Friday, October 26, 2007

Random Photos Part One

I got tired of looking at Denise Richards' tired, haggard face, so for a change of pace thought I would post her tired haggard feet.
Not tired and not haggard is Carmen Electra although I am convinced she had some work done. If I could stop staring at her cleavage I could probably take a look and find where the work was done, but I just can't stop staring.
The world's favorite exhibitionist Bai Ling actually covers up, although I notice that her red hair disease has moved from just one side to both sides now. I don't know if she can't afford to get the entire head done at once, or each dyed red strand indicates someone she has slept with in some kind of Pleasantville tribute.
Adam Brody looks like he is struggling with the big words at this newsstand.
Wow. Someone must have slept with the other's girlfriend.

I think we should all be grateful that the Bee Movie is a live action film and thus no need to cover our eyes when Renee Zellweger comes on screen.
Seeing Al Pacino and Robert DeNiro now is kind of like if Godfather was made into a Love Boat reunion show.
Jewel's nose is not the same as it used to be.
I hope the designer of that costume got voted off the show.


Reese said...

Denise's spray-on tan is coming off in a very bad way; she actually looks as though she is molting.

Maybe Carmen's new bangs (as in hair!) are helping to conceal a few surgical marks that aren't completely healed over yet. She does look as though she's had things done, and in several places.

Renee looks odd to (but then Renee often looks odd). New surgery for her?

each of the two said...

why isnt Heidi wearing her wedding ring?

i mean Seal, seriously lock that up. said...

Who cares about Jewel's nose, the REAL question is....did she finally get the Tooth From Hell fixed?

MnGddess said...

Carmen looks as if her eyes were fixed.

Unknown said...

Hooker feet=hooker stance.


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