Friday, July 05, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #27

January 12, 2019

This sizable gaming company is not publicly traded, but has a couple big hits which are brand names.  The CEO participated in interactive child porn, and held parties where adults would expose themselves to the minors present.

Randy Pitchford/Gearbox


cheesegrater15 said...

Uh, holy fuck. Now this would be an example of libel, if it's not true, and insanely huge news if it is.

Bodysnatcher said...

Motherfucker! The guy is a complete asshole to his "fans" on Twitter, but Gearbox puts out a quality game.

Monkeyweather said...

Prepare yourself for a D5 avalanche of insanely huge news. WAY more to come in this same vein, and WAY worse.

No kidding - if anyone idolizes anyone famous, wealthy, powerful, etc - in govt, Hollywood, the corporate world, or wherever: be prepared to find out bad things. The declassification that's coming is going to trickle out so that people don't fall apart.

cheesegrater15 said...


HushHush said...

Rich tech douchebags not getting away with criminal acts, that would be news. Silicon valley types have NDA's for friends and party goer's. And underage kids who are gamers love to be on the inside. Especially the pro E-sports tools, they're like like the Logan bros, but unheard of to adults.
That said, the only surprise here, is that it's not a Mr. X blind. Since it's not a public company, he wouldn't be interested.

LaurenMaye said...

@monkeyweather, you are completely correct. Dark to light ;)

James Howlett said...


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Em And said...

The stuff about Pitchford has been talked about quite a bit over the last few years in games media. It started with plagiarism, then embezzlement, harassement, child porn, and it doesn't seem to have any end. The guy is nothing but lucky trash whose only real business is making other people's lives garbage.

Puffy Fingers said...

There's plenty of dirt to find on this guy outside of those exploits, like the flash drive he accidentally left at a Medieval Times. The parties Enty is referring to here are creepy "peacock parties" (his term) which were supposedly for staging his magic shows. Lots of super shady guys in the games industry.


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