Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Blind Item #5

One of the leaders in this petition movement to have the child porn guy restored to his former glory spent much of the past six months doing roleplays where she was basically degrading herself everyday with the guy just to land a part. It cost her a relationship with what she was having to do. She has had a long dry spell and wanted the part that was promised to her. Now, she sees all that going up in smoke. As for one of the actors who signed the petition? There is a very long blind item about what he has done to some of his partners, so probably not the person who should be leading the cause for you.


MDAnderson said...

Selma Blair

Tricia13 said...

Yeah Selma Blair/Janes Gunn-begging Disney to rehire him

Brayson87 said...

+1 MD & Tricia


dougal said...

Selma Blair was who i was thinking too. Dave Bautista?

MDAnderson said...

Who is the actor??

Unknown said...

Sean Penn for the violent woman beater

MeliticusBee said...

Selma Blair and Dave Bautista

Tricia13 said...

Dave Bautista....maybe?

Sara, Making It Work said...

Bautista is the most outspoken of the actors, but Michael Rooker quit Twitter in protest, so he's a possibility.

Anyone know what the actor's blind is? Does it sound familiar?

gauloise said...

Sarah Silverman is also on the rehire Gunn train, she's just been doing voice work recently

Randaleese said...

Pop up ads on here suck the corn off the cob big time!

Unknown said...

So Selma was letting some producer shit on her, or tie her up and make her eat his ass (or whatever) for a walk on part in GoTG 3, and now she's worried the projects gonna be cancelled? Man I'd have paid her at least 20 bucks to eat my ass out and it turns out she's been doing it for free?

Ophelia said...

Definitley Selma and Bautista. Wow imagine going from Me Too advocate to Defender of Sickos :) Would that be her superhero name in GoTG 3?

And wow @Randaleese that analogy just yanked me back to my Midwest childhood haha

J said...

What she chose to do.

Rosie riveter said...

James Gunn is a disgusting POS and anyone who sticks up for him is going to hell also

Unknown said...

@Vessimede, get yourself a video camera and something that looks like a movie script. You too can be banging thirsty hotties, in three easy steps!

Unknown said...

If that's the reason she's sticking up for him, that's hilarious. I figured it was just the usual politics, butthurt that their methods got used against one of their own for once.

GotG3 won't be cancelled (unless far worse comes out), but her part might be if that's how she got it. Though the second didn't live up to the first, it's still one of their more popular franchises, and it takes a couple movies for audiences to realize a franchise has gone south. They could have a rabid monkey direct GotG3 and it would do fine. Speaking of rabid monkeys, I think Rian Johnson is available, though he's been mass-deleting tweets too. This is my shocked face.

Spider Rico said...


GingerGirl said...

Bobcat Goldwait is standing up for him too. Wasn’t he guessed as the answer to a blind recently? That would fit.

nonyabusiness said...

It's disturbing how so many are sticking up for him. Hollyweird is sick.

Sara, Making It Work said...

See, Disney? This is what happens when you buy up everything. Not everyone in Hollywood can live up to the "Disney image". Any other parent company and nobody would care.
(Never mind that outright Disney employees are some of the worst people to exist, but....)

SDaly said...

Funny thing. I didn't hold Gunn's actions against GoTG at all. Thought the project was separate, but having Bautista and Blair support him like this have actually soured me on the film. It will be hard to go to the movie, see Bautista on screen, and not think about his minimizing Gunn's behavior.

Brayson87 said...

I don't recall Bautista being associated with a previous blind, thought he was an okay guy.

Lo Key says stop with the censorship already! said...

Yeah, not remembering any blinds about Bautista or Rooker, anybody got links?

Lo Key says stop with the censorship already! said...

What about Pratt? Frequent subject of blinds, has publically supported Gunn.

Anothergrayhare said...

@Randaleese, try the "Brave" browser, someone mentioned it on CDAN a few weeks ago and I've used it since (only for CDAN, as it's the only site that has popups incessantly). Thanks to whoever suggested it. It has made this site readable again on my iPad.

Rafael said...

James Gunn is a pedo??? Lmao these alt-Alt-right morons.

AkhaldanSolo said...

This has got to be about Pratt

Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Karen Gillan Speak Out Amid James Gunn Fallout; Petition To Rehire ‘Guardians’ Director Gains Steam

I found one blind about him and his exploits with prostitution but I'm coming up blank o any other search results does anyone have links to the Pratt blinds?

tinydancer61 said...

