Friday, October 26, 2007

Introducing Wonder Woman

Teresa Palmer has been cast as Wonder Woman in the new Justice League of America film. Palmer beat out Minka Kelly and Mary Elizabeth Winstead for the role. Allegedly Jessica Biel turned down the role when it was offered to her by director George Miller because Jessica wanted to keep starring in films no one sees, being box office poison for established stars, and making sure that people never take her seriously as an actress. Good luck on that Jessica.

(Very deep voice) Meanwhile, back at the Hall of Justice. Kind of a nice segue. All the episodes say that. Yea, I know, I know. I should watch something else on Saturday mornings.

I'm sure absolutely none of you have heard of Teresa Palmer, but she is 21, from Australia and stars in December Boys with Daniel Radcliffe. In the US she is probably best known for her work on Grudge 2.


Unknown said...

Megan Fox would make a good Wonder Woman.

jax said...

Another box office raping of my youth By some chick no one's heard of.


Ya up next is Fantasy Island with Tito Ortiz playing Tatoo.

Reese said...

Didn't Katie Holmes make a special trip from Germany (and annoyed everyone in business class on her flight with her arrogance) to try and convince the powers that be she'd be a great Wonder Woman? Glad Tom wasn't able to twist any arms in favor of casting Katie, but this girl doesn't look like she'd be all that convincing either. The TV series with Linda Carter pre-dates me, I've never read comic books and really know nothing about the character, but this girl just doesn't really look like the best casting choice. Not a Jessica Biehl fan, but she probably would have been OK in the part.

GammaGirl said...

Jax put it best.
I'm just relieved Jessica Biel isn't getting the opportunity to BUTCHER the role.
I thought Shannon Sossamon was getting good buzz?

Anonymous said...

hey jax there is this stuff called hair dye that makes blonde's look brunette. this chick is going to look real nice in that tight little costume. if she can act as well, then that would be a real bonus as well.

Unknown said...

Dying hair for the role is an option but look how it turned out for Jessica Alba as the invisible woman. It was awful! I agree with jax, there are plenty of brunette women to play a brunette character, why go with a blonde who will probably look ridiculous with black hair? I kind of hate this casting choice almost as much as Kirsten Dunst as Mary Jane. Another horrible dye job that didn't work.

jax said...

Some- WOW neverrrrrr thought of that,gee thanks for the tip.

Blondes going dark looks f*ckin busted. See examples provided by my peeps above.

Megan Fox anyone? Now THAT would have rocked.

Unknown said...

She is dating that Topher guy from That 70's Show I think. I would have liked a bigger name for Wonder Woman but let's face it - they will fuck it up no matter what anyway.

Unknown said...

They probably figured that the budget to digitally remove all of Fox's tats when in costume was too high.

Virgo74 said...

She does not look curvy enough! Wonder Woman is curvy.

Katie Holmes sucks as an actress.

Jorge I. Figueroa F. said...

Jessica Biel indeed has the body for the part and I do not think that WW will have a huge role in the motio picture, all she needed was black hair and that was enough but now they are cating this skinny girl----


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