Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Sex Tapes Are Not Just A US Problem

The most popular show in Vietnam and one of the most popular in all of Asia was canceled last week. The reason was a sex tape scandal that shocked conservative Vietnam and caused the State run Television Network to cancel the nation's most popular show and shaming the star who had been hailed as a role model for all kids to emulate.

19 year old Hoang Thuy Linh was the starring actress in Vang Anh’s Diaries, known as Vàng Anh Ơi in the native tongue, a daytime soap opera in Vietnam. The television show focused on students and life in school, and was upheld as a model show by parents.

The grainy sex video was actually taken on a cell phone video camera and is about 20 minutes long. The video was the most popular video on YouTube for two days although the western media didn't catch on until YouTube released it's daily views. The video has been removed from YouTube and Linh went on national television in Vietnam to tearfully apologize to her fans.

Her boyfriend and the guy who released the video have not been blamed which is so wrong.

Obviously this is NSFW, but if you care to watch


kellygirl said...

if anybody here in America thinks the double standard is any different from that in Vietnam, think again.
It is always the woman who is shamed and the man is heroic.
Even when a married man (BP) leaves his wife (JA) for a single woman (AJ) the only scorn dished out is at the woman who supposedly caused the demise of the marriage. you rarely hear anyone speak to what a cheater the married man is.
And you never hear anyone call the male in the video a slut. It's actually a boon to their career.

jax said...

Wow that's some hairy bush. lol.
I can't beleive I just watchted that, I feel kinda pervy now.

Poor girl...she's 19 for eff's sake and yes no matter what country its all the same story.

Saturday fun,sunday shame for the girl and monday glory for the guy. said...

DAMN DUDE, slow down!!! He's going at a speed just below "rabbit" wonder she doesn't look like she's having much fun.

Unknown said...

LMFAO Brenda<3!
'He's going at a speed just below "rabbit" '

Rachel said...

Gross. She gave up on the oral (aka the best part) too quickly.

Charles said...

Wait. I think everyone's missing the real scandal.

They have enough battery life AND memory to make a 20 minute cell phone video?

Anonymous said...


I haven't seen it since I am at work but the comments you people make are hilarious.

kellygirl said...

Sylvia - pour yourself a nice Happy Hour cocktail before you hit play.

Unknown said...

She is a total starfish! Laying on the bottom with her arms and legs splayed.

~'~Jen~'~ said...

Damn I'd be humiliated about how boring that video was. Five seconds of oral and then some jackrabbit sex? Tommy and Pam were so much hotter. Even Kim and RJ were hotter than that.

Unknown said...

man, he was trying... what a limp rag she was. The real shame is she let herself be filmed being such a poor lay.

Unknown said...

man u gotta slow down if u go to fast ur gonna burn her..
she gave up the oral sex to qick wat a shame on her.

jasmine_35 said...

I felt bad for her,cu'z she let this Jackrabbit hump on her. No wonder she doesnt look so happy cu'z this Dude doesnt know what his doing,his so boring and disgusting what a shame on you "DUDE"!!!!!

Unknown said...

Folks, cut these "kids" some slack. First off, for all the sex "heroes" here, how much experience did YOU have at 19? Secondly, it's obvious this guy set her up and wanted to ruin her. The way he forces her to face the camera once he turns her over, he wanted everyone to see WHO he was having sex with. Scumbag if you ask me. I feel sorry for her. Too bad our judgment at 19 isn't what it becomes later in life. I simply wish her the best for her future.

azaaa~ said...

lol, personally i DONT think this clip is boring at all.

it's NOT that usual sort of disgusting CARNAL kinds of clips where most knocked-up girls seem to PRETEND to get high on sex, to whimper SO loudly, to SCREAM "oh, fuck u, u're good!" -_-|||

honestly, those vulgar showy sorts are the boring ones.

this clip's more sensual. more intimate. affectionate. if you guys observe her body language more closely, her whimpers were so soft and so breathless that she couldn't even answer him when he asked her something.

technically, a girl in orgasmic state shouldn't be able to scream coz she should've been too breathless and exhausted to have the lung power to utter even a few words.

so she bucked during the short oral. she must've been really sensitive down there. maybe she was turned on real fast? but it seems more likely that she DID have fun after all.

too bad he doesnt deserve her. he's such an attention-man-whore who wanted just 20 mintues of notoriety. i still think the clip is fine though.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

I have no idea how that vietnam show is one of top Asian show..."one of the most popular in all of Asia" never heard of it and not interested... I would like to know where author got idea of that description.

But w/e about that... this kind of scandal is... normal now days isn't it? Female actress or singer having some photo, video of their personal life coming out to media...

Unknown said...

This guy is such a scum bag for ruining her like that. And obviously with the intentions to do exactly what he did.
What a dick.

TruthIsRevolution said...

KellySirkus and Mia: Stop being such crybaby feminist bitches!!
The guy is not a dick for publishing the video. He was part of it so HE has a right over the video too. If he wants to publish a video he is in, that is his right!

As for the "shame" given to women who pose nude, that has all been created by the FEMINISTS! It's the feminists that made female sexuality and nudity a shameful experience; they are always the ones who talk about it being "degrading" or "exploitative to women". Any shame associated with female nudity and repression of the female body can be directly linked to the feminazis! They even complain if a woman does a nude scene in a movie...those bitches will call it "exploitative" (but not complain if a man shows his nudity). Feminists make women feel guilty about being naked. Feminists are the TRUE oppressors of women!


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