Friday, July 05, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #16

January 11, 2019

Apparently the best friend of this recently deceased singer thinks the killer of the singer is a recent customer/client of the openly gay singer. Apparently the client was closeted and thought the singer was set to out him if he did not give the singer some money.

Kevin Fret


Flashy Vic said...

Never heard of this guy. Though that's nothing to fret about.......sorry.😁

Unknown said...

Wowzers what a psycho. Never heard of this guy but still, wow.

Thia said...

No idea who he is either or what the hell Latin Trap music is. I'm apparently going down a weird youtube rabbit hole.

Melissa MM said...

I think Ozuna is somehow involved in Kevin's murder 🤔

Nanette said...

@Melissa MM Ozuna was not questioned though. It was his manager Vicente Saavadera that was questioned and supposedly not regarding his death. I also read that Arcangel will be the next to be interviewed. It all does seem suspicious.

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Melissa MM said...

@Nanette indeed all the people involved in the case are suspicious. Kevin's mother claims that Ozuna and his manager are both guilty and later she receives death treats.
I don't think the police will press charges against those two.

orangesoda said...

I'm impressed that so many if you know who these people are


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