Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Lindsay Lohan's New Year Plans

Lindsay Lohan, who is, giving her the benefit of the doubt, three months sober, is planning on hosting a New Year's blowout at the club LAX in Las Vegas. I think that when leaving rehab, Cirque probably didn't give Lindsay a brochure that said something like "hey if you get the chance to host a raucous drinking bash on the biggest drinking night of the year in the biggest drinking city in the world, you should do it."

What in the hell was she thinking? To cover for this obviously poor decision, "leaks" are starting to trickle in which says that Lindsay has to fulfill an earlier commitment she made in the summer to host her 21st birthday party at Pure. Pure Management owns both clubs. The "leaks" also say that Lindsay doesn't have enough money to pay them back the fee they advanced her and so is forced to do it.

Lindsay might have $10 in her bank account, but if she was serious about getting sober, she wouldn't do it. Do you honestly for one second believe that Lindsay couldn't make enough to pay off whatever fee it is? Do you think perhaps she could sign on to do endorse something for a nice quick buck that didn't involve drinking and partying in Vegas on NYE?

You don't think there aren't any companies in the entire world who wouldn't want Lindsay to do some commercials for them and would pay enough to get rid of the debt she owes Pure? If Lindsay can't get that deal then she needs to get rid of her agents NOW. This is the biggest bunch of crap ever.

You think Pure is going to sue her for breach of contract if she pays them back? If so, then she needs to fire her publicist. A good publicist would make it very clear to the public and Pure that forcing someone in recovery to honor a commitment to host a party at a bar doesn't make you look good at all especially when they returned the fee.

Lindsay is doing this because she wants to do it and it is disappointing to say the least.


WTF said...

Seriously, is anyone surprised? I'm sure way before January she'll be spotted drinking and drugging again.

Anonymous said...

Note to EL: commas never hurt anyone. Your first sentence is very, very hard to read. You need an editor!

Maja With a J said...

Yeah, I just get the feeling she's one of those people who thinks they can "handle it". I don't doubt for a second she will do coke again. I don't think she has had any kind of moment of clarity, and I don't think she really thought she needed rehab. She's just, y'know, having fun!

califblondy said...

I worked for attorneys for years and they always needed help with grammar. I'm not here for proper grammar or spelling, I'm just here for the trash.

As for Lindsay, unfortunately, I'm not expecting good things. I don't think she could stay out of the bars and/or the public eye if you handcuffed her to the bedpost. Well, she might like that. I don't know.

Jim said...

I think I recognize a pattern here and it isn't Lindsay's rehab schedule this year.

Every Tuesday/Wednesday, new "news" leaks out. It flows through the web up until about Saturday.

New stuff from UK seems to come out on Sunday here.

Anyways, I think this is her story this week. Either she or her mom leaked it.

I am willing to bet there will be a denial, which will be next week's story. After that, a relapse, side boob, cooter shot or she had sex with somebody in a bathroom or stairwell and almost violated her parole, etc, etc. She knows how to keep herself in the news, that's for sure. said...

Let's get for real, folks. Lindsay only did rehab because she got arrested and everyone was having a field day with it. Not exactly conducive to "getting clean" and having it really work.

Anonymous said...

I wasnt talking about grammar and spelling, I was talking about punctuation. If you dont have it, it makes things hard to read, and while I'm not here for perfection, I would actually like to be able to understand whats on the page without having to stop and reread several times before I get it?

Jerry said...

Lindsay is doing this because she wants to do it and it is disappointing to say the least.

Disappointing? Hardly. Lindsay Lohan consistently lives up to every expectation I have of her.


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