Gunn is a disgusting reptile and the people who stick up for him are dirt on the bottom of society's shoe.

AkhaldanSolo said...

Rafael said...

James Gunn is a pedo??? Lmao these alt-Alt-right morons.

No. James Gunn is NOT a convicted pedophile but his incendiary and atrocious language has attracted much attention to the possibility that he is. Not to mention the Enty blind just yesterday implying he was actually under suspicion for possession of child porn as of 2 months ago.

Do you even pay attention here or is the ecstasy just now fuzzing out of your brain this morning?

Unknown said...

Rafael is a paid troll. My guess is a David Brock operation. Share Blue maybe.

Angela said...

CDAN says that Gunn is a pedo.

Basically, Gunn was forced out of his gig by a campaign by beloved Pizzagate investigator (and alleged rapist) Mike Cernovich and another alt.right guy, who exhumed old tweets and posts full of gross and puerile jokes, which actually comes at no surprise (I had heard about the tweets years ago), given that Gunn worked for schlock studio Troma.

A BI yesterday claimed that Gunn was actually linked to a real child porn network through some vague connections. Here come the little hands in the comments, who connect all the dots and find some more in the process, because they WANT to believe.

Now that the herd has been satisfied once, Enty can make another connection, with some even juicier stuff about Selma Blair, which allows him to feed his narrative further on.

But once again, I'm a little surprised by the number of different sources Enty automatically gets on child molesting every time there's a menton. By this point, we had dozens of them here. I would understand if we got one or two different sources, people that the police didn't take into consideration and who lay the truth in another place, but we got somebody who sounds very informed of everything that regards pedophilia in the film, TV and music industry.

So, three possibilities.
1. It's all true. Enty really knows an awful number of child abuse victims and they have all talked to him (then, why post this after Gunn was fired, when it doesn't matter that much anymore, rather than months ago, when he was very powerful?)
2. It's all true. Enty has a few contacts with child molesting networks, and they like to talk to him about what they're doing to teenagers and toddlers.
3. Most of this crap is actually made up

In this case, posting much more serious allegations against Gunn serves an agenda. It implies that there was no vendetta by creeps such as Cernovich against celebrities (he managed to get another guy, Sam Seder, fired over what was clearly a joke, months ago before the guy was reinstated). It builds the narrative that liberals in Hollywood are all child abusing monsters, who shouldn't be listened to. And it reinforces the readers into their beliefs that they should trust people like Trump, who claim they're getting the country rid of pedophiles, sometimes by putting brown-skinned kids into captivity far away from their parents, and we all know that there's never any rape in jail.

Just kidding. But the BIs are most likely made up.

orangesoda said...

Is it Bautista? Did I miss a blind about him? I don't recall anything about him at all. I was thinking Pratt.

Anonymous said...

Add patton oswalt to the list of pedos since he admitted it on his twitter.

IanPhlegming said...

Mike Cernovich is being mistakenly identified as the guy who took down Gunn. It's not true.

The independent researchers and tech geniuses on the chans took down Gunn. Cernovich merely took all their research and made it more widely available and disseminated on Twitter and other social media platforms.

Some people are desperate to smear the message because of the messenger in Gunn's disgrace, and Cernovich makes an easy villain. Hundreds of independent researchers and analysts on the chans are harder to personify and thus humanize as a villain. Also, the real villains don't want the masses to know the chans even exist.

As for Cernovich, I would never deny he is a vainglorious pig. But he has also done good work bringing awareness of the global pedophile ring to the fore. He has definitely scored points against Polanski, raising awareness of his other pre-teen victims. He has a very large network of followers, and it's not impossible for his platform to do some good.

Angela said...

"Independent researchers"?

Darling, this stuff was out in the open for years. Around the days the first Guardians of the Galaxy was released, I had heard about old posts by Gunn about a list of the "50 hottest female superheroes" and other jokes in poor taste, as a few feminists thought the material objectionable. So, when the news came that he had been fired, I thought that it would be about some other material he had posted under assumed identities, something more incriminating. Nope. The exact same bad jokes. So, don't pat yourself on the back for doing research. By the way, some guy in his mancave just discovered a new technology and posted about it on 4Chan. He's calling it "the wheel",

I've actually dealt with a few people on 4Chan and even 8Chan. These are also places for stalkers, revenge porn and the likes. There's also a toxic mob like mentality. So, "analysts" on 4Chan? Now? Raising a pitchfork in hope of some lynching doesn't make an analyst.

