Friday, July 05, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #23

March 20, 2019

That southern street recently had a fire, but that was not the first one to cover up secrets. There was one back in the day that still reverberates today. The thing is though, that fire was intentionally set to cover up for a murder that happened offsite before bringing the dead body back to the street where more wounds were inflicted to make it look like a crazed killer before setting the body and bed on fire. What did this victim do for a living? She was one of the top doctors in the world working on viruses and how to use them as a weapon. An accident at work occurred. It would have shed unnecessary light on the work being done in a top secret facility, so she was killed.

Mary Stults Sherman (Dr. Mary's monkey)


momo said...

YEs. She worked with the Linear Particle Accelerator over by Audubon Park. My son had an apt in the neighborhood a few years ago and could see the building that was built, higher than any other but the steeple at the church, just for the tool they were using to mutate viruses. Nice. Our tax dollars at work.

Can't wait till the vaccine mandate kicks in? Reading that book and Lee and Me will very much change your mind.

Leslie said...

Mandating SV40 for every American.

momo said...

Dr. O used his own granddaughter as a guinea pig, if I recall. She died. Talk about satanic commitment to an industry of death... don't get me started or I will have to write a book.

Zebra Seasoning said...

There already is a book: "Dr. Mary's Monkey"

Highly recommend if you like conspiracies.

Hanniam said...

There’s always room for more books.

I find the tendency to link everything morally dubious to Satan interesting, tho.* Mostly because I didn’t grow up in that church or any church that believes in Satan.**

So I always find myself asking what’s in it for him? Is it just his job, which would mean he’s actually doing god’s bidding***, or is there something in it for him personally, and if so, what? Or is the whole idea that a fallen angel was turned into the literal embodiment of evil and so compelled to do evil, in which case we’re back to him working for god.

It makes so much more sense to go with the “Well, he’s the pagan horned deity of so many nature-worshipping religions and his desire to make humans more attached to living and the world they inhabit is directly threatening to the afterlife this other god offers, so he’s the bad guy.” But THEN we’re into multi theistic territory or a non-omnipotent god.******

*So much more interesting than linking it all to Deep State, Trump, Clintons, Masons, Opus Dei, or pedophiles, anyway.
**Who is allegedly a very very busy boy.
***And did God put him there just to make life more interesting for an omnipotent immortal being, or what?****
****I suspect it has something to do with the original sin concept, but seriously, I've never seen the whole thing succinctly distilled in a way that makes narrative sense, so I’m actually kinda curious.*****
*****Seriously. Open invite to knock on my metaphorical door if anyone wants to stick up for the team and answer. :)
******Oh, yeah, disclaimer: not trying to convert anyone or sow doubts in anyone who doesn’t want ‘em. Just putting it out there while it pops into my head. Apparently I’m all train of thoughty today.

Mah said...

ZS-yes, a very good book. It winds around so much history, it's mind boggling!

notthisagain said...

out of all the blinds that have been revealed, this one is the most disturbing for me. if youve read the interview she does w/one of the victims, she talks abou how theyt 'prepare' toddlers for eventual r*pe. once they reach 5, it begins. it made me sick. it was so detailed..

though the second most mindboggling and sick in terms of how SEISMIC it would be if out in the public. it would....I cant even imagine. it was revealed saying steven spielberg as a visitor of epstein's island and liked to molest young girls and have them call him grandpa. he was the only one the blind indicated would have said would kill himself if the truth was revealed to the world.

Missy Bigbritches said...


Teresa said...

Do you even know what sv40 is?

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Turitella said...

Sv40 is the cancer causing monkey virus that was in every shot of polio vaccine hence the epidemic we have now, and probably the reason for the law that allows big pharma off the hook for vaccine injuries. But everyone keep lining up with your arms out like good obedient little idiots... the only word I can think of...for your next shot of whatever concoction they want to pump into your bodies.

stg said...

If you like the book "Dr. Mary's Monkey," you have to read "Me and Lee" by Judyth Vary Baker. According to her book, she worked with Dr. Sherman. Supposedly, Lee Harvey Oswald was also involved,and Baker ties the work they did to assassination plots against Fidel Castro and the assassination of JFK. The two books dovetail nicely. Baker's book is heavily sourced, so if you're into conspiracies, this is a good one.

IndigoMoon said...

Streamline your question. I will talk to you.

IndigoMoon said...

Out of curiosity. Where is your 'metaphorical door'. Are you looking for answers. (I may not have them.) Or do you honestly think you are the only one with these thoughts. Curious.

Hanniam said...

@Indigo: It’s more that, as someone with autism, I’m often curious* about things that appear to be obvious to a significant percentage of the population which make no objective sense to me. I tend to assume there’s some key fact or premise I’m missing or that it comes down to learned belief with its own internal logic which I’m not privy to.

I doubt there’s any thought, question, or commentary about the Bible that’s new under the sun, though, and I’ve come across a fair few answers to the question, but they all seem to be the learned belief with its own internal logic type so far.

Thanks for stepping up by the way. You’re not beholden to try your hand at answering for the sake of my curiosity, but the offer is appreciated. As for streamlining the question, that’s about as streamlined as I get.

*Intensely. Moderately, or vaguely so, depending.


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