Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Pete Doherty: Cured And Single

After six weeks of rehab, drug experts have determined that Pete Doherty is cured of his addiction and doesn't need to complete the remaining six months of his drug treatment order. I love the UK. I really do but I just don't understand the way the system operates in relation to Pete Doherty. From what I have seen, it appears other celebrities are treated the same or close to the same as non celebrities, but with Pete, there seems to be some kind of "let him do what he wants" kind of attitude and it is troublesome. Pete is due back in court on Friday for sentencing related to his arrest for driving illegally while in possession of drugs. If things hold to form, the court will probably award Pete a new car for his troubles and send him off with apologies from the Queen for having to disrupt his day.

In other Pete news, Pete has allegedly broke off his alleged engagement to Romanian gold digger and back stabbing model, Irina Lazareanu because he couldn't stand her always being there next to him and always telling him what to do. He instead wants to get back together with Kate Moss who never told him what to do, was never there which let him cheat with other girls and also didn't interfere when he tried to do drugs. From what I understand, Irina is a bitch of epic proportions, BUT, she is also the one who has kept on Pete's ass and kept him from using which is something Kate never did. If Pete did break up with Irina, he will be using again within a week or two at the most.


Courtney said...

The court didn't determine that Peter is over his addiction. Judge McIvor looked at the rehabilitation plan that is in place for him from the clinic where he completed a six week treatment course, and she decided that it was no longer necessary for the state to spend time and resources on supervising a plan for him. He is still attending aftercare, as well as Narcotics Anonymous meetings.

__-__=__ said...

Yea!!! Pete and Kate forever!!!!!

Brenda22 said...

Ummm, she's a model? I've seen better looking girls coming out of Weight Watchers meetings.

Uber*nought said...

I am a member of a mailing list that sent out a mailshot a few weeks ago claiming this lady OD'ed TWICE backstage at New York fashion shows and she looks rakish thin and a bit spaced to me (though that could just be how she looks).

Now that claim in the mailshot could easily be untrue, totally, but hell, I could just as easily believe they've fallen out over who gets the lion's share of the coke, looking at the state of them together.

I swear this guy has some major dirt on every judge in the country. He's just seen as a joke in the UK since he keeps getting let off so often. And why's he looking so fat all of a sudden?

Uber*nought said...

He is still attending aftercare, as well as Narcotics Anonymous meetings.

Snort. Narcotics "Anonymous" starring Pete Doherty. Who'd have seen that coming.

kellygirl said...

Cue Kate Moss - said...

Dear God, if you can hear me, please please please let Kate and Pete get back together. They belong together and let them never part ways again. Thank you and



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