Tiredallthetime said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Original Aunty said...

It's one thing to KNOW about Gunn. Its quite another to take the time and energy to aggregate and present the evidence in nice, bite-sized tweets. The chans are well-positioned to do MAXIMUM damage to Holly-weird its legion of kiddle-fuckers.

Been sharpening pitchfork tines for years. They stand ready. To strike. Tick-tock.

Poor Mick said...

I'm not retyping that long-ass thing on the Gunn blind from yesterday, but I think I made my case why I don't 100% buy Gunn as a pedo, at least not yet. The worst stuff anyone cited as far as things he's actually done was being chummy with a pedo before he was outed and convicted. Really shitty, but not out of bounds for the low moral bar of Hollywood. Tell me someone found his cloud drive or someone's come forward with something he's done while he's vulnerable, then I'll bite.

They can hide for a long time, but they're usually not so good they stay off the tabloid and gossip radar almost entirely until the second they're "busted" by a group with obvious ulterior motives. Show me some Gunn blinds that foreshadowed this; where's my paper trail?

IanPhlegming said...

Angela's pivot to deride the chans without acknowledging how she already spent 500 words pointlessly attacking Cernovich as the original force behind Gunn's disgrace tells you all you need to know about "her" bias here.

Chans & some of their friends in US govt. and military intelligence gonna take all Angela's friends down, in excruciating slow motion. Going to be a great show!

Poor Mick said...

Wait... when did we start trusting the government?

Cheetah said...

If Disney fires Roseanne over tweet about an odd looking woman she didn't know was black, assuming her to be a racist, Disney better damn well assume Gunn shouldn't be around anyone under the age of 18 with years of gross tweets about children.

Unknown said...

Angela's repeating the false narrative that everyone knew about these "jokes in poor taste" years ago, because Gunn apologized for some tweets in 2012. That's false. Those were supposedly sexist and racist tweets. These child-rape tweets didn't come up then. Either no one happened to notice them, or the people offended by sexism and racism weren't offended by them.

They want you to think he's being re-punished here for something he's already done penance for. That's a lie.

I don't assume that everyone speaking up for him knows what they're really speaking up for, because if you don't read the tweets yourself, you'll probably buy the MSM narrative that it's just "edgy humor." You'll assume this is a typical overreaction like we've seen with other cases where one or two past offensive statements got someone fired. But people who want to defend him should educate themselves. It doesn't seem like humor to me, but I guess some people find child rape hilarious.

Poor Mick said...

If I'm "speaking up for him" then it's because I don't buy either the MSM line OR the 8chan line. I swear that most people who think the chan boards are a reliable resource and a bastion of moral certainty have never actually seen the website outside of screenshots. Your average Groyper type probably posts enough vile shit in three days to compare to the three years they compiled on Gunn, and who knows how much of it they seriously mean or would act on. Go look for yourselves and experience that signal-to-noise ratio firsthand, get a nice big whiff.

4chan's meant a lot of things to different people at different times, but something definitely switched when namedropping the site stopped being shorthand for /b/ and started meaning /pol/ instead. Nobody even talks about Scio there anymore because that's "uncool old fart stuff" (though they'd phrase it differently) at this point; it's not even mob justice fads anymore, it really is a personal army now.

Believe whatever you want about what Gunn did, but as far as the things people say I expect people to apply their standards consistently.

La-Juice said...

wow, the lot of you who subscribe to anything being touted as investigated or analyzed by or on 4chan... sigh. Momma always said hollywood is full of bullshit grifters and nutjobs... well done proving "momma right.

insert "that's just what they want you to think" nic cage meme, here.

plot said...


"Hundreds of independent researchers and analysts on the chans"

SNORT! Oh you do give a lot of credit to your favorite angry basement snowflakes, don't you.

plot said...


"The chans are well-positioned to do MAXIMUM damage to Holly-weird its legion of kiddle-fuckers. "

The chans have no interest in doing any such thing unless it's to position themselves to be the kiddie diddlers they imagine all of Hollywood to be. The chans are rank with envy, absolutely stinking of it. If those incels and red pillers want anything, it's nice young meat to accede to all their sexual desires by force. It's why they can't quit talking about it....EVER.

plot said...


