Friday, July 05, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #24

March 22, 2019

This retired band has been in the news lately. It isn't just that they deny the incident basically took place after previously volunteering that it had, it's that it wasn't the only time. In the early days, they kept a running tally. That all came to an end a few months later because none of them could count above a hundred.

Motley Crue/Sexual Assaults


Hanniam said...

The best part of this entire brief blind is the last line. Well done, Enty/Entern.

Danielle said...

Unpopular opinion: they didn’t have to assault anyone because women wanted to be with them.

TruRes said...

Except Mick. Sorry Mick.

Samantha the 1st said...

Danielle - S A isn't about "have to;" a predator prefers hurting and/or humiliating others.

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OKay said...

@Danielle They're gross and have always been gross. No, not every woman wanted any part of that.

MichiganMama59 said...

HA! Love it.


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