Friday, October 26, 2007

I Love Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell is like a breath of fresh air. After keeping her temper in check for what must be a good four months since her community service and anger management classes, she is back to doing what she does best. She yells, screams, and throws the abuse out, but this time just verbal. Anger management classes might not have taught her control, but picking up trash must have taught her not to combine yelling and screaming with punching, throwing things and hitting people.

In this latest incident Naomi abused BA staff at London Heathrow Airport. The supermodel demanded to be allowed on the plane after turning up at Heathrow 11 minutes before it was scheduled to leave. 11 minutes? For an international flight? People we are not talking about being at the gate 11 minutes before flight time. This is showing up at the ticket counter 11 minutes prior to an international flight.

According to witnesses, she stamped her feet, saying: "You have to let me on. Come on."British Airways staff said she could travel to New York without her bags, which they would send on a later flight, but she shouted: "You are joking. You are always losing bags and I don't trust you with mine in a million years. I can't believe you won't allow me on your flight. What is this? Who must I speak to?"

I have no reason to doubt this is true, and if it is, each and every passenger on BA in the future should show up 11 minutes prior to flight time and demand to be allowed on the plane. BA was going to let her on the damn plane even though she showed up 11 minutes before the flight. Her only punishment was she was going to have to get her bags on a different flight which you are not really supposed to do on an international flight, but you aren't supposed to whip someone across Heathrow, through security and out to a late departing plane simply for a passenger who can't wait an hour for another flight. Do you know how many flights there are between London and New York?

Eventually Naomi walked away. Her spokesperson was not aware of any incident. Uh huh. Naomi must have kicked him in the balls once for talking out of school or something.


weezy said...

thank you so much, Ent! I'm having a tough morning, and this made me laugh big-time!

I know I'm showing my serfdom by asking this, but couldn't she have just hung out in the VIP lounge until the next BA flight to NYC?

Hez said...

This woman is my hero. What a grade A beeeeyotch!

I wonder how much Cellphone Beatdown classes are at Naomi Campbell University, cuz I'd totally sign up for that.

jax said...

HAHA EL..she's like this every damn time. My brother has told me many a Naomi story over the years with BA. To date Seal was the nicest man he's ever met..Robbie Williams second. Posh is the biggest biotch when she is alone,with David a complete sweetheart.
Go figure.

Dijea said...

My husband ran into her in a 7 Eleven said she was obnoxious!

Could do without her.

Anonymous said...

Thats hilarious--youd think a gal like Naomi might just take the time to drink until the next flight! I think this had more to do with a status and power trip, more than anything.

weezy said...

Gadzooks, Naomi -- put your feet up, eat a cookie, read a book!

BTW, like this is going to get her better service the *next* time she needs something from BA.

__-__=__ said...

Naomi in a 7Eleven?!?!!?!? Say it ain't so!! Love the pic - the Sanitation truck in the background. That's classic!

Dijea said...

Believe it or not, yes a 7 Eleven.

Anonymous said...

LOL@Naomi must have kicked him in the balls once for talking out of school or something.

You would think that with all the bad publicity she has gotten for her attitude she would at least change some. I guess Anger Management didn't help her that much.

Unknown said...

Ugh. She's a complete failure as a human.

Kathryn said...

Ah, yes, Heathrow, probably the worst airport in the entire world, and she thinks that BA should make things worse by dropping everything and delaying a plane just to get her on it. Yeah right.

Jerry said...

Assuming the luggage handlers at BA read this, she might want to consider carrying on her bags from now on. Not that they'll hold a grudge or anthing.


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