"Angela's pivot to deride the chans without acknowledging how she already spent 500 words pointlessly attacking Cernovich as the original force behind Gunn's disgrace tells you all you need to know about "her" bias here."

I know you can write clearly. I've seen it. This is not one of those times.

AppleThief4Elliot said...

@Angela +1 I think we have to be a little more skeptical when we know there's a a campaign to get someone. Some of those Gunn tweets were obviously being misconstrued on purpose. One of them was like, "Water pressure in this hotel is so bad it's like being peed on by a four year old." Now, as a joke that sucks, but it's not really pedo, imho.
Of course, I, like everyone here, don't know. But it is clear Gunn, who is political online got targetted. So maybe some of that is being bolstered here.

plot said...

@Poor Mick


It amazes me that anyone could read the chans, 4 and 8, or VOAT and come away with a high opinion of their analytical abilities. Do they read what is talked about there 24/7? The ugliness of their humor that goes way beyond the pale, straight into sexual harassment, abuse and yeah, kiddy jokes and desires. They make light of rape, of any kind, as both humorous and a serious goal. THOSE are the guys one trusts for research and bringing the baddies down? They ARE the bad guys, through and through. And they love being the private army of Cernovich, Milo or any other guy who makes them feel okay with their aggression and lack of emotional depth - like Trump.

Post Cards From The Edge said...

Jamie Dlux did a video on him, it's worth watching. Gunn has connections with a convicted paedophile.


Angela said...

There may have been some real discussions at 4Chan in the early days. Now, when somebody there claims he's doing investigation work on child pornography, that means he's been busy watching uncensored JAV with schoolgirl cosplay to check if some of the girls are underage. Just don't mention the lotion and the paper tissues next to the keyboard.

If the pedophile claims from this site about Gunn were true, he wouldn't have been fired officially by Disney over these tweets and the witch hunt by Cernovich. Gunn would have "resigned" at a quiet moment, months earlier or later, because it would have been the easiest way to bury the problem for both parties. Now, the cast of the films is taking sides with Gunn, there's a petition with hundreds of thousands of signatures to ask for his re-hiring. That's literally the opposite of going smoothly.

Gunn was most likely fired because Disney didn't want to give the impression they were partisan. They fired Roseanne (never a BI about her here...) because she was obviously a racist loon who also shared conspiracy theories on her Twitter feed. Gunn was very vocal, certainly too much, in his political positions, but he was the designated victim to show that there was no liberal bias at Disney when they fired Roseanne, just corporate policy. That's just the explanation that makes the most sense. Of course, Disney also gave some legitimacy to some disgusting right wing activists who had called for Gunn's head, but at least they proved they were no lefties.

Also, some disclosure. "Angela" may be my Blogger handle, but I'm definitely male.

plot said...

That makes the most sense, Angela The Man. Also, many of the studios are going overboard because they want to appear to be aligned with us, not those shitty actors, producers and directors. They are the issue, not the studios themselves. So firing Gunn is a way for Disney to virtue signal, isn't it.

Itttt said...

Look at all the paid shill pedo defenders' comments!



IanPhlegming said...

Interesting everyone keeps saying "4 chan," when 8chan is the place the real dirt gets dropped, mostly.

4 chan was infiltrated some time back by shills and liars and studio types. That's why 8 chan was created.

I read 8 chan and 4 chan and not just the highlights. I'm not surprised most people here who criticize it have no idea what it is. Nor am I surprised "Angela" is a man. Totally obvious, just like Plot, because almost all the most ardent pedo-defenders are men.

Rosie riveter said...

Not surprised at all that Angela is a man. Anyone defending these monsters are also terrible, and I personaly find (the few) female ped0 apologists reprehensible and unforgivable.
Women are to PROTECT CHILDREN, stick together, and help. Always.
You are Vile people

Sd Auntie said...

I don't give a crap about what party affiliations the undercover agents are. Just as long as these kiddie lovers are locked up and thrown In jail.

Cree said...

Im not a 4chan user nor do I really agree with some things I've seen/heard from it, but at the end of the day James Gunn said what he said. No one made him say those things, no one edited his post.

The reason he's been exposed is irrelevant (imo) when discussing if he should keep his job or not. Disney isnt a company without it's share of bones, but it is a family oriented company (in image).Those tweets were pretty bad and I dont think they were all jokes.

Innocent until proven guilty, but he's in a position where what he says and does reflects on the company, ofc they're going to want to distance themselves. James wasnt young when he was making those comments, he was what? 45 or so? Old enough to know better.

