Monday, October 22, 2007

"Gina, Meet Gheena"

If Prince had his way it would have been Gina Gershon taking the role of leading lady on the iconic album and film Purple Rain. Gina Gershon, who is desperate to do a Bound sequel was coming clean with a reporter about her desire to do the sequel when she started rambling about Prince and Purple Rain and how she almost became a one name sidekick zombified to do Prince's bidding. Gina was in high school when she first heard from the pop star. Prince called her out of nowhere, said he liked her and wanted to meet her and could help her with her career. Prince then flew Gina out to Minneapolis, and offered to transform her into Gheena.

She asked if he meant Gheena Gershon and when Prince replied, "No. Just Gheena," Gina realized Prince might be a little off his rocker and so decided to go to college instead.


Khemenu said...

What's the source on this?

jax said...

Source: Gina's last bid attempt at publicity.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Prince was the one who asked her to plump up her lips.

And Bound was a fantastic movie. I'd love to see the Wachkowski siblings do a non-scifi movie again.

Jerry said...

She might be my number one Celebrity I'd Most Like To Boink. I see her Myspace page has 11000 friends. I'd like to be her friend. Not enough to set up a Myspace page though.


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