Thursday, July 04, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #31 - Old Hollywood

May 10, 2019

Lost was how she put it. Lost as a person and lost to history. Her career in film no one would ever see again because of tragedy that cost hundreds if not thousands of careers to be lost to history. Lost to history as one of the creators of a part of one of film's greatest trilogies. Her story was set to be told. She wanted it told. She wrote a manuscript. Apparently the manuscript still exists in a library at that northern California castle.

The manuscript was initially discarded as the ravings of someone who had lost her mind. In it though, she also talks about the early days of Hollywood and in great detail discusses one of the greatest directors of all time. I mean everyone knows his name even though you might not have known he was a director. Permanent A++ list. Also, the center of every dispute she had. He stole many of her ideas but only managed to have to admit it once. After that time, he had her blacklisted. So, she wrote down everything he had ever done to anyone. She wrote about the rapes and assaults. She wrote about his drug use and his part in arranging violence and even killings of those he considered rivals.

The list of misdeeds is extensive. The original editors thought she was discussing Jesus or God, but she was using it as symbolism in regards to some of his greatest known works of the time. Several people in the last decade have read the manuscript and it is a masterpiece. The problem is no one knows how to sell it or market it. So, it stays there with all of its glorious gossip waiting to be seen.

Valeska Suratt/Cecil B. DeMille/William Randolph Hearst Castle


Olga/Maddie said...

I'm reading about her on Wikipedia.

Eleven films that she was in are all lost.

Hearing about things like that within the film community (especially of the early films) always makes me sad.

Also, she seems to have led a tragic life after 1920.

Andi said...

He stole King of Kings from her, then blacklisted her and she ended up penniless.

cheesegrater15 said...

That joke in Blazing Saddles makes a lot more sense.

City Councilman Doug said...

All these Old Hollywood blinds remind me of the song by the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, "Face on the Cutting Room Floor."

Freebird said...

The dog eating her body thing is supposedly a myth. Her chihuahua bit her leg, trying to wake her. That’s all the coroner found.

Vita said...

That's the other blind, Freebird!

This is screaming to be made! All of these actresses trying to develop projects and begging for good roles...ta da! This could be a great Old Hollywood based biopic/limited series for HBO, etc. So many of these Old Hollywood tales are better than fiction, and we're past the point of needing to gloss over the ugly truths.

Bubbles said...

Did Enty honestly just write a blind saying we might not have known Cecil B. DeMille was a DIRECTOR? Seriously, what the hell did we think he was?

Vita said...

I think it got a bit jumbled, but I took it to mean we may not have known about William Hearst having been a director

Anonymous said...

Thanks Enty. These old Hollywood blinds are my favorite.


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