This outrage isnt fake, I knew nothing of these tweets until recently and Im disgusted by them. He doesnt need to be around anything a child might come to or see.

People should be shamed for glorifying and attempting to normalize abuse, let it serve as a lesson.

Angela said...

Hey, I'm not at all a pedo defender. I'm just saying that this particular site tends to label every single celebrity that the writer despises as a pedo, without much evidence, so they can be regarded as the pure incarnation of evil.

I've just found out the Jean-Claude Juncker BI. If it isn't some weird Brexit propaganda shit, I don't know what it is. Juncker's drinking appears to be a huge issue now, it has affected the institutions (with some assistant being illegally promoted to the higher ranks of the European Commission because Juncker needs a constant help, due to his condition), and it has somewhat paralyzed Europe, as the countries agreed to leave Juncker in power until the 2019 elections. There can be a lot of digging around this scandal, as it reveals how much opaqueness there's in Brussels.
But then Enty says the magical word, "pedo", and you all connect it to every other pedo story published there. The Clintons, Jeffrey Epstein, David Geffen, Steven Spielberg, now Netflix, etc. A complex political story becomes something simply monstrous and satanic.
Accusing somebody to be a pedophile is also a typically Belgian tradition, as conspiracy theorist (and former Belgian MP) Laurent Louis claimed without any evidence that high ranking members of the government were involved in networks, including the then PM (who was gay) along probably with a few members of the royal family. Of course, he also connected that to the Marc Dutroux case from the nineties and he was a Holocaust denier.

"Pedophile" has become a trigger word here and among the MAGA crowd hungry for a good witch hunt in the basement of a pizzeria. Enty just needs to qualify somebody as a pedophile, and to make connections with his gallery of other alleged pedophiles, with a few actual ones in the middle, for readers to label the target an actual pedophile and monster. Even if they don't mind people like Roy Moore, where there is ample documentation of his unhealthy interest towards teenage girls.
During McCarthyism, gossip columnists just needed to brand somebody as a commie to break their career (just read the Wikipedia entry for Jean Seberg to see how much J. Edgar Hoover influenced the press to paint her in a negative light). Now, pedophilia accusations have been weaponized to destroy a public reputation, up to the point that 4Chan or 8Chan is now a more trustable source than any police investigation.

(end of part 1, part 2 below)

Angela said...

(part 2)

If you're accused, you're guilty, because Enty wouldn't lie (or make up stories) over such a serious matter that involves the lives of children. You know the kids that Trump would give his life to protect (unless they're immigrants).
If you dismiss the claims, because a lof of them are just shady (the Kubrick story was a total fabrication for instance) or too detailed for somebody tangentially related to the entertainment industry to know that much, you get labeled, as I am, as a pedophile enabler or supporter.

While I'm just tired of the bullshit here.
The site keeps on alleging that every major liberal figure in the film industry (like George Clooney, David Geffen or Steven Spielberg) is a pedo and secretly campaigns to get pedophilia legalized. As such, they shouldn't be trusted, and they would be in jail in a fair world, aka a world where Enty's claims are taken at face value.
I've also noticed that Enty now basically implies that every male celebrity who is gay and out of the closet is an actual pedophile, in an equivalence I just find revulsive.
Finally, it just depicts pedophiles in a totally childish way, as if they were basically bogeymen. In the real world, these are people who deserve to be put in isolation (usually prison) but who are often themselves former victims of molestation as kids who then repeat the same pattern in a different role. Read most of the true stories about pedophilia, most of the pedophiles don't decide one day to rape kids because they have a lot of money, they're famous and they want something special and fun to share with their liberal friends, they're attracted to kids because an adult with a kid is the first form of sexuality they experienced and they take it as a form of "love". The stories are disgusting, but also sad, when you realize that the guy was previously a victim himself, and he never had a chance to get help and have these memories repealed in due time.

I don't endorse or support pedophilia in any way. I'd spit over Polanski about what he did to the teenage girl (and most likely a few others). The guy deserves jail time.
But I also want to inform people that pedophilia is being instrumentalised here as the supreme accusation to discredit anybody, without any further evidence. It's glaring, up to the point that every other major gossip site cut ties with CDAN when they realized that most of the content was made up and served an agenda.
And most of you don't want the truth or to be enlightened. You just want a comfortable story that gives you some reason to hate some guy. That's what the site provides to you.


