Thursday, October 25, 2007

Blake Fiedler-Civil Is A Jackass

It may be possible that I have used a similar headline to describe Amy Winehouse's husband and I apologize for the repetition but not the sentiment.

Blake has been and will always be an ass. When I make fun of Pete Doherty for being a gold digger, at least he has a job, and when he is sober, does quite well at it also and could make a nice living. As far as I can tell though, Blake's only job is to dig through Amy's purse for money so he can get his next fix.

In case you haven't heard, Amy Winehouse's performance in Berlin could go down in history as one of the worst headlining performances of all times. In response to the criticism and spiraling ticket sales, Amy Winehouse has vowed not to drink prior to shows. I don't know what the time window is on that, but her next show in Amsterdam where she followed through with her pledge, was one of her all-time best shows.

One problem has been Blake. Seems that Blake doesn't have any fun or control over Amy when she is sober, so he has been encouraging her to drink, use drugs, and just do anything to stay hammered so he can be the boss. As a result of his jackass behavior, Blake has been banned from all the concert venues and from being near Amy for the four hours prior to her going on stage.

Way to go Amy, and those munchies seem to be making an impact on your curves. You don't look like Gwyneth Paltrow anymore.


Anonymous said...

God I hate her scumbucket husband so much. Love does blind, and in this case, Amy, listen to your own lyrics--its a losing game. He's the Courtney Love of the UK, 'cept at least even she had a career of her own.

What a fucking leech. *shudders* despicable person

Uber*nought said...

He is an ass but so's his wife.

They really are a silly pair.

jax said...

My bro works for BA and had the pleasure of working a flight with both Amy and Blake in the summer. He said she was very..out of it and Blake was a complte nightmare and stunk so bad they had to move 2 people to different seats becasue they complained about how disgusting he was..picking his teeth,his sores and scabs...gross.
Not to mention how demading he was always asking for more booze for "me wife" when she was clearly sleeping. said...

Blake is a bottom feeder.
Pete is merely pond scum.

Unknown said...

They won't be married that much longer.

ablake said...

If she keeps it up they won't., If she falls prey to him again I predict more of a Sid and Nancy type ending.

How these people become so successful and yet fall for people who have nothing but purely selfish motives is beyond me.

MnGddess said...

I'm just fascinated with Amy's hair. Does the big fat part on top come off at night? When's the last time it's been washed? Is there anything living in there?


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