Thursday, October 25, 2007

Today's Blind Items

This Oscar nominated actress and her new love interest, a B list actor on a hit network drama have been spending lots and lots of time together primarily at her place or a love nest he has in Venice Beach. Wanting to spend some serious time together they have been doing so outside the US. This doesn't sound like anything all that blind item worthy until you know that the actor is allegedly a happily married guy who plays that up whenever he gets the chance.


Anonymous said...

Interesting that Patrick Dempsey showed up in the photos as being in Paris. He would fit the B-list actor, but not sure on who the Oscar nominee would be?

K said...

erm, am I totally off kilter here, but has anyone seen Halle's baby daddy since the pregnancy was announced? I know, I know she won, so she was nominated, right?

Someone beat me down on this, please.

Or: Penelope, Charlize?

YahMoBThere said...

I think nominated means didn't win. Here's a list of the nominated and winners from 2000 to 2006. The ones w/o the asterisk were nominated but didn't win:

2000 (73rd)

Joan Allen -- The Contender {"Laine Hanson"}

Juliette Binoche -- Chocolat {"Vianne Rocher"}

Ellen Burstyn -- Requiem for a Dream {"Sara Goldfarb"}

Laura Linney -- You Can Count on Me {"Samantha 'Sammy' Prescott"}

*Julia Roberts -- Erin Brockovich {"Erin Brockovich"}


Judi Dench -- Chocolat {"Armande Voizin"}

*Marcia Gay Harden -- Pollock {"Lee Krasner"}

Kate Hudson -- Almost Famous {"Penny Lane"}

Frances McDormand -- Almost Famous {"Elaine Miller"}

Julie Walters -- Billy Elliot {"Mrs. Wilkinson"}

2001 (74th)

*Halle Berry -- Monster's Ball {"Leticia Musgrove"}

Judi Dench -- Iris {"Iris Murdoch"}

Nicole Kidman -- Moulin Rouge {"Satine"}

Sissy Spacek -- In the Bedroom {"Ruth Fowler"}

Renée Zellweger -- Bridget Jones's Diary {"Bridget Jones"}


*Jennifer Connelly -- A Beautiful Mind {"Alicia Nash"}

Helen Mirren -- Gosford Park {"Mrs. Wilson"}

Maggie Smith -- Gosford Park {"Constance, Countess of Trentham"}

Marisa Tomei -- In the Bedroom {"Natalie Strout"}

Kate Winslet -- Iris {"Young Iris Murdoch"}

2002 (75th)

Salma Hayek -- Frida {"Frida Kahlo"}

*Nicole Kidman -- The Hours {"Virginia Woolf"}

Diane Lane -- Unfaithful {"Connie Sumner"}

Julianne Moore -- Far from Heaven {"Cathy Whitaker"}

Renée Zellweger -- Chicago {"Roxie Hart"}


Kathy Bates -- About Schmidt {"Roberta Hertzel"}

Julianne Moore -- The Hours {"Laura Brown"}

Queen Latifah -- Chicago {"Matron Mama Morton"}

Meryl Streep -- Adaptation {"Susan Orlean"}

*Catherine Zeta-Jones -- Chicago {"Velma Kelly"}

2003 (76th)

Keisha Castle-Hughes -- Whale Rider {"Paikea"}

Diane Keaton -- Something's Gotta Give {"Erica Barry"}

Samantha Morton -- In America {"Sarah"}

*Charlize Theron -- Monster {"Aileen Wuornos"}

Naomi Watts -- 21 Grams {"Cristina Peck")


Shohreh Aghdashloo -- House of Sand and Fog {"Nadi"}

Patricia Clarkson -- Pieces of April {"Joy Burns"}

Marcia Gay Harden -- Mystic River {"Celeste Boyle"}

Holly Hunter -- Thirteen {"Melanie"}

*Renée Zellweger -- Cold Mountain {"Ruby Thewes"}

2004 (77th)

Annette Bening -- Being Julia {"Julia Lambert"}

Catalina Sandino Moreno -- Maria Full of Grace {"Maria"}

Imelda Staunton -- Vera Drake {"Vera"}

*Hilary Swank -- Million Dollar Baby {"Maggie Fitzgerald"}

Kate Winslet -- Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind {"Clementine Kruczynski"}


