Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Exercise Makes You Sterile

In a never ending attempt to quash all those lesbian rumors, Mel C of the Spice Girls has been giving interviews to anyone who bothers to care enough to ask a question of her. While speaking to Closer Magazine she went off on this long tangent about how moms and babies and touring don't mix and she would never do what the other Spice Girls are doing. If Mel C had kids she would stay home all day with them everyday until they were fully grown and never leave them to go on a tour.

"Travelling around the world and living out of a suitcase is no place for a baby. I feel that if I'm lucky enough to be blessed with a kid, then I want to be a regular mother."I'd want to be at home taking them to school and being there full-time. I wouldn't want to be travelling all over the world with them strapped to my back. I'm not criticising anyone else. That's just how I'd want it."

It has been a long time if ever that the Spice Girls lived out of a suitcase and traveled to gigs in a van, but it would be her decision. I just don't know if it is a good idea to criticize every single member of the group for their parenting skills, because regardless of what she says, she is criticizing them.

Of course Mel C doesn't have kids and it could be because she won't let a guy near her and hasn't found the right sperm donor yet. When she was asked about having kids, the singer said that she thinks she might not be able to have kids because of her extreme fitness regime during the Spice Girls' reign of popularity. Uh huh. Whatever you want to believe Mel.


Uber*nought said...

Oh dear. It's pathetic isn't it. Sometimes I wish they'd just say nothing at all.

jax said...

Mel..we partied in Mallorca in 2000. You had A GIRLFRIEND! You would not allow my bff and I to take pictures becasue it was a 'girls only' weekend away to film your "I turn to you" video.
Funny you didn't seem to busy with that video shoot..especially when we found you making out with your 'makeup artist'.

TRUE story.

MnGddess said...

I thought it was a guy in the photo......

Unknown said...

Isn't she the person who made this gem?


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