Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Mel B. Is Waking Up To Reality

Mel B finally listened to her lawyers. She made her new husband, Stephen Belafonte sign quit claim deeds so he couldn't get his grubby hands on any of the property.

I think Mel finally woke up to the fact that when she married Jimmy Gulzar she was married for less than one year but it cost her about $1.5M.

Shortly after Mel and Stephen got married they moved into a $2.5M mansion which Mel B paid for entirely, but that under California law Stephen would have had a shot at half of it. Not saying he would have got it, but he would definitely have a shot, which is why Mel B had him sign his rights away.

In order for those quit claim deeds to be valid there are a number of procedures which need to be followed by Mel's attorneys and it will be interesting to see what happens during the divorce. Oh, you read it right. This is not a if they get divorced kind of marriage, it's a when they get divorced kind of marriage. I'm just wondering if she will get knocked up first. 3 kids from 3 dads is something to be proud of.


tara said...

she kicked it last night on dwts! BUT i cant stand her...

she spent christmas holiday on the same private island hubby and i got married at this past december... she drank and smoked the entire time she was there and she was WAY preggers!

brendalove@gmail.com said...

Girlfriend knows she's getting ready to make a wheelbarrow full o' cash from the Spice Girls reunion. Protect your ass(etts)!!!

MnGddess said...

"3 kids from 3 dads is something to be proud of."

I see she went to the Melanie Griffith seminar entitled "Multiple Dads, Multiple Kids, Multiple Moola"....


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