Thursday, July 04, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #43

January 29, 2019

This A- list mostly television actor who has starred on two hit television shows in addition to the middling streaming show he is on now decided to throw his full support behind his rapist best friend. The best friend, who has been accused by multiple women of multiple rapes was hanging out all weekend with the television actor. Maybe someone should go up to the actor's actress wife and ask her thoughts on the matter.

Ashton Kutcher/Danny Masterson/Mila Kunis


Cake said...

Who cares what Mila thinks? She is an idiot and so is Ashton.

MattDaddy said...

Why focus on her? It’s the guys in this tale who are the real sleazeballs.

TeeHee@U said...

I guess "Lean on Me" does not apply to friends that have been friends since 97 and going through harsh times when they were hanging out and the bee knees of Hollyweird at the time.

Mila always said that Danny and Wilmer protected her and had know idea where in the hell people thought she dated either of them. She LOVED Jackie and Hyde together, but, those were the characters.

Mila and Ashton are devout Jews who hang out with the Kuschners both Karlie and Ivanka were invited to Ashton's bday.Secret Service was at Ashton's Bday this past year due to Ivanka and Jared.

Demi Moore was also Jewish. Actually, Kaballlah as that was the phase the time. Britney was as well due to Madonna but her Dad RIGHTLY had it removed.

Truthfully, you can only control what YOU DO. No one else. Not your husband, friends, or family.

Ashton, Wilmer and Danny all partied together at the exact same time. Danny is a rapist for dating actress women after him at the height of his career; Wilmer was called out by ENTY the other day but WAS never called out a child molester most likely due the color of his skin, and Ashton might have been a sleaze and was blaze about a murder

. But, we all deserve a fair trial? What was the US based on?

Kevin Spacey also grosses me the fuck out, but, that kid, was basically flattered that a celebrity wanted him...even a man. That foundation is sick. Let's focus on that. Happy Pride!!!

Truthfully, I wish that ENTY will go black book, Heidi Feliss style on these closeted/ rapist men in Hollywood? If you have the proof, why the freak not?

Richard Madden was a cheating, straight, man slut, whore until DM ousted him by living with a man.

Have proof? Prove it and Fight for it! Not disclaim it!

Happy Independence day!

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Megley said...

Hey Enty. I've a suggestion: how about YOU ask his actress wife what she thinks about it. Personally, I don't really care. Masterson and Every other Scientolonut will have their reckoning.
Every dog has his day, and if he's lucky, he might get two.

DavidHowesCREBroker said...

Mila is NOT stupid.
She knows which side her bread is buttered on.

Ashton is also very intelligent even though he plays the "Michael" character from "The 70's Show" perfectly. He is also very financially successful, too.
(He probably never has to work ever again. AND, that's probably why Mila married him.)

IMAO: Both have family that rely heavily on them for income support.

As for their support for Danny: it is essentially friends sticking up for a friend who shares the same fundamental success base as them.

If Danny is indicted, tried and convicted, Mila & Ashton are smart enough to distance themselves from him.

orangesoda said...

Bullshit at Mila is not stupid. She's been with Ashton for YEARS despite his cheating and that's just the vanilla side of it all. She is either stupid or she doesn't give a fuck.

YeahYouKnowThatsRight said...

Accusations aren't facts. If he is charged, has a fair trial and is found guilty then he should pay. But pay before he's even had a fair trial? WTF? That's bullshit.


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