Thursday, July 04, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #32

April 25, 2019

One day when he was about 30, this foreign born former B+ list mostly movie actor learned the truth. He had the double whammy of discovering who is mother was and his grandmother was all in the same day. The actor, who had a franchise that was way better than the US version inherited a large sum of money that had been in trust for him for quite some time. He met his mother only once. The occasion was the death of his grandmother. The grandmother who always claimed she never had any children. The grandmother who did provide for her daughter, but only through her will. She wanted no part of her daughter during life because her daughter was conceived with a man who forced himself on to the actress after a date when she turned down his advances.  The daughter was raised by relatives of the grandmother, but with little to no financial assistance. The daughter wandered aimlessly through life and gave birth to our actor before giving him up for adoption. The only time our actor ever met his mother was to discuss the death of the grandmother and to talk about the disposition of assets. Through a series of private detectives, the grandmother kept track of the grandson and also helped him in his burgeoning career until she passed. So, just who is this grandmother? A foreign born alliterate permanent A list mostly movie actress who was the epitome of being reclusive. She was also a multiple Oscar winner/nominee and was one of the most savvy art collectors in the world when she died.

Actor: Michael Nyqvist
Franchise: "The Girl ____________"
Mother: Gray Gustafson Reisfield
Grandmother: Greta Garbo 


TwoDots said...

I didn’t realize he’d passed - sad, he was still pretty young. :(

TwoDots said...

And to top that, Gray and him died within a couple of weeks of each other. Sad.

sandybrook said...

Greta Garbo had a Home for Wayward Boys and Girls.

Oh wait thats a line in a song by Manfred Mann, my bad.

Humor Me said...

Wow - so who was 'grandfather" so to speak?

cheesegrater15 said...

Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if it was Cecil B. DeMille at this point.

B626 said...

So sad Adoption ruins so many lives

LakeLadyinVA said...

So Gray was actually Greta’s daughter and not her niece?

hunter said...

my ex was adopted - it was good for his life and also his biological mom's at the time

adoption does not ruin lives

Marisa said...

I was so sad when he died.
I LOVED him in John Wick

Rosie riveter said...

Adoption saves far more

Barbiedoll said...

If Garbo had nothing to do with her daughter until the will why does every reference on the internet to her "heir and Niece" Gray referred to her as a long time companion of Garbo ?

Miss Smith said...

There is something wrong here.

CDAN says: "The daughter wandered aimlessly through life and gave birth to our actor before giving him up for adoption."

Michael Nyqvist was born in 1960.

This article ( says of Gray Reisfield: "They were married in 1955, the same year Mrs. Reisfield graduated from Columbia School of Law. They lived in New York City before moving to East Brunswick, N.J., to raise four children."

Also this: "“Kata [family's pet name for Garbo] would come visit us fairly often, either by car and driver, and very often she took the bus,” said Derek Reisfield. “My mother became her confidante, and in later years she managed Kata’s affairs.” This is a different picture of the relationship than CDAN says.

I wonder what the truth is.

Vita said...

Crap, I dont know which is the truth, but the story in the blind (and the death shortly thereafter) is heartwrenching.

I think adoption is a beautiful thing for so many. I think the tragedy is the unnecessary shame that was put on many women who may have otherwise wanted to keep their children, and then the life struggling with guilt and grief. Forgive the jumbled grammar and pronoun mess there. The movie Philomena is a gut-wrenching example of what Im trying to convey.

Miss Teak said...

Further confusing the matter is that every obit I found strongly implies that Garbo and Gray were lovers despite the official story of them being aunt and niece.


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