Friday, July 05, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #12

January 23, 2019

This celebrity none of you have ever heard of even though she is married to a permanent A list musician from a permanent A- list band that doesn't play any longer got a present from her still skeptical baby daddy. She wants fame in the biggest way since Kate Gosselin. So, our musician paid for some paps to take her photo. Our barely there celebrity spent three hours deciding what to wear and in hair and makeup for the 30 minute shoot which was predictably painful to watch as she tried to look as if it was all random.

Nikki Sixx/Courtney Bingham


Thursday November said...

Whenever the DM has had pics of her they are so funny, just so posed, too aware of herself

Thia said...

I had to google her. She's very generically pretty.

Melissa MM said...

Another gold digger who's just secured her 18 year paycheck 🙄

Unknown said...

Ew she is not pretty.

Phelps said...

Watched Spinal Tap next to the two of them a couple of years ago. (Didn't realize who she was until I just looked up her photo. Def her.)

It OBVIOUSLY his favorite movie, and apparently if the movie is about you, you are allowed to (hilariously) talk through the whole thing to no one in particular, even at Alamo. He almost literally fell out of the seat laughing at the guitar solo scene.

Also, when everyone else got a flight of five beers, he got five PINTS. And ordered two more.

She never laughed at anything in the movie. Not one chuckle. Complete stoneface.

Ava said...

Tommy Lee used to make fun of her all the time. Called her a donut and post stuff about donuts all the time lol

Melissa MM said...

*who has secured

Danielle said...

Look, I dislike her. Not attractive. No real substantive success. Had the man use science to get sperm for her baby. Why he had to fuck around on Donna D’errico and ruin that marriage I don’t know. But I have to question the claim of his drinking pints of beer. Go leave that comment on his socials about 18 years of sobriety if it’s true. I wanna see what Nikki has to say about your claim.

TwoDots said...

Had to google her - one of those people who looks generically bland but definitely views themselves as being higher on the ladder. Too much filler also.

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