Thursday, October 25, 2007

CDANCON-More Stuff

This one is more for the readers rather than the attendees because the people who are coming can just bring whatever they want signed. But, for those of you who can't make it to the lunch, two lucky winners will receive the Dominique Swain DVD of your choice personally autographed to you or anyone else you want.

DS means a great deal to me and also to the blog. I think she provided the most fun over the first year, as well as the most intense debates, rivalries and nasty comments both for and against her existence. I'm glad that she will be able to sit down with everyone at the lunch, and just talk about herself, her life, her career, and what films she is doing over the next few months. I also know she will be happy to discuss the ins and outs of all the ZX posts, and I will make sure she signs something for "some" also.

If you haven't entered the drawing, the clock is ticking. The M perfume from Mariah, the CD's from Fay Aiyana, the Full Bloom Tea which you all seem to adore, the signed Amber Tamblyn book, the signed Dominique Swain DVD, and there may be one or two other actor/actress DVD signings also, but they haven't got back to met yet so I don't want to announce them before I am sure. By the time I find out, the deadline may have passed to enter.
So enter now by sending an e-mail to by 5pm PDT and no, your e-mail addresses aren't going to be given away. I might drunk e-mail you in the middle of the night sometime, but other than that, no one will know.


__-__=__ said...

OK, just as long as it's only us! Thanks!!

~crazy peanut~ said...

Drunk that another prize?

jax said...

Have her sign $100 for me.

Reese said...

DS has been very generous and an extremely good sport for everything she's done for this blog; I am really disappointed that I can't be there. Glad so much of the event will be documented for the rest of us. Have a great time all who are attending!

Tracee said...


"Ricky, I want to go to CDANCON! Take me with you!"

Take lots and lots of pics guys! I'm so jealous!!!!

MnGddess said...

I think one of the proizes should be a drunk email from Ent.


Rare Avis said...

You kids have fun. Try to keep your names out of the papers! (Quote from my mother) If I could make a suggestion to you guys. It is over the weekend, and some of you will want to see celebs. Go to Spago in Bev Hills ~ 7:45 or maybe 7:30 and grab a seat at the bar. You will never get a reservation @ that time, so don't bother. BUT you will have a scream. Try to sit in the middle so you can see the courtyard. Thank me later. 8:00 is the witching hour when people meet up to eat. Don't bother with Koi, not enough bar space.

Have fun kids!


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