Thursday, October 25, 2007

What If Bars Had Child Care Services?

I know it is a dream of many of you. You say to yourself every weekend, "Gosh I'd like to go to a bar and get shit-faced, but I just can't find anyone to watch the kids. It's too bad that I can't bring the kids to the bar, and let them watch mommy and daddy get hammered and flirt with strangers."

Well unlike my childhood, which did include trips to bars with my parents, for the rest of you, the above dream is just a dream. Until now. It's not actually a bar, but hey, close enough.

If you are lucky enough to live in Brookfield, WI, the Marcus Majestic Cinema has begun serving alcoholic beverages and prepared entrees in its adults-only auditoriums and providing a babysitting service. "We want to create an entertainment destination and reach people who might not otherwise come to a movie theater," Marcus Theatres spokesman Carlo Petrick told the newspaper

I am all for booze at the movies. Whatever it takes to get the crowds in, then I am okay with. It's that last little ditty about the babysitting service. I know that it is really no different from going to a neighbors house for a party with the kids, having a few drinks and going home, but to me it just seems more seemly. Even if you have a designated driver, the kid is going to see either mom or dad laying next to them in the backseat, and perhaps spending some time with their head out of the window, saying, "it's okay honey, daddy just ate some bad oysters."


Anonymous said...

They have booze in movie theaters in New Zealand (I'm sure other countries, too), it was only a matter of time til it came here.

I just love that it's in Wisconsin. said...

I'm always skeptical of the quality of babysitting services at places like that, or gyms or wherever.

jax said...

"We want to create an entertainment destination and reach people who might not otherwise come to a movie theater,"

You mean responsible parents?
What an asshat. If you can't find or pay a sitter what makes him think they'll find a cab home?

Kitty said...

Hasn't anyone ever heard of a babysitter? Kids need to stick to a schedule, especially a bedtime schedule, not tagging along with mater and pater on their drunken sprees.


__-__=__ said...

So nobody knows that Texas bars and dance halls welcome the children? I didn't have to look far before I found a pic:

And there are plenty more. I don't understand it but hey, that's me.


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