Thursday, July 04, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #23

February 25, 2019

Academy Awards

This foreign born A- list model/celebrity offspring is only that famous because of who people think she is dating. Last night she told a story about how once when she was 8 or 9 a man stayed at the house and had sex with her actress/model mom. A decade later the offspring had sex with him but didn't know it was the same man until after sex.

Camila Morrone/Leonardo DiCaprio/Lucila Sola


TeeHee@U said...


sandybrook said...

So mommy cheated on Al Pacino with this whoever he is?

taurus1987 said...

i thought leo was closeted?

TwoDots said...

Leo gives me straight-up asexual vibes.

Count Jerkula said...

Leo is rich and famous enough to get mom/dau 3sums, not wait years.

<> said...

Eli Roth and Luis Miguel are both rumored to have slept with Cami and her mother.

<> said...

I love this first pic of Cami with Eli - nothing sweeter on this earth than a teen girl.

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Henriette said...

I still say DiCrapio is in the closet and his true love is Haas.

trufflepig said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
trufflepig said...

I'm confused. Is Leo supposed to be both the man she's 'dating' and the man who slept with her after first banging her mother? That wouldn't make much sense. If there's sex involved, that makes it at least a legit affair, but the first sentence implies it's just another showmance or bearding arrangement. Not to mention you told us for years that Leo can barely get it up with women.

So I'm guessing she didn't say who the guy was; we were just supposed to guess the model, her mom and the PR 'boyfriend'. Or, and this is what I suspect really happened, this blind is made up as usual and you forget who it was about. The wording itself implies that the man who banged both mother and daughter and the man the daughter is 'dating' now are two different people. But you don't remember the original 'solution', so now you're saying, there was no other guy, it was all Leo.

Either way, it's blatanty obvious that you have zero inside knowlege about Leo. Didn't you say month ago his contract with Camila was up and they were about to 'split'. Didn't happen.


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