Monday, October 22, 2007

Sometimes A Visit Or Six To The Bathroom Is Nothing More

Michelle Rodriguez wasn't pleased with the multi-colored blogger accusing her of going into a bathroom repeatedly to do cocaine or other drugs at a party.

Rodriguez wanted to prove him wrong and show the world she was clean and immediately submitted herself to be tested for cocaine, methamphetamine, marijuana, opiates and alcohol amongst other substances.

TMZ later reported that Michelle was clean and all the tests came back negative. A friend of Michelle said that Michelle is not a drug addict and doesn't even drink anymore.

I admit that almost anytime you see someone at a party in LA who is constantly going to the bathroom, the odds are good that they are not just doing their business. This is especially true when you see a big crowd of people constantly in the bathroom who appear to be doing nothing but checking themselves out in the mirror, rubbing their noses, talking so loud and fast you want to shoot yourself and then bending over the counter to repeat the process.

Except for an award show where you pretty much have no choice but to use the bathroom for your drug use, I have never really understood why people who need drugs so much even go out in the first place. When people are really hooked they stay in the bathroom almost the whole night. They don't do anything except stay at a table for five minutes, and then wander off to the bathroom for twenty and then repeat the process. Just stay home and do it in your living room. Less chance of getting caught and you don't have to combine rudeness with your habit.

Michelle says that she has been drinking lots of water and hadn't really eaten much that night, and actually did have to keep use the bathroom for its intended function. So far, a lawsuit hasn't been filed, but it would give her something to do while she is in jail.

She starts serving her 180 days in December.

3 comments: said...

Cocaine is only in your system for 72 hours.

Miss X said...

Let the MRo pregnancy rumors begin!

that's the only other reason I can think of to go to the bathroom 6 times in a short time period.

Or some sort of nasty infection

noel said...

miss x- I thought the same thing!! That would be an interesting twist!! Also, it would explain the dress...


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