*Cate Blanchett -- The Aviator {"Katharine Hepburn"}

Laura Linney -- Kinsey {"Clara McMillen"}

Virginia Madsen -- Sideways {"Maya"}

Sophie Okonedo -- Hotel Rwanda {"Tatiana Rusesabagina"}

Natalie Portman -- Closer {"Alice"}

2005 (78th)

Judi Dench -- Mrs. Henderson Presents {"Mrs. Laura Henderson"}

Felicity Huffman -- Transamerica {"Bree"}

Keira Knightley -- Pride & Prejudice {"Elizabeth Bennet"}

Charlize Theron -- North Country {"Josey Aimes"}

*Reese Witherspoon -- Walk the Line {"June Carter"}


Amy Adams -- Junebug {"Ashley"}

Catherine Keener -- Capote {"Nelle Harper Lee"}

Frances McDormand -- North Country {"Glory"}

*Rachel Weisz -- The Constant Gardener {"Tessa Quayle"}

Michelle Williams -- Brokeback Mountain {"Alma"}

2006 (79th)

Penélope Cruz -- Volver {"Raimunda"}

Judi Dench -- Notes on a Scandal {"Barbara Covett"}

*Helen Mirren -- The Queen {"The Queen"}

Meryl Streep -- The Devil Wears Prada {"Miranda Priestly"}

Kate Winslet -- Little Children {"Sarah Pierce"}


Adriana Barraza -- Babel {"Amelia"}

Cate Blanchett -- Notes on a Scandal {"Sheba Hart"}

Abigail Breslin -- Little Miss Sunshine {"Olive"}

*Jennifer Hudson -- Dreamgirls {"Effie White"}

Hyelander said...

Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey? They spent a whole lot of time together filming that new Disney movie...

Unknown said...

patrick Dempsey - i love the clues on the site. Thank you. Now answer lainey's butthole guy

Laura said...

OT - I can't understand how the same people get nominated year after year after year. Are they really that good each and every time, or is it only a "name" thing?

trashtalker said...

Ent's definition of an A list TV star is "someone who has had their own show or been the star of a television show for more than 5 years combined or 3 years on one show." I think that means that Patrick Dempsey would have to be referred to as A list, not B list. Right?

Brenda22 said...

I think it's Patrick. Why else would ENT say "speaking of crap"...he's known as a big family guy, I'd say he's B list, and he's in Paris (ie, outside of the Country). He also has a new movie coming out with Amy Adams (Oscar-nominated) actress. All the clues fit.

YahMoBThere said...

Laura, I think the studio's campaign every year and they do have their favorites. You KNOW that Harvey Weinstein LOVES Gwyneth Paltrow, for example. (Or something like that...)

Trashtalker, I wonder if EL doesn't consider him the star of the show? I know it's an ensemble show, so maybe he rates that differently?

blooter said...

The "speaking of crap" comment was posted before the BI, it would have been more convincing if it was in tomorrow's picture roundup.

Esther and Blake said...

Didn't it come out that Patrick Dempsey is getting a divorce? If those reports were true, then the happily married part doesn't fit.

Anonymous said...

Im nominating Josh Holloway for the B list actor. He's super hot, but married, and will trot that out as a kind of "reminder" at times...yet it seems as if he's almost regretful that he was married once he hit it big with the show...

Zabbie said...

I'll be so pissed if it's Hugh Laurie.

kellygirl said...

how about instead of McDreamy, it's McSteamy.
He's married to Rebecca Gayheart, and the last photo of them she was grabbin ghis crotch, and he looked not so thrilled with it. They got married on their second date or something crazy like that, so he might be having 2nd thoughts. (plus, she's a bit of a crazy ano, and killed some kid with a car)

McDreamy just had twins, so that would be pretty low if he's steppin' out. BUT his wife does SEEM like a major b!tch.

trashtalker said...

I thought of Eric Dane, too, but he was just a Kindness here not too long ago (the guy with the phone troubles), so I'm hoping it's not him.

trashtalker said...

Just throwin' a few more names out there, in case it's not Patrick, although he definitely "plays up" the image of happy husband/father. Most of these actors seem like decent guys, so no offense to the innocent!

Adrian Pasdar (Heroes)
James Denton (Desperate Housewives)
Doug Savant (DH)
Kyle MacLachlan (DH)
Eric Close (Without a Trace)
David Boreanaz (Bones)*
Christopher Gorham (Ugly Betty)
Justin Chambers (Grey's Anatomy)
Rob Morrow (Numbers)*
Kyle Chandler (FNL)*

*would these shows be called "hits"?

trashtalker said...

