Monday, October 22, 2007

Random Photos Part One

I have much more respect for Jodie Foster now that I know she opens milk cartons and drinks from them while at the store. Do you think she samples the candy in the bulk section also?
Men with beards (not those kinds of beards; never mind, shouldn't have even brought it up. Just forget I wrote anything.) seems to be the thing today. Hugh Jackman is first up for your review.
No beard for Denzel Washington and no love for his co-star Russell Crowe who is sporting a beard.
Not a beard, but also not the best Amanda Bynes has ever looked. Little bump there?
"So there I was, jerking this guy off."

"Come on. It was just a joke. She was laughing. How come you aren't?"

Obviously the store didn't have off the rack pants for someone 5'4"

It's just so damn interesting to me that whenever Suri and Tom Cruise are photographed together their part and haircut are always exactly the same.
Sandra Bullock doing soccer mom duty for Jesse James' kids.
Our third man in beard is Jake Gyllenhaal. I must admit it looks better now that he's had it trimmed. I love how he and Reese pretend to be the broken up couple and not even look at each other.
I guess she could be shoplifting.


jax said...

Poor Jodie's kids..they have 'pick on me' writtne all over them.

Amamda she on Disney?

JT n JB- LOLOLOLOL. Love it.

ooh looks like Tom finally plugged in Kate before bed last night, she's lookin 'lively' today.

Is that reallly highwaisted thong undies on Sandra?? lol.

Resse and Jake- never did and never will happen.

JLo- I'd deny it too if I knocked boots with Skelator.

jax said...

Nevermind about was abelt but I do see a BUMP there EL.

Tracee said...

Gawd, when did Jessica Biel become a sourpuss? She looks like in mother in those photos.

Please Ent, please tell me you are not hinting to Amanda being PG. Loves her! And my niece loves her and I don't want to tell her another idol of hers is a mess.

I think Reese is smelling Toothy's tiny tooty. She's thinking it smells like grape-flavored lube.

Unknown said...

I think Mariam McDonald is the pregenant teen celebrity

Mother Campfire said...

Did anybody else think Amanda Bynes looked exactly like LiLo?

And I doubt Sandra has a bump. She's probably trying really hard to do in vitro. Ouch.

But oh yes, that JT & JB shiznit was hilarious! Good job El. :)

califblondy said...

When did Denzel hook-up with Omarosa?

YahMoBThere said...

TC must have gone to a hair stylist in Germany. It looks like a Hitler haircut. Draw a mustache on him and you'll see what I mean. said...

Jodie Foster's kid looks like he might need to visit the bathroom STAT!

Hugh Jackman looks like he should be hanging out in the Garden of Gethsemane or chasing some money changers out of the temple.

kellygirl said...

Jessica Biel looks like the boringest girl on earth!

You can see where Tommy Girl's heel actually is in his pant leg. Those look like at least 3 or 4-inch lifts.

Don't rag on Amanda Bynes. She was looking ano for awhile there. This is much better.

J-Glow Indeed!

Ninabeth84 said...

Why does Jessica Biel always look miserable lately? She strikes me as being the sour puss wet blanket girlfriend..... fake girlfriend that is.

Maja With a J said...

I certainly hope you're not trying to tell me that there's something wrong with sampling candy from the bulk section.


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