Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Random Photos Part One

I love Cheryl Hines and she doesn't get enough credit for her work. Being on the top here is just my little way of saying thanks. The fact that she looks like she's had a drink or two really has nothing to do with it.
Wow. When Angelina Jolie isn't around, Brad Pitt kind of lets himself go to hell.
In case you need some Ben Foster loving this afternoon.
Ben Affleck looks like he weighs ten pounds in this photo. That drinking doesn't seem to be adding any extra weight.
Amanda Bynes is back to beautiful although again, I think she should go back to brunette.
John Travolta looks like a bull with little horns. He can't really believe his hair looks good can he?

The green shirt belongs to Justin Timberlake. Jessica Biel's ass I guess belongs to someone else.
Elijah Kelley is one of the few reasons to watch Hairspray.
I thought you were supposed to play a character unlike yourself on Halloween. Denise Richards must not have got that memo and went as a witch anyway.
Drew Barrymore is in Toronto. I want candids people.
Is that a comb over?

Richard Gere got old really fast didn't he?
Filming on Spawn of Satan begins next week.
Check out the tattoo on Megan Fox's arm. I'm sure whenever Marilyn Monroe pops in our head, the next image is Megan Fox.
A photo of you taking a photo of yourself.


Khemenu said...

Is one of Denise Richards' daughters wearing a cheerleader costume?


brendalove@gmail.com said...

wh-wha-wha-where do I even begin??

So much snark, so little time....

tara said...

what??? no one else grabs their friends' ass while their friends' bf is standing out of eyeshot???

Hez said...

Ahem... it's not just any movie Drew is filming in Toronto. Allow me to elaborate for the superfans in the audience...

Drew Barrymore is in Toronto playing Little Edie Beale (to Jessica Lange's Big Edie) in a biopic based on Grey Gardens, one of the greatest cult documentaries in recent times, which was made into a Broadway musical in 2006.

One of my fave flicks ever (Isaac Mizrahi's, too!). Oh, the pathos.

Anonymous said...

I'm confused, as Xenucrazy as Tom is, doesn't he have any sense of safety -- he lets strangers wrap their arms around his neck?!?!

GammaGirl said...

Does anyone feel like Drew was an odd choice for "Little Edie?" I mean the woman's eccentric enough in real life to play neurotic, but still...

I'm thinking Cheryl Hines might fit one of the B list BI's about drunk actresses? I hope not. I ran into her at a market over the summer, she was very nice and approachable.

Tracee said...

LOL Khemenu!!! It didn't even register in me brain!!

Okay so cheryl looks like the cabana lady from MadTV.

Lucas Haas looks like a true crackhead in that photo...he's not only fighting the hot, he killed it.

Anonymous said...

tracee: Lukas never had the hot.

Are there any photos of Biel's ass grabber's face? She's rockin' the shemullet.

kellygirl said...

God Lord, Drew, have you not yet accepted the fact that you are NOT one of those girls that can go braless.
Please, it hurts to just look at those things.

Tracee said...

Dnfrommn, he was hot in one pic and I thought the tide was turning...[shrug] maybe i was high that day.

jax said...

I'm high most days and Lukas ain't hot..lol.

Unknown said...

I remember Lainey saying when she interviewed Ben Affleck he was MAD skinny. Weird, he's tall and always seems filled out...? Maybe it's not booze he has a problem with *wink wink*

Sorry for the winking...

re: Drew - Ent, if I owned a camera I'd get those candids for you - I'll put some camera-owning friends on alert ;)

re: Megan Fox & tattoos - I can NEVER get over how she said she got her boyfriend's name tattooed next to her "pie". I mean, I'm no prude, but maybe you can be a bit more subtle when you're being interviewed, you know? Besides..."pie"?!?!?!?!?!?!?


Production Girl said...

OMG!!! LMFAO! on the Jessica Biel ass grabing picture.

Now that is funny!

Nosey Parker said...

I'm also wondering if there any photos of Biel's ass grabber's face?

When Jessica Biel dated (beard?) Derek Jeter she was photographed kissing a girlfriend. Is the ass grabber the same women she was kissing?

Link to kiss photo:

Could Biel be a beard for JT?

GammaGirl said...

@ nosey parker: some site revealed it was JT's assistant grabbing jessica's ass...in a friendly way?

I do think Jess leans towards the ladies, but I don't know that this is proof.

Nosey Parker said...

Ok, the assistant could have been just joking around with Biel, and the kiss photo doesn't mean much.

Production Girl said...

If the assistant is joking around then JB must be pissed-off because she is working over-time on quenching those lesbian rumors.

This would fan the fire instead. Unless she is playing the "is she or isn't she" game. Imo she is trying to play straight.

I agree the photos of the kisses don’t mean anything.

budford said...

Khemenu - my same thought!! Zero credibility for her.

Unknown said...

Cheryl Hines plays "Cheryl David," Larry David's wife, on the HBO series "Curb Your Enthusiasm." In this audio interview (and transcription), she talks about the effect of his divorce on the show and her role, as well as her favorite improv moments and what it was like to play opposite Robin Williams in "RV."


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