Thursday, July 04, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #37

June 4, 2019

He doesn't go there as much as he did in the past. He still owns it through one of his companies, but the building in downtown is primarily inhabited just by squatters and drug users who have no idea that the owner is also one of them and was a frequent guest. The building is an old office building. Five stories. In one of the corners of the third floor is a locked door. Steel. No one is getting in there except for the owner. It is his personal sanctuary when he is there shooting up with the regulars. It is a place he can escape and enjoy his high without fear of something happening to him. That fear is real. Prior to buying the building, our actor would be with the masses and was repeatedly robbed or beaten up while wasted. He bought the building because he envisioned it as a place where users could go and feel safe. For a long time he even had a security guard there to make sure people could do their thing without being bothered. Our actor is a former A+ lister although he has not been that high in decades. Technically he is probably no higher than C list on the acting side of things, but I promise that every single one of you knows who he is. His new girlfriend is really trying to stay close to him and act as a sober coach. Since she has been in his life, the trips to the building are a once every other month thing. There is no longer a security guard and the place has turned into a dump. Our actor, once known for paying for everyone's fix multiple times a day is a forgotten figure with people being replaced by other people and so on. The one thing that remains though is that door. Impenetrable to the most concerted efforts. It is waiting there for the actor to return, although his actress girlfriend hopes he never does.

Macaulay Culkin


Vita said...

He needs to lose the key, sell the building and forget the address...that is not a safe nest to return to, forget it ever existed!

Sekrit said...

He has obviously gone through some stuff that he still hasn't expressed to anyone other than some close people.
This also means the girlfriend is Brenda Song, a former child actress too. She would have probably seen and heard a lot of stuff during her younger years, so she would be a good person to be with him. She sounds like a good person.

aemish said...

Awesome girlfriend! I hope he stays well

DADA said...

Is this in Portland around that Voodoo donuts scene?

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DavidHowesCREBroker said...

This surprises me BC in drug situations, the police or authorities would have the power to seize the building and auction is off because of the incessant drug use there.

If the building is in a valuable location, that would most certainly have happened.

Miss Teak said...

Where is this building? Asking for a friend.

tinydancer61 said...

A GF cannot keep a person sober or high. He’s look like shit the last few times I’ve seen him in little roles on TV, He’s a classic case of a person who peaked way to early and now has no real employable skills outside of being Macalculy Culkin. It’s sad.

MargotBarnes said...

Now that we now know what happens to child actors in Hollywood, it amazes me that there aren't more stories like his. I have always felt bad for Lindsey Lohan because she was so young when she started and you know stuff happened to her, but today she is a punch line. I have sympathy for her and every other child actor out there and who have also died because of it.

Aoife said...

Tinydancer is right. She is fooling herself and he's letting her live in her fantasy regarding him and his addiction.

When it cones to addicts "birds of a feather flock together"

It's good that he has/had enough money to buy his own shooting gallery.


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