Oh look, a pedo enabler from France, where they literally elected a groomed faggot who sells weapons with his lover to kill kids in Yemen and elsewhere.

And what is he doing? Defending pedos like Juncker and "liberal Hollywood actor" pedos.



So you've got

-An organized institutional pedophile ring in the UK
-An organized institutional pedophile ring in the US
-An organized institutional pedophile ring in the EU

BUT EN LA FRANCE? NON! because they haven't been sheltering Polanski for "reasons" for so many years now.

Look at this feeble frog muppet attempt to hasbara in English, it would be adorable if he wasn't defending pedophiles.

"Every major gossip site has cut ties with CDAN!"
🤣🤣🤣🤣 Wait, who are you again and what are you trying to do?

" Read most of the true stories about pedophilia, most of the pedophiles don't decide one day to rape kids because they have a lot of money, they're famous and they want something special and fun to share with their liberal friends, they're attracted to kids because an adult with a kid is the first form of sexuality they experienced and they take it as a form of "love". The stories are disgusting, but also sad, when you realize that the guy was previously a victim himself, and he never had a chance to get help and have these memories repealed in due time.

I don't endorse or support pedophilia in any way."



"George Clooney was raping kids in Sardinia because of unresolved childhood trauma he, a wealthy multimillionaire, just wasn't able to resolve. Really it's sad. We should all just feel sad and condemn the cyberbullies."
-Angela, the Frenchman


"Pierre_Person" appears to be a shell email account connected to Ziad Takieddine, Lebanese arms dealer, Karachi Affair raconteur and disgraced Sarkozy-era money launderer:


In the #MacronLeaks Pierrpersongmail.com.7z archive - in an email dated April 24, 2017 - pierre_person is cc'd in a what appears to be a high-level email to a small group of powerful advisors close to Macron...



"Top: +1 for the meeting. We need to take a "bigger picture" approach to our strategy for the upcoming 2 weeks between both silos. Concerning nuances and those who will attach themselves to the party: the Interior Minister wants to register them backwards so that the members coming to us from the Socialist Party can join us with the socialist tag. When the results come in, it's the tag/nuance that is displayed everywhere, also by the media. Also, we need to find consequences for those from the Socialist Party who may somewhat not be backing us 100% when campaigning for us. Complicated And I need the letter that still isn't written (currently in the hands of Auxence) Quick meetup at 3PM if you want? Pierre can you tell me the risk? I have a contact at the Interior Ministry if needed"

Macron's lover Takkieddine is Amal Clooney's uncle?
Oh my, better flood the comments with more incredulous DGSE patsies!
What are the de Rothschilds up to in this era I wonder and should it be discussed here as well? After all, it's all in the family, right?

Rosie riveter said...

Angela the man, did you just claim you're not a ped0apologist in pt.1 then fall all over yourself making excuses for them in pt.2?
Its early, I could be wrong
(I'm not)

Thot Crimes said...

@thepedodefenceleague - Certainly let's concern ourselves with the messenger and the source(s) than the tweets themselves. The chans are the most racially diverse white supremacist friendship simulator image sharing boards of light ever. If you choose not to understand that, you'll be for ever in the dark.

@plot - nice baits mates.

Angela said...

I don't try to minimize the harm done by child molesters.
I'm just saying that it's almost never some hedonistic guy who is tired of the regular sex he can get every day and who joins his other liberal friends in some secret society that abuses dozens of kids every year. These are almost always deeply fucked up individuals, who often struggle with these appetites, not your average celebrity who would casually schedule two hours of child molesting on the diary of their smartphone, putting their best pal on CC, between two other projects. Which is basically the way this site always depict pedophiles. For a site that well informed, there isn't a lot of variety in the profiles of the creeps.

If George Clooney, Steven Spielberg or Jean-Claude Juncker turn up to be pedophiles, I'll be the first to want them jailed for life.
The problem is that you (and I) only got ONE SINGLE SOURCE about every case, this blog. And you take these allegations as proven facts, while you just have the word of Enty. Some people multiply comments where they rephrase it in different ways, but basically the only person in all the of Internet who makes these claims is Enty.
As I said in other threads, I have multiple reasons to conclude that a lot of the other BIs are total fabrications. The timelines don't match, only the people mentioned in the BI know the truth about it and never spoke about it, yet Enty found out. Paul Thomas Anderson has a story to tell in a style that's just the opposite of everything his films are about. Etc.
Which is why I apply the same scepticism to these child abuse stories. You think I'm crossing a line? What if Enty was the one who was crossing the line and making up these stories to get more traffic and to suggest that all of Hollywood is rotten to the core, as if he had a score to settle with the industry?


