Monday, October 22, 2007

Keri Russell By Ellen von Unwerth


Unknown said...

Nice pics. Hope she used the 5 second rule on that fry.

Anonymous said...

She really is stunning. I'm a bad gay, I never watched Felicity and now I feel bad about it.

Anonymous said...

Wow - most adorable pin up shoot. Keri looks fabulous!

Tracee said...

Felicity was wonderful! I miss it! I love the fry photo!

jax said...

I love me some Felicity but this is..not good. Kinda looks like all those bad ads for Halloween costumes.

Wow after a second look, I really don't like it at all..very unnatural poses even playing on the 50s pinup look.
Maybe I'm being harsh but the stylist should be shot.

Mother Campfire said...

I agree with usual.

I think she's hot, totally. However, it really seems like a cheap ploy to turn on dirty old men...not young men with a pinup fetish. It's creepy, and honestly all I could think was 'she's a mother...shouldn't she tone it down a bit?'. I thought she had more class.

When did I get so conservative?! *shudder*

Hez said...

More importantly, these are now months old!

I think Ent's dropping hints about something. Maybe we'll find out later when the BIs come.

jax said...

LMAO @ Melissa.

Hez- agreed..some of them look like she's preggers in them.

Mother Campfire said...

and it

thanks Hez love. :)

Anonymous said...

What a great shoot! She was terrible on Scrubs, though. Couldnt even recognize her for a full episode, without that signature crazy curly hair. And her performance was a little tired and dry, so uninspired. Never saw Felicity. Heard good things, though.

kellygirl said...

I love her!!!!

great phots!

Unknown said...

Great shots, nice theme, awesome use of colour.

And as I said before, Keri Russell is a bitch and I hate her because she is just so gorgeous...*seething with jealousy*

LOL ;)

schneefloeckli said...

VERY photoshoped but still gorgeous - even though they blew up her lips in a weird way and they removed her mole.

But as Hez said, these are from April, so I also guess it's a hint of some kind.

bluegirl said...

I love these photos! She looks fabulous. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE those shoes. Just saw Waitress and it was a really quirky, cute little movie. I recommend it.

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