Thursday, October 25, 2007

Time To Revisit A Blind Item And Reveal It

In the latest issue of Star, they say that according to multiple sources, "[Ellen’s] really in pain because her three-year romance with actress Portia de Rossi is all but over. "

“Ellen would never have broken down like that on TV if things were right in her home life,” one source tells Star.

Portia has been telling Ellen she’s very unhappy at home,” says a second source….” When it comes down to it, she wants to be with someone younger and hotter. She wants out, but Ellen has been begging her to stay. Portia is really everything in this world to her.”

If all of this looks familiar, then you may want to peruse this blind item from last week.

#2 This power lesbian couple could be on the ropes. Seems they are having arguments common to any long term marriage, but the one who is a B+ actress has decided she doesn't need the aggravation any longer and is wanting someone younger and more attentive to her needs.

Answer-Ellen & Portia


jax said...

How sad..i guess Portia wants a career again. I hope they can work it out becasue they are such a good example of same sex luvvvv.

califblondy said...

I hope they get couples' counseling and work it out. I love them.

Uber*nought said...

Aww, nooooo.

Love. Them. This is so sad if it is true (we can't know for sure).

One good thing Ellen can at least say her relationships are pretty longterm, unlike lots of other people who skip from person to person. Good luck to them both and hope whatever they choose it works out.

Unknown said...

lesbians take forever to break up.

Virgo74 said...

I am sorry Portia feels that way!

The grass isn't always greener on the other side.

schneefloeckli said...

Portia = biggest asshole on the planet? It's not like Ellen is ugly or anything. Wanting someone "younger and hotter" isn't a reason to end a 3 year relationship.

eyeonu2 said...

Maybe it's karma...they both left relationships to hook up with each other.


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