Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Random Photos Part One

I don't think I can handle too many days of a Chace Crawford/Carrie Underwood relationship. It's just too sugary and I'm not even getting the sugar high. I'm hoping Chace will get bored soon. Carrie says she adores Chace because he has nice hair. This was first on her list. So that means even if I lose all this weight, shave off the back hair, and get my teeth replaced, I'm still going to have to spend the money on a wig.
Wow. So many places I could go with this, but let's just go with being nice today. I'm glad Pink knows how to wear a dress, and am really glad she and her husband have worked their relationship out to the point where they can make it through the holidays. Get your gifts, and then in mid January just say goodbye.

Hey, Prince Harry might be a vodka snorter which I still think was really cool, but he is also a nice guy. He spent most of the day at this children's hospital and obviously made this kid's day. I don't care if it's punishment for the vodka, he did a good job and was into it which is more than most celebrities would have done. For them it would have been, picture, autograph, fake smile, bye.
Wow, this is even easier than Pink and her pumpkins. Did anyone even show up at the Lance Bass book signing? Seriously. I know there weren't mobs of people there, but who is buying the book?
Alan Cumming and Heather Graham. This is why I do this section. Two of my favorite people in one glorious photo.
Guess Eva Longoria is making plans for when she puts Tony Parker to sleep and gives him his coloring book.


GammaGirl said...

Lance Bass is a total fame whore! Has anyone else noticed how he keeps conveniently releasing statements about Britney and JT?
What a loser....

@ that EL jab: HEE HEE!!! said...

Prince Harry is a good guy, and that's hotness.

Reese said...

Alan Cummings is quite talented but so very unconvincing as a straight man in "The Anniversary Party". I know he co-wrote the movie (w/co-star Jennifer Jason Leigh) but someone else should have been cast in the role he took. Did not pull it off at all.

Anonymous said...

Is it all that great to "love" the Prince because he snorted vodka? Apparantly, thats really really really bad for you and makes it infinitely easier to die of alcohol poisoning...not to be a nag or anything but its dangerous behavior that shouldnt be applauded; much worse than just drinking.

weezy said...

Thanks for the pic of Prince Harry, Ent -- you made my day.

Let's not forget the kid's only 24 or so, folks, just went through re-living his mother's death, dealing with a very odd family and just got emasculated by his employers (the British Army.) Time enough for him to start on the Lipitor/high fiber program. I guarantee you there are people his age at the Harvard Business School doing that ever night, and worse. They just don't have the press following their every move.

jax said...

Lainie-Agreed..with thelife Harry the Spare has endured good on him. Surprised he's not snorting smack.

Heather is gorgeous as always but that bag ruins the line of her dress..Clutch darling!

I loved Alan Cumming in Circle of Friends.

kellygirl said...

Alan Cumming is absolutely the BEST!!!!

I love that Prince Harry is such a DUDE!

Tracee said...

Damn, Pink's gripping the stem of those pumpkins like pro, practice much?

Harry is def. growing on me.

And admit it Ent, Chace does has some good locks, hey maybe you can ask Revolta who puts in his plugs. See I'm a problem solver! [knocking on head]


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