Thursday, July 04, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #46

May 2, 2019

"My turn." That was all anyone heard that night. Hell, it was all anyone heard that week. My turn was the catch phrase of at that time an A- list-ish actor. Television. He was a comic actor. I guess he still act now but is just more well known as one of the world's biggest celebrity trainwrecks. That week he was hosting an event and when there was coke to be had here he was with his, "My turn." When there were multiple naked women in a trailer used by this never seen again group, suddenly there would be our actor screaming, "My turn." When he felt someone had too many lines, he would shout it out. When people were telling a story, there he would be saying it. It was so annoying. I had never seen anything like it. It was my first time being at the event.

I was there because of this one hit wonder that I had been working with. Their song is still played today and is still catchy for not being very upbeat at all. I always found the song kind of depressing, but hey, it was a paycheck. This was supposed to be the year of the competing foreign born A+ list singers at that time, one of whom is permanently such. It turned out to be though this orgy like week with the aforementioned never to be seen again group living life as stars like they were never going to have another chance. It turns out they were right. They had coke and women and all kinds of drugs. They even managed to drag women away from the still today permanent A+ list rapper. He had my favorite song that year. Probably still my favorite song by him.

I wonder if this former A list country singer remembers the pawing and hitting on she got from a still today permanent A+ list singer in the same genre. She might have been old enough to drive. Maybe.

Event: 1998 Billboard Music Awards
A- list-ish actor: Andy Dick
Never seen again group: Next
One hit wonder: Marcy Playground
Foreign born A+ list singers: Celine Dion; Shania Twain; Natalie Imbruglia
Permanent A+ list rapper: Jay Z (Vol. 2–Hard Knock Life)
Former A list country singer: LeAnn Rimes
Permanent A+ list singer: Garth Brooks


AwkwardTurtle said...

Andy Dick has always seemed like a mess who was trying to be controversial.

cheesegrater15 said...

I wish Brynn had shot Andy instead.

cheesegrater15 said...
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Do Tell said...

2 hit wonder. "Sex and Candy" and "St Joe on The School Bus." Both great songs.

Now my brother's friend's band, Spin Doctors, THAT was a one hit wonder.

Joe said...

Nope - two hits: "Little Miss Can't Be Wrong" and "Two Princes". Marcy Playground definitely more of a one-hit wonder.

Ladybugmo1 said...

I wouldn’t call Natalie A+. Wasn’t she a one hit wonder? Torn was the only thing I ever remember hearing. At least in the US.

Notagoodscreenname said...

^agreed. She’s not on par with the other two.

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Do Tell said...

@Joe Except that I named two of Marcy Playground's hits.

Sadi Porter said...

@Ladybugmo1, she also had "big mistake".

Unknown said...

Natalie Imbruglia wishes she had had a career to match Celion Dion or Shania Twains.

She had 1 semi decent album with one hit, then gave an interview in which she sighed that somebody as beautiful as her had it so hard, always being judged on their striking looks, and not their amazing talent, and she rightly disappeared after that.

cg said...

MP had one hit. Spin Doctors had two.

Do Tell said...

No, MP had two hits. Both songs I listed cracked the top ten.

Unknown said...

OMG WHEN was Andy Dick ever A list? Hilarious!

Vita said...

Unknown -- I think Andy of the 90s was A list, not necessarily in a classy way, but I think he had a highly recognizable phase...he was on News Radio, had small but memorable roles in several movies, had lots of comedy skits and, sadly, was often getting attention for trainwreck behavior and interviews. Sounds like this blind can be added to the trainwreck category.

That Phil Hartman tragedy still gives me chills

James Howlett said...

Holy shit, enty did you do A&R?

Jennacheryl said...

I have a hard time believing Garth hit on LeAnn.


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