Oh you think we're solely informed by CDAN.
Maybe some.
Certainly not all.

You are spilling too much virtual ink in defense of something you shouldn't. If you want France and Europe to be a pedohaven I'm sure that's fine and you and your aristocrats and churches and banks can decide to do that, but here in America we've decided we don't want that for our country.

So Lafayette and Washington, totally gay, right?

Angela said...

Another thing: the site repeatedly outs celebrities as pedophiles.
Yet, it never had anything about Mark Salling, even when the guy was a target of other BIs, before the scandal started. Yet, Salling was probably the highest profile Hollywood celebrity in recent times to face this kind of charges. CDAN wrote about his "murder" and his involvement with a ring, but it was only after the case was revealed.

The opposite is also quite true: the site makes claims about people, but nothing ever materializes, even for the very heavy claims. He writes about people or organizations for which there are already facts or rumors (Dan Schneider, OxFam) but for the ones he outs on his own, there's never any news from legitimate media about the terrible stuff Enty reports. There isn't a thing such as a victim willing to testify or even a letter of denunciation sent to the press, while these claims make the Spacey case look innocuous in comparison.

Itttt said...

Angela is yet another shill pedo defender, looking to distract, deflect, & disrupt. Ignore the account as you would plot. Don't waste any time reading its bullshit posts.

Angela said...

I will quote myself, because it's too rich:

"If you dismiss the claims, because a lof of them are just shady (the Kubrick story was a total fabrication for instance) or too detailed for somebody tangentially related to the entertainment industry to know that much, you get labeled, as I am, as a pedophile enabler or supporter."

You're all proving my point.

plot said...


The point is that anyone who asks questions of Enty and the posters, perfectly legitimate questions, they are labeled pedo defenders just like you have there. You've proven Angela's point, completely.

It's kinda repetitive and ultimately stupid, don't you think?

Or do you think that every word written by Enty is Truth that no one should question?

BRAD PITT said...

petition to have child porn guy restored to former glory - James Gunn

It cost her a relationship - Jason Bleick

She has had a long dry spell - Selma Blair

one of the actors who signed the petition - Bobcat

her ex Ahmet Zappa looks like Pierre Woodman

Angela said...


They don't care if it's true, they care because it gives them ammunition against people they hate, and also because such a story about Gunn would validate Posobiek and Cernovich's campaign against liberals and depict them as noble knights fighting for the truth rather than the white supremacist creeps they actually are.
When you reach the point where 4Chan manbabies are described as truth investigators, there's no return after that.

The site and its main commenters are becoming increasingly sloppy and careless with hiding their political affiliations.

Original Unknown skeptic said...

@angela &@plot +a billion it’s no use you’re talking to lunatics. They’re actually the ones who have Trump Derangement Syndrome. They’ve become so obsessed with him that he’s like Superman and everyone else is an evil pedophile trying to take over the world. If anyone questions anything because, you know, there isn’t any actual proof, or something doesn’t add up, we’re either paid lackeys or pedo defenders. None of them can possibly believe that we have the ability to think for ourselves and ask questions because they don’t. They just believe all the garbage fed to them no questions asked. That’s why I barely even come on here anymore it’s just exhausting. It’s very clear there’s been a major shift in not just the crowd but the site ownership too. I guess crazy sells. Oh well. Back to my reality TV blogs they’re much more entertaining and not fucked up like this at all. I just came over here because it was the weekend. I’m on a break from
school so I have some free time. I’m going to go spend some time with my hubby.

Rosie riveter said...

Your a fucking nut job.
Whos mentioning Trump?
Lol you are desperate to make everything political
Trump is an idiot, just as you are.

Rosie riveter said...

And we miss you

*tear rolling down my anti-political cheek*

Original Unknown skeptic said...

@rosie you’re all nuts from the same poisonous tree and the whole reason Gunn was targeted is because he’s a Trump critic, try to keep up. All of these Pizzagate pedo conspiracies are borne out of the same anti Semitic far right loony cess pools. It’s all bullshit. You guys always go on about Soros, Spielberg, Podesta, Clinton, Geffen, Pizzagate with no proof at all.


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