Friday, October 26, 2007

DNfromMN--Movie Review--Dan In Real Life

Based on advertising, DAN IN REAL LIFE is something that I gravitate towards. It has people I enjoy watching: Steve Carell, Dianne Weist,John Mahoney (the dad on "Frasier"), and Juliette Binoche. She's the one who sold me that I should see this movie. She's one of those hoity-toity French artiste types, and she's not out of the indie consciousness enough yet where she has to take Hollywood jobs for money(see Julia Ormond forced to mug for the camera in I Know Who Killed Me).

As with most of my reviews, I'm lukewarm on this one. There's nothing bad about it, but it is a little predictable. It's a romantic comedy,and the bulk of it is given away in the previews.

Single widower with 3 girls Steve Carell meets perfect woman Juliette Binoche and becomes smitten. Whoops, she's his brother's girlfriend. Does he love her? Does she love him? What happens to the brother?

First impression: It's a simplified and less emotionally complex version of The Family Stone. There's no surprise downer in the middle of Dan in Real Life. It's a straightforward romantic comedy that's well done by everyone involved (yes, even Dane Cook plays Dane Cook well).

I'd say it's worth $7.00. You'll be entertained, but you probably won't watch it over-and-over again. It's at least worth a rental on a rainy night. Emily Blunt is in this movie in a small role.


califblondy said...
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__-__=__ said...

Very good - thanks DNfromMN!

Pinky said...

DNfromMN - you must be a Republican, NPR loved it ;)

mooshki said...

I live in Minnesota. Where are you seeing a movie for only $7? Or was it a matinee?

Anonymous said...

mooshki: AMC theaters have $6.00 movies Mon-Thursday all shows. That's typically when I go to movies. I suppose I should adjust my scale to be $9 for full price. Thanks for reminding me of that.

pinky: not a republican, it just doesn't have much replay value for me. Most romantic comedies don't for me.

Thanks for the confidence booster, morse code person.

Virgo74 said...

The last movie Steve Carrell starred in, Evan Almighty, was a box office disaster, and this one will be too!


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