Friday, October 26, 2007

Same Old Same Old--Pete Doherty Dodges Jail Time

In a prison evading streak that would have made John Gotti jealous, Pete Doherty once again managed to avoid having to serve any jail time, despite the fact that he has been arrested and convicted so often that he doesn't have to be photographed or fingerprinted anymore when he is booked, and has his own keys to the holding cell where he stays while awaiting release on bail.

In the latest escape, Pete was given a suspended four-month prison sentence for his May arrest for drugs and moving violations. Pete will have to stay out of trouble for two years or the sentence would be actually reinstated and Pete, if a normal human would have to serve the four months.

Pete was also given 18 months on probation and some kind of 12-month drug rehabilitation order which I thought the judge removed last week, but who knows. He has so many probation orders, drugs orders, and such that no one can really keep track. All of this latest round of trouble comes as a result of Pete driving illegally while in possession of drugs and driving without insurance.


Anonymous said...

Dont the English judges care that they're making the UK court system seem like a big joke...? Kinda would make the rest of the world not take you as seriously, when you're letting drug abusers and threats to society just wander about and so as they please, because you like their music. A fifteen year old girl could do a better job at containing her fandom and poor judgement.

__-__=__ said...

He's kinda like Otis on the old Andy Griffith show. Come and go in the jails and courts as he pleases. I admire that!

Uber*nought said...

This dude must have some serious hardcorn porn dirt on some of these judges I'm sure of it.

Didn't he used to be an ex rentboy? So maybe someone owes him some favs in return for..ahem! said...

Pete is too good for jail! Put him up in Buckingham Palace!


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