Thursday, July 04, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #30 - Old Hollywood

April 8, 2019

There were a lot of tragedies back in old Hollywood. Many of them happened to the actors and actresses that were trying and mostly failing to transition from silent movies to talkies. One of those was the subject of our blind. She was foreign born and worked for some of the biggest directors of the time, including ones still known today. She was always known as someone who would definitely hit the casting couch to get work and she got a lot of work. She even worked a lot via the casting couch even while she was married to an at that time A list actor. The thing is though, he didn't know she was doing that and when he found out, he left her and then started talking publicly about what she had done. This caused her to start losing out on a bunch of work. The husband was not finished with his revenge though. He knew she was an alcoholic who was trying to quit and he would send over producers to her place with booze knowing she would drink it because she wouldn't say no to them for fear of missing out on a job. Soon, her drinking was so bad she couldn't work at all and spent her life trading sex for booze. She didn't even care about money. It was just a procession of men all day and night.

The ex came over one night and got his final revenge by killing her. Her corpse was found several days later, but she was in such bad shape from the abuse her body had taken and what her dog had done to the body that no one even suspected she had been killed and probably wouldn't have done anything about it anyway.

Marie Prevost/Kenneth Harlan


Moose said...

She was a favorite of Mack Sennett and Ernst Lubitsch - that's pretty big scale for an actress you know next to nothing about.

I thought it was funny that she was one of Harlan's 9 wives. Wonder how the other 8 made out with him?

roque said...

Poor Marie. She never had a chance.

Andi said...

Seriously, wondering about the deaths of Ken's other 8 wives

Count Jerkula said...

Way to gaslight a broad.

What parts did the dog eat? Whenever i see a fresh deer on the side of the road, buzzards eat the asshole out first.

Do Tell said...

It wasn't true about her dog eating her body. Her dachshund bit her on the arms and legs trying to wake her up, which makes the story even sadder.

Vita said...

Yes, you do wonder how those other 8 marriages ended! Hideous guy. Old Hollywood was truly rife with sadistic schmucks.

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Robyn S said...

Listen to Nick Lowe's song Marie Provost - Tells the story.

Nefarious P. said...

As a dachshund owner and a Nick Lowe fan, I love that song.

Unknown said...

Joan Crawford was her friend, kept her fed and paid her bills and tried to help rehab her but couldn't. They found hundreds if I.O.U's made out to Crawford in her apartment.


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