choose to be transgendered into an early 1960's Fellini movie nymphomaniac whore?

Something is seriously going wrong here..

Unknown said...

Nick "my billionaire father ran security for WTC 1, 2 and 7 on 9/11" Kroll?

Yeah, fuck that guy.

Schneiderisnext said...


If you stage a shot so it looks like a baby is grabbing an adult penis in a sexualized manner, isn't that child porn/child exploitation?

Isn't fake torture porn still torture porn?

If it involves kids ESPECIALLY BABIES, don't sexualize them on Video

plot said...


"you're regressing to baby talk"

I'm not seeing it but if you would point that out, specifically, I'd be much obliged. I hate that shit.

"I'm grateful you're not a mother."

If I were, do you think I'd admit that to people with so many mental issues around here?

What would be the smart thing to do in this case on this board? Brag about the children and what a stellar mother you are, keeping the kids away from Dan Harmon (Lol?) Or is it smarter to simply not let them be fodder for the idiots, anywhere?

Who is the better mother in this case?

plot said...


"maybe Angela the man is a pederast piece of shit"

Maybe that paranoid default reply of yours is getting a little tired, dear.

Not everyone who ties you up in a logical trap, for which you have not the skills or the mental stability to escape, is a pedo.

It's not about you, you, youyouyou.

plot said...

Cadmium seriously uses Reichbart as a source. You know they lie, they admit it. You know that people who have quit the publication have outed it as a pile of bullshit. Anyway, if you claim those superior investigation skills, you do.

plot said...

Oh! And there is 4chan as a source!

Cadmium, sweetie, why aren't you over there ferreting out all the men who honestly post their dreams of raping children?

I mean, you really REALLY want to expose pedophiles, right? And you are reading 4chan daily for your conspiracy thrills, I assume.

Cadmium77 said...

The message is clear; the photographic evidence is right there for all to see.

So attack the messenger.

As for pedos over at 4chan and 8chan I don't go to /b/ or /r/ or any other chan except /pol/ and all porn is a bannable offense there.

4chan /pol/ and 8chan/pol/ have one great virtue; anybody can go there and say pretty much whatever. You can't say that about Twitter. I got banned on Twitter for arguing that Israel was using white phosphorus on Gaza's civilian population with devastating results for the children there.

You evade the main issue; there is a concerted push from America's media to normalize child sex.

This is wrong.

If we don't push back now on this they will win .

Do you even want to push back? Or are you happy with the idea that they'll win?

plot said...

"So attack the messenger."

No, I'm attacking the source.

"4chan /pol/ and 8chan/pol/ have one great virtue; anybody can go there and say pretty much whatever. "

Yes, and if you were concerned at all about child rape, you might want to start there as part of your investigations, since you know it much better than the insides of H'wood or politics.

"there is a concerted push from America's media to normalize child sex."

There is a larger push on the chans and Voat to normalize it than there is in US media.

"are you happy with the idea that they'll win?"

Who is they? I do what I can where I am with what I know. Maybe you should try it, since the chans are your place in the world.

Schneiderisnext said...


The Chans aren't trying to normalize pedophilia.

Pedophiles are.

Cadmium77 said...


we've just had a long thread arguing about the push by media pedophiles to normalize sex with children and you feign not to know after all this who "they" are?

And I already told you twice now, this is the third time; 4chan and 8chan /pol/ don't allow porn. It's a bannable offense. Any porn.

There are dozens of chans over there on all sorts of subjects from gardening to building computers to 3d graphics. Take your pick. I don't go to any other chans than /pol/ WHERE THERE IS NO PORN ALLOWED.

/pol/ is for political speech.

This is a political issue.

And again; do you not want to push back against the pedophiles who are clearly organized to normalize sex with children or do you support them in that aim?

Angela said...

For the record, the original short that resulted in Rick & Morty, the one with the BJ, was done before Harmon joined the show. It was all Justin Roiland, who voices the two main characters, and who has dropped a few clues that Morty was cloned from Rick. There was even so much fan speculation about this theme that they decided to leave it alone, because the reveal wouldn't have come as a shock to many.

And 4Chan is indeed full of people who share hentai, Japanese animated porn that depicts scenes that would be too shocking if they were live action. And these scenes were not put together as a joke but explicitly to cater to special fetishes. Every time I click on a 4Chan link, and I'm not talking about the dedicated sections within the site, there's always a few people who make comments in the form of a hentai video loop, particularly scenes involving prepubescent girls, a not so glorious hallmark of Japanese culture.
Which is why it's complete BS to consider reports from 4Chan as an unbiased source of investigation. The same people who have no issue talking with guys clearly obsessed with prepubescent girls are ready to destroy careers and reputation based on tweets and jokes taken out of context. It's all an act, a charade full of hypocrisy.

Angela said...

Paul Saint John,

you're full of shit with your equivalence about homosexuality and pedophilia.

Pedophilia is indeed an issue where there was acceptation and normalization in the past and where social and moral boundaries are now much more developed.

How old was Priscilla Beaulieu when she met Elvis? She was 14. Yet, you don't get many comments about this in an Elvis biography.
When Jerry Lee Lewis married Myra Gale Brown, people were more shocked about the fact that she was her first cousin once removed than about her being 13.
Bill Wyman, the bass player for The Rolling Stones, started to date a 13-year-old girl he eventually married when she turned 18. He was around 50. There were reports in the tabloid but no press campaign over that.
And what about Jimmy Page or Ted Nugent, who both basically had underage fans as sex slaves in their home?