Dang. I forgot Taye Diggs and Tim Daly of Private Practice, assuming that's a hit show.

Miss X said...

Definitely Patrick Dempsey.

Today's random photos sealed this one for me.

Dempsey could get killed off GA and the show probably wouldn't die. They got rid of Isaiah. My point is, Dempsey isn't the's def an ensemble show.

kellygirl said...

not Kyle Chandler or Tim Daly!!!

I absolutely LOVE them both!

I could see Taye Diggs though. An old Blind about a actor married to a "singer" was lunching with a g/f date and ducked out when people noticed them. Everyone guessed him. But IDT you can call PP a hit just yet. Even though it def has potential.

ablake said...

Don't think it's Dane..that would be a little too tempting (if you ask me) to mention his wife's history.

And whomever spoke of Gayheart as if she killed that little boy on purpose..I can't imagine what she has to live with.

Shame on you.

It's one thing to not like a pretty and thin beautiful actreess, but from every single thing I read about it it was an accident that resulted on her bad judgement and him running into a busy street.
He's not at fault, don't get me wrong, but perhaps she also should not be burned at the stake.

YahMoBThere said...

KELLY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Count me in on the Tim Daly love. Have you ever seen "The Outsider"?


Unknown said...

reading through that list- those were some great roles for women.

WhiteOprah said...

I was friends with Patrick Dempsey's live-in girlfriend of 3 years when she came home one day and found him in bed with his hairdresser (his current wife). This was back when he was desperate & couldn't even get arrested in this town. Imagine what he's like now that he's on a hit show....

Kim said...

I'm disappointed. Not one of you guys said Chris Meloni. Isn't he the automatic go-to when "guy" "married" and "hit network drama" are all in the same sentence?

Not that I think it's him, but I kept scrolling on down expecting to see him as a guess. ;)

schneefloeckli said...

FNL, Numb3rs and Private Practice are definitely not hit shows. Private Practice is on its 5th episode, so you can't really tell. Plus the critics are really bad.

Numb3rs is a good show but def. not a hit show, smae goes for Bones, I guess.

And Friday Night Lights' fans are afraid it may be cancelled this year because the ratings seem to be pretty poor.

I'm all for Dempsey on this one because he was featured in today's photos. He's sort of the male lead of Grey's Anatomy though... *shrugs*

Unknown said...

I totally agree with you Sweater.. well said:)

Unknown said...

sweater & ehinckle not to be rude but you are idiots. the car in front of gayheart stop and waved the 8 yr old boy to cross the street. gayheart, in a hurry to get to the tanning/hair salon, went around the car and KILLED the boy. "f" her!!! i feel deeply for his family!!!

YahMoBThere said...

Sweater, this is not the first time you've chastised someone for being a bad person and talking about celebs. This is a fucking gossip site, dear. If you're above gossip, maybe this isn't a good place for you.

And seriously, the account I read has her passing stopped cars and driving WAY too fast. She was reckless. Don't make her out to be an innocent victim of circumstances because that's bullshit.

lawyagirl said...

I'm with Sweater on this one. She's not a was a terrible accident. Whether she was inattentive to the road at that moment or not, she will have to carry that on her conscience forever.

YahMoBThere said...

Christine, where does Kelly say she was a murderer? She wrote, "(plus, she's a bit of a crazy ano, and killed some kid with a car)".

Please don't put words in her mouth.

YahMoBThere said...

And making a deliberate decision to 1) speed and 2) go around stopped cars is not being inattentive, it's being reckless.

trashtalker said...

I didn't mention Chris Meloni OR Matthew Fox because I'd say they're both A list by Ent's definition. (I know Lost is an ensemble, but surely Matthew is one of the main stars.)

Don't get me wrong: I'm feeling Patrick for this one. He cheated on his first wife, too. I just figured he'd have been labeled as A list. A lot of people thought that the 10/2 blind about the "A list TV actor on a hit medical drama" stealing $100 bills off the street was him.

dixiebell said...

Dempsey and Adams. How many more clues does anyone need? His wife just had twins, too, so he's headed to a special place in hell...

kellygirl said...

ENT - give us some hot photos of Tim Daly and Kyle Chandler STAT. I can think of nothing else now!

Twisted - thanks, sister!

Anonymous said...

Patrick Dempsey assfucking Tom Cruise


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