I'd say that the turning point in public opinion was the nineties, when corporations started to address teenagers as an untapped market. Girls, until then, had undistinguished underwear. But marketers managed to promote G-string panties and other forms of underwear that would stick out of regular clothes, the same way they later pushed the trend for visible underwear (complete with logos) for men. Teenagers also started to become depicted as very sexual, and it resulted in the rise of Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera.
That's when the need for stricter boundaries became obvious. We had a 15-year-old girl clearly marketed as sexy, including not so subtle schoolgirl imagery. Lines couldn't be blurred any further. At the same time, some sexual crimes involving young girls became scandal, and pedophilia rightfully became a real matter of concern.

Compare this to gay marriage or even to interracial marriage. Until Loving v. Virginia in 1967, just 51 years ago, interracial marriage was banned in 16 States. In 1948, anti-miscegenation existed in 30 States. At the same time, these States didn't mind a grown-up man marrying a 13-year-old girl, as if she was acting on her own accord.
This country, which couldn't accept 51 years ago that people of different ethnicities could be in love with each other, has progressed. It accepts that homosexuals can be legally in a couple without the fabric of society being destroyed. It has also enabled stricter legislation against child abuse and has a lower threshold of tolerance for any kind of shady behavior in that regard. And it's a good thing.
The side effect is that child abuse accusations are now being instrumentalized by various trolls just to win totally unrelated fights.

As I said previously, you accept at face value any accusation published here against Harmon or Gunn. This site claimed last Sunday (July 22) that Jean-Claude Juncker, president of the European Commission, was supplied with drugs and child pornography, and most people here regarded them as true, because Enty said so.

On Wednesday (July 25), Juncker was invited at the White House, and gave a joint press conference with Donald Trump. There are dozens of photos of Cheeto Jesus being cosy and all touchy with Juncker. Either the Donald is poorly informed or he has no reason to keep Juncker thousands of miles away. What is your take on this?



fucking euro creeps, every single fucking time "well you know our age of consent is 10 so Polanski did nothing wrong"
Brought to you by the de Rothschilds


It's way too late for your lamentations over punished pedophilia, creep


"Until Loving v. Virginia"

that vaunted french intellectual rigor, eh?

plot said...


"4chan /pol/ and 8chan/pol/ have one great virtue; anybody can go there and say pretty much whatever."

Bullshit and you know it. You've seen the brigading over there, and the doxxing to actually HURT people who offend the little chan snowflakes. There is a army there to harass whomever they like, and they have taken it into real life, often.

So please don't pass along that myth of freedom on the chans. It's a lie. You know it, too.

"we've just had a long thread arguing about the push by media pedophiles to normalize sex with children and you feign not to know after all this who "they" are?"

No YOU have made that claim and that is YOUR preoccupation. The thread itself has been about many things.

What you mean by "they" is a legit question.

"I don't go to any other chans than /pol/ WHERE THERE IS NO PORN ALLOWED. "

Great! So you've found a convenient way to weasel out of the enormous preoccupation with child rape over at the chans. Aren't you special.

To depend on such a source for your knowledge of pedos is hypocritical and more than a little stupid. What you accuse me, and others, of you are patently guilty of yourself in an act of pure projection - you ignore the pedos to make a political and social point that has no meaning since you live it yourself.

Paul Saint John said...

Angela, I usually do not reply to posters who argue in bad faith or have an agenda, but I'll make an exception for once.
I didn't make any moral judgments regarding homosexuality. If you like it up the crapper, more power to you. But I miss the days when gays were tolerated and didn't push their deviant way of life on society and didn't marry, which is indeed threatening to the marriage institution and cvilization itself.
I also miss the times when tweeners didn't dress like little harlots. Do you seriposly believe the sexualization of tweeners and even children started in the clothing industry? It started in music and movies, and from there to the stores.

Listen there's a difference between what is natural, such as sex between a 14 year old girl and an adult (if it hadn't happened before in history, uou and I probably wouldn't be here today because centuries and millenia ago women started having children earlier. Life was brutish, short and nasty.) and what is convenient. By 14 or 15, you're talking about women not children. I've met 12 year old girls who could pass fpr 18 without make-up. It's rare, but it happens. Anyway, I don't approve of grown men sleeping around with 14 year old girls, but it isn't sick in the same way a man buggering a 14 year old boy. It's just not natural. Homo relationships should be illegal until 18, while hetero relations should be legal since the girl reaches 14 and the boy 16, to make up for the difference in maturity. Basically, I'm advocating to return to British laws regarding age of consent as they were in effect until not so long ago. But I do not advocate making homosexuality illegal just gay marriage. And pedophilia should be illegal of course. And punished with the death penalty. Now comes the thorny question: what is a child? for girls, under 12, for boys, under 14.

plot said...

"I didn't make any moral judgments regarding homosexuality."


"If you like it up the crapper"

"gays were tolerated and didn't push their deviant way of life on society and didn't marry"

Sounds like some moral judging going on to me.

Cadmium77 said...

And now the story is getting legs...

Jojo maran said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jojo maran said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Paul Saint John said...

You only hate the chans because you're afraid of them. Afraid of losing the megaphone and the ability to dox the left used to have the monopoly of. It's not only the chans, it's all the independent invesgigators publishing stuff on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Blogger, etc.
And perhaps you're afraid because you've got dirty laundry yourself to hide. If so, run.. The DOJ is fast